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2nd year b

  1. 1. GRÀMMAR countable/uncountable LiSTENING ncuns; a /an, some/any a What cookery programmes do you hâve on TV in Look ai the photos. Compl your countrv? What do you think of them? Do you gaps with a, an, or some. sometimes cook their recipes? 1 srrawberry 2 tomato 5 rice 4 biscuits 5 onion >• p.140 Grammar Bank 9A Learn more about countabl uncountable nouns, etc. an practise them. Make sentences with there's a j an / tome... and there are some Choose fbod and drink from p.163 Vocabulary Bank Food. b 4 32 j)) Listen to part 1 ofa TV cooking compétition called Gei ready' Cook1 where contestants hâve to cook a starter, a main course, and a dessert. Answer the PRONUNCIATION the letters ea questions. How is ea pronounced in thèse •% ords^ Put them in the 1 Ho - many ingrédients are there in the bag? correct column. 2 How long do the contestants hâve to cook their dishes? 3 Name thrëe ofthe basic ingrédients they can use. oreaa breakf^st eat nea thy ice cream méat peas steak tea c 4 33 j) Listen to part 2. Complète the dishes that Jack and Liz make 1 ana ? sojp hrea^t^ f .prl with i cream 3 pancakes wtn sauce 1 4 31 ))) Listen and check. Practise saying them. Which 1 is the most common pronunciation of ea? .".i-.-^^I.I'Ji'.L'S'i-i •sISiWHSSSSÎIiifiRt.B f carrot ana 2 sa.aa aressmc thcream^ sa^ce SPEAKING 3 Make a food diary for yesterday. Write down what food ana mo^sse and drink you had. Use Vocabulary Bank Fooa p.163 to help you. Break jasî a cup ofcof jee, some cereal Work in pairs. Tell each other what you had yesterday. d >• Communication Get ready! Cook!p.W9 Look at the photos of their dishes Whose dishes do you prefer? c Was it very similar or very différent? C For breaKfast i tiaa a cup of coffee and some cereal 4 34 }) Listen to part 3. What does the judge say about jack and Li2's dishes? Who wins? f In pairs, think of one of your favourite dishes. Write the ingrédients you need. Tell your partner.