My 100% no bs pure leverage review


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Jeremy Watson goes through the good, the bad and the ugly of pure leverage. See if this new program is worth all the hype that it is causing.

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My 100% no bs pure leverage review

  1. 1. 100% No BSPure Leverage Review By Jeremy Watson
  2. 2. Starting Off Pure Leverage has stirred up quite a storm over the pastcouple of weeks. With thousands of people jumping on thehype wave, it makes you wonder… Is Pure Leverage really all its meant to be? That’s crazy to think about but is it really worth your money? Your hard earn money and your valuable time? Most people hopped on the wave and didn’t really even know what you are buying.Well let me go into detail (but I’ll make it quick) of what you get when youbuy Pure Leverage, then I’ll let you know if its worth you money and time after that.
  3. 3. What do you get with Pure Leverage?Within this program you actually get afew different options. Right now thereare 2 different levels and 3 things youcan pay for, all of them being monthly payments.
  4. 4. Level 1For $24.95 (you get to try out the this level for a $1 for 7days) you get the tool suite talked about on the main salespage. Now without having to sit through Joel Therien’sextremely long sales video, let me sum it up for you. Over the past few years Joel has created and a built acompany called GVO.Within GVO he has created internet marketing tools forinternet marketers. Things like autoresponders (which is amust have), hosting, video email services,webinar/conferencing rooms and services.
  5. 5. Level 1And the way he really stood out buildingthis company is actually giving you highquality product for below market price.For example for a 2,500 person emaillist with Get Response you’ll pay around$25/month with the GVO service you’llpay $9.95 a month.Same service, same features, just adifferent price.
  6. 6. Level 1Well within the Level 1 Package of Pure Leverage you’ll get all the necessarytools that you’ll need to build your business. Here they are: ● Autoresponder Service ● Video Email Service ● Conference Room Service ● Capture Page Creator Service ● Custom Capture Pages and formsNow all together, I was paying for these services individuality each month. MyGetResponse bill was $35 a month for the size of my list. I had a ConferenceRoom/Webinar Service that I paid $97 for every month from GotoMeeting. Ihad my designer create custom forms and capture pages for $97 EACH.Its crazy that I’m able to get these services for only $24.95 each month.
  7. 7. Level 2Level 2 is known as the Syndicate VIPlevel, its $97 a month but is it worth it?
  8. 8. Level 2 Every week Joel sits down with a top earner within PureLeverage or within the industry and interviews them to see what is working for them. The interviews are great content and is placed within the POW Series in the back office.
  9. 9. Level 2The other thing you get is the ELITE CLUB, you only getaccess to this ‘Club’ once you make 2 sales, but currently right now this club isn’t even complete…it still says “COMING SOON” so I personally don’t know anything about this.
  10. 10. Level 2PLR stuff- now within level 2 it has a PLR images, slides for presentations, video bumpers, audio loops for videos and much more. Its pretty sweet to be honest, hundreds of dollars worth of stuff back there (if you use it).
  11. 11. Level 2 So honestly right now, the only thing that is worth themonthly fee is only the POW series, so why would you want to pay for it? Well good question, but there is a good answer. Keep reading I’ll explain why
  12. 12. RESELLER LEVELIf you want to be able to make money fromthese tools you have to become a reseller.Why? Well this is how the company PureLeverage actually makes their money. Simplybecause they pay out the entire $24.95/mo andthe $97 a month to the people building thebusiness. So they are paying out 100% ofthose payments.So the $19.95 goes to the company and allowsyou to make money from selling these tools aswell.
  13. 13. Reseller Level But here’s the kicker, if you don’t become a reseller and you recommend someone thesetools through pure leverage, you WON’T make any money. The money will actually be passed up to the next person that is a reseller.
  14. 14. Reseller LevelAlso here’s something you want to keep in mind aswell, if you are a reseller and you are not paying for the$97 a month level, and someone you refer goes and paysfor the $97 a month level, that $97 will pass you up and payto the next person that qualifies for those payments. So keep that in mind when you are deciding whether you want the $97 a month level or not.
  15. 15. Commissions And Payouts Is this really 100% Commissions like everyone is talking about?
  16. 16. Commissions and PayoutWell here’s the short answer… Yes and No The first month you get 100% of ALL, and I mean ALL of your sales if you are a resellerand you are a current member of the level you are selling.So if you a reseller and you have the LEVEL 1($24.95/mo) and Level 2 ($97/mo) and you sell 3 Level 1′s and one Level 2 you will make $121.95
  17. 17. So Whats The Catch So what’s the catch? After the second month your commissions go down to theindustry standards of 50% but it has a different loop to it as well. Ever person you’ve referred personally you make a 50% matching bonus of what ever they make in month 2 and so on as well. Which is paying out 100% of the commission from the product and you aren’t even doing anything.
  18. 18. Commissions and PayoutsSo for example you sold the Level 1 package toJohn and he sold the level 1 package to 5 morepeople on month 2. You will actually make 50% of his commission that month. (this is how I’m making most of my money) Its pretty unique and yes it IS 100% commission depending on how you look at it!
  19. 19. So Is PURE LEVERAGE WORTH IT?In the long we will see, but for the short run I’ve quadrupled the money I’ve put into it. The tools are fun to play around with and they are the ONLY tools you really need to build your business.
  20. 20. Is it worth it?If you are building any onlinebusiness the MOST importantthing I tell people is they needan autoresponder to build alist, an this list eventuallybecomes your money maker,you business.And you’ll ALWAYS need itfrom where ever you go and nomatter what business you arebuilding.
  21. 21. Closing StatementsWith all the tools, the jazz the bullshit that is out there onthe net you need to stay focused to make money online.Everyday there are new launches happening, new businessopportunities being put in your face, new plugins that can‘make you rich’ but when it comes to your business andactually making money online…You need to keep it simple, use whats necessary until youare making money with that and then scale it up from there.Staying FOCUSED is the ONLY way you will will makemoney online.
  22. 22. Closing StatementsSo within Pure Leverage I realized that this keeps you fromjumping from one thing to another. Why?Simply because you get in, you start using the tools thatyou NEED, not ones that just add onto your business.You become a client of the product, a review of the product,a user of the product and you actually then can sell it easierbecause you are USING it and getting results from it.
  23. 23. Closing Statements Half the people out here selling stuff online, plugins, themes, ideas, aren’t even using the things they are promoting.They are selling them to you and making their money that way.When you are selling this product after you use the tools,you become REAL and transparent and it becomes that much easier to sell.
  24. 24. Closing Statements Also with the high payouts you aremaking money… GOOD money to putforth towards ANY business you reallywant to build, or heck this could be thebusiness you really want to build i don’t know.
  25. 25. JOIN MY TEAM?I honestly don’t care if you join my team or not. Here’s why:The tools that you get within Pure Leverage areessential to you building a brand and a businessonline. With your autorepsonder and webinar platformalone you can make SERIOUS SERIOUS MONEY.Which is bad ass.
  26. 26. Join My Team? Within my team though I will give you my simple 3 step blueprint to making money with Pure Leverageor within ANY business easily using the tools within Pure Leverage.
  27. 27. Join My Team?I will also give you my video marketing basics course will shows you how to get traffic fromvideos easily to generate you more leads and more sales.
  28. 28. Join My TeamI’ll give you all my tutorials on how to use each tool within the Level 1 tool suite so you don’t have to sit down and figure them out yourself.So far there isn’t really any great video tutorials on how to use the tools in the back office.
  29. 29. JOIN My Team I’ll also give you instant access to my newcourse coming out all about List Building, thiscourse will be for sell for $197 easily once its released to the market place.
  30. 30. JOIN My Team And last but not least you’ll be placed into our teams secret mastermind group where we are all working together to build our business.
  31. 31. JOIN My TeamWithin this group you get access to meand all the other team members to help you build your business. If you run across a problem, or need help with something, simply post it in the group and the other team members will help you out.
  32. 32. Join My Team Also I’m constantly dropping all of our trainingback there in the group so all the members can easily access it! And best of all ANY of yourteam members will get access to this group as well as all of MY BONUSES TOO. This allows you to easily leverage my bonuses to help you make MORE sales on autopilot!
  33. 33. JOIN MY TEAMSo lets get you started here’s how to join:
  34. 34. JOIN My TEAM Simply click the link below to Join PureLeverage. After you join Pure Leverage through my link simply email me M A I and say “IM IN” in the subject line and send me your PureLeverage username as well as your facebook link
  35. 35. Join My TeamAnd thats it, you’ll get instant access toall of my bonuses and my group withinthe next 24 hours! Lets get you going!