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  1. 1. Canadian PR for Athletes, Coaches andSports InstructorsSports professionals can qualify for Canada permanent immigration with family, with a min of 2years experience in the past 5 you will qualify ! Are you an YOGA instructor ? Keep reading..Self­employed person means a foreign national who has relevant experience and hasthe intention and ability to be self­employed in Canada and to make a significantcontribution to specified economic activities in Canada.Relevant experience in respect of Athlete1. means a minimum of two years of experience, during the period beginning fiveyears before the date of application for a permanent resident visa and ending on theday a decision is made on the application. The experience must consist of:a. in respect of athletics:i. two years of experience in self-employment in athletics; orii. two years of experience in participation at a world class level inathletics; oriii. a combination of a one-year period of experience described in 1above; and a one-year period of experience described in 2above;5251 AthletesAthletes participate in competitive sports events on an amateur or professional basis. They playteam sports such as hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse; or compete in individual sports such asskiing, figure skating, boxing or track and field; or in games such as poker or chess. Athletes areemployed by professional team organizations or they may be self-employed. This unit group alsoincludes competitors such as chess players and poker players.● amateur athlete● archer● athlete● automobile racer● badminton player● baseball player● basketball player● billiard player● bowler● boxer
  2. 2. ● canoeist● chess player● chuckwagon driver● chuckwagon racer – stampede● competitor – chess● competitor – gambling● coxswain● curler● cyclist● demolition driver● discus thrower● diver, olympic sport● driver, chuckwagon● driver, demolition● driver, harness race● driver, harness racing● driver, race car● driver, sulky● fencer● figure skater● football player● footballer● gamer – video games● golf player● golfer● gymnast● hammer thrower● handball player● harness race driver● harness racing driver● helmsman – sports● hockey player● javelin thrower● jockey● judoka● jumper● pentathlete● performer, rodeo● performer, stampede● ping-pong player● poker player● prize fighter● professional athlete● professional boxer● professional pool player● professional sportsman/woman● race car driver● racer, automobile● racer, stampede● racer, stock car● rider● rodeo performer● rower
  3. 3. ● sailboarder● short-distance runner● shot put● skater● skier● snowboarder● soccer player● sprinter● stampede performer● stampede racer● standardbred pacer● stock car racer● sulky driver● swimmer● table tennis player● tennis player● track athlete● volleyball player● water-polo player● weight-lifter● wrestler5252 CoachesCoaches prepare and train individual athletes or teams for competitive events. They are employedby national and provincial sports organizations, professional and amateur sports teams, sports clubsand universities or they may be self-employed. This unit group also includes sports scouts whoidentify and recruit athletes for professional sports teams. They are employed by professional sportsorganizations● amateur athletics team coach● amateur sports team coach● amateur track and field team coach● athletic boxing trainer● athletics coach● athletics team coach● baseball coach● baseball manager-coach● baseball scout● baseball team coach● basketball scout● basketball team coach● bobsled coach● bobsleigh coach● boxing trainer● coach● coach, amateur athletics team● coach, amateur sports team● coach, amateur track and field team● coach, athletics● coach, athletics team
  4. 4. ● coach, baseball● coach, baseball team● coach, basketball team● coach, bobsled● coach, bobsleigh● coach, figure skating● coach, football● coach, football team● coach, gymnastics● coach, hockey● coach, hockey team● coach, junior hockey● coach, lacrosse● coach, lacrosse team● coach, luge● coach, national team● coach, professional sports team● coach, professional team● coach, provincial team● coach, ski● coach, sports● coach, swim● coach, swimming● coach, team of professional athletes● coach, tennis● coach, track and field● coach, track and field athletes● coach, track and field team● coach, volleyball● cycling coach● figure skating coach● football coach● football scout● football team coach● gymnastics coach● head coach● hockey coach● hockey scout● hockey team coach● instructor, luge● junior hockey coach● kickboxing trainer● lacrosse coach● lacrosse scout● lacrosse team coach● luge coach● luge instructor● manager-coach, baseball● national team coach● professional sports scout● professional sports team coach● professional team coach● provincial team coach
  5. 5. ● scout, baseball● scout, basketball● scout, football● scout, hockey● scout, lacrosse● scout, professional sports● scout, sports● ski coach● soccer coach● sports coach● sports scout● swim coach● swimming coach● team coach, professional athletes● tennis coach● track and field athletes coach● track and field coach● track and field team coach● trainer, athletic boxing● trainer, boxing● trainer, kickboxing● volleyball coach● water-polo coach5253 Sports officials and refereesSports officials and referees observe and enforce rules and regulations governing sporting events,athletic games and sports competitions. They are employed by national, provincial and localsporting commissions, organizations and leagues.● athletics judge● clerk of scales – racetrack● clerk of the course – harness racing● clerk of the course – horseback racing● clerk of the course – racetrack● clocker, racetrack● commission steward – horse racing● competitive sports judge● curling judge● figure skating evaluator● figure skating judge● goal judge● harness racing starter● horse identifier● horse plating inspector – racetrack● horse race timer● horse racing starter● horseshoe inspector● identifier, horses● inspector, horse plating – racetrack● inspector, horseshoes
  6. 6. ● judge, athletics● judge, competitive sports● judge, figure skating● judge, goals● judge, paddock – racetrack● judge, patrol – racetrack● judge, racehorses – racetrack● judge, sport competitions● judge, sports● judge, standardbreds – racetrack● judge, track● judge, track and field● linesman/woman, sports● operator, scoreboard● paddock blacksmith – racetrack● paddock horseshoer – racetrack● paddock judge – racetrack● paddock plater – racetrack● patrol judge – racetrack● placing judge – racetrack● presiding steward – racetrack● racehorse judge – racetrack● racetrack clocker● racetrack steward● racetrack timer● racing secretary and handicapper● referee● referee, sports● scoreboard operator● scorekeeper● sports competition judge● sports judge● sports linesman/woman● sports official● sports referee● standardbred judge – racetrack● starter, harness racing● starter, horse racing● steward, presiding – racetrack● steward, racetrack● timer, racetrack● track and field judge● track judge● umpire5254 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport andfitnessProgram leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness lead and instruct groups andindividuals in recreational, sports, fitness or athletic programs. They are employed by community
  7. 7. centres, sports and fitness clubs, outdoor centres, resorts, recreational facilities, health carefacilities, retirement homes, correctional institutions, government departments, private businesses,tourism associations and similar establishments.● activities leader – seniors● aerobics instructor● arts and crafts instructor● arts and crafts leader● arts and crafts leader – sports and recreation● arts and leisure leader● arts and recreation leader● athletics instructor● beach lifeguard● bowling instructor● bridge instructor● bridge teacher● callisthenics instructor● camp co-ordinator● camp counsellor● camp leader● certified fitness appraiser● certified personal trainer● chess instructor● co-ordinator, camp – sports and leisure● co-ordinator, pool – recreation● counsellor, camp● counsellor, day camp – recreation● cultural activities leader● day camp counsellor – recreation● day camp leader● dressage instructor● fencing instructor● fishing seminar leader● fitness appraiser● fitness instructor● fitness leader● fitness leader – aerobic fitness● fitness leader – aquatic fitness● fitness leader – fitness for older adults● fitness leader – strength and conditioning● fitness supervisor● golf instructor● gymnastics instructor● gymnastics teacher● horseback riding instructor● ice-skating instructor● inline skating instructor● instructor, aerobics● instructor, arts and crafts● instructor, athletics● instructor, bowling● instructor, bridge● instructor, callisthenics
  8. 8. ● instructor, dressage● instructor, fencing● instructor, fitness● instructor, golf● instructor, gymnastics● instructor, horseback riding● instructor, ice-skating● instructor, judo● instructor, jujitsu● instructor, karate● instructor, martial arts● instructor, physical training● instructor, recreation● instructor, riding● instructor, rollerblading● instructor, roller-skating● instructor, ski● instructor, ski – sports and recreation● instructor, sports● instructor, swimming – recreation● instructor, swimming – sports● instructor, tai-chi● instructor, tennis – recreation● instructor, tennis – sports● instructor, track and field● instructor, weightlifting● instructor, yoga● judo instructor● jujitsu instructor● karate instructor● leisure program leader● life enrichment co-ordinator – recreation and fitness● lifeguard● lifeguard, beach● lifeguard, pool● martial arts instructor● master, riding● patroller, ski● personal trainer● physical training instructor● physical training leader● pilates instructor● playground leader● playground worker● pool co-ordinator – recreation● pool lifeguard● professional golf instructor● professional instructor, golf● professional instructor, tennis● professional tennis instructor● recreation instructor● recreation leader● recreation program leader
  9. 9. ● recreation technician● riding instructor● riding master● rollerblading instructor● roller-skating instructor● search and rescue crew member – sports and recreation● skateboarding instructor● skating instructor, ice● ski instructor● ski instructor – sports and recreation● ski patrol● ski patroller● snowboarding instructor● sports and leisure leader● sports and recreation leader● sports instructor● sports leader● supervisor, fitness● swimming instructor – recreation● swimming instructor – sports● tai-chi instructor● teacher, bridge● teacher, gymnastics● tennis instructor – recreation● tennis instructor – sports● track and field instructor● vacation camp counsellor● vacation camp leader● weightlifting instructor● windsurfing instructor● yoga instructorTRY TO FILL THIS FORM FIRST contact me.Amarjot SinghLicensed Immigration Consultant R508214immigrationteacher.orgTel 780-707-4831Linkedin