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Get more affiliates for more traffic

  1. 1. Get More Affiliates! Affiliates are one of the greatest sources of traffic you can get. They writearticles, invest in ppc, build lists and some of the super affiliates even useMedia Buys to generate traffic to affiliate offers. It is said that whoever controlsthe traffic makes the rules. No doubt, affiliates control the traffic. Affiliates know how to drive the traffic, and if youre not harnessing thatpower, youre leaving a lot of money on the table. And more importantly, ifyoure not working to recruit affiliates in all the little hidey holes they hang out in,lurking and looking for good products to promote, you are definitely leaving a lotof money on the table. I know because I made this mistake. When I created my very first product,my mentor told me to put it in the ClickBank Marketplace, but I was a singlemom to 2 kids, and that $50 insertion fee wasnt guranteed a return... so shesuggested I use this other affiliate program that was free. She said once Istarted making some money from there, to just recreate my sales page with adifferent page name for ClickBank and then put it in ClickBank... needless tosay, I never did get around to doing either of them, BUT.... I wrote a book about how I made money doing freelance work online, andthen the more things I did that made money online, the more I wrote new booksabout the things I was doing... but I was only ever promoting them in one tinymarketplace, with one affiliate program. Eventually though, that market startedgetting a bit saturated, and things started getting kind of crazy, so I startedseeking out new traffic sources and new ways to find affiliates... which is howthis guide came to be. I decided to rank these sites by cost/benefits... so although ClickBank isknow as the premiere marketplace where affiliates go to search for products topromote... as a new product creator (aka merchant or vendor) starting with freeresources that offer features, benefits and perks that can be used to offset thedifference in affiliate traffic.I actually put my first make money online product into a free affiliate program,and then promptly forgot about it. But when I started researching this subject towrite this guide, I remembered my account. I logged in and discovered that withabsolutely no promotion for getting affiliates... I had over 100 of them. Whichexplained odd sales of an old product which I no longer actively promote.
  2. 2. When I first set my product up in this affiliate program, I just put it in there andleft it, but after having just looked at it again, I found so much more I could havedone with it. Like put Analtyics on it so that I knew when sales came from theprogram. Not that I mind finding money appearing mysteriously in my PayPalaccount, but back then, I was even more technophobic than I am right now, so Iprobably wouldnt have done it anyway. Also back then, it was the only one that I knew of that was a freealternative to ClickBank. I only knew a little bit about PayDotCom at the time,and while it was cheaper than ClickBank, it wasnt free, and I needed to usemy free resources at the time to generate the funds needed to scale up toprograms like ClickBank and PDC. And so I wrote this guide so you that you could form a clear action plan forgetting affiliates to send you traffic and sell your products, by starting with thefree ones and using them to create some traffic and sales to make the money topay for PayDotCom and ClickBank insertion fees. While PDC and CB maynever even become necessary for you thanks to these smaller sitespromotional opportunities, they will still bring more sales, and more traffic.Note: Before we look at the sites, its important to know what affiliates want...what will make them promote. Things like promotional materials, 100%commissions on a front end product, contests where top affiliates win prizes likeipads, and cash, commissions on every other product in your sales funnel, and...recurring commissions from recurring sites. There are two important things youneed to know to plan these things out, without risk of loss. One is how topredict how many sales you will make on a promotion, the other is how to createfunnels!*It is safe to assume that out of every 100 targeted visitors to your site, you willget 50% optins and 2 sales... if you set your funnel up the right way!
  3. 3. Heres a list of what you need to make your affiliates want to promote for you... ➢ A freebie you give them to give away, cookied to all the other products in ➢ the funnel and branded or brandable with affiliate links to any other products... ---> Exit Offer for a $37- $47 Product w/ 50% commission ➢ A front end product for $10 that they get 100% commissions on or 75% for a product up to $20.00 ➢ An upsell to a recurring billing product priced at $20 a month... with recurring monthly commissions... ➢ An upsell to a $97 product with a 50% commission... BIG BACK ENDS NOT TO BE PROMOTED IN THE VISIBLE FUNNEL ➢ Upsell to a coaching program for $197-$997 ➢ Upsell to a private mentoring program for $1997-$9,997....Once you have planned out the first 5 products... youll need to also preparesome articles, even just 1; some emails, recommend 4; some ppc campaigns;and maybe a few banners, two horizontal, one vertical and two squares of125x125 and 250x250 each.... these are called affiliate tools, and affiliates canuse them to help you promote...Making a 5 product funnel isnt as hard as it sounds...and there are some greatresell rights resources for making that happen...the last two you dont have todevelop.. but do set up an optin form for them that says that these programs arenow full, and a call to action to optin for notification of when they will open.So... first things first.. set up all 7 subdomains, each one a sub site, each withthe index pages, the thank you pages, and the optin pages for the freebie andthe two big back ends...and get an exit pop up script.
  4. 4. *Note: One extra page you need is an “Affiliate Tools” page... so you cancapture your affiliates contact information...Once you have your products in line, youll want to choose your affiliateprograms and map out a plan of attack for getting your products in them. Someallow recurring billing, and some dont... so youll want to develop a different useor strategy for using those sites, or consider dropping the recurring billingproduct from your funnel. Its not really an essential part of the funnel. Itdefinitely helps, but its not essential! And once you have some affiliates fromsome of these market places, if youve captured their contact info, you can tellthem about your recurring commission product...But the first two sites were going to look at do support recurring billing, and it isone of the reasons that they make the top 2! This first one only beats #2because of its vast multitude of payment processing optins, and because it hasa blog and a forum where you can announce your affiliate program for free!#1 Click2SellI really love this affiliate program manager. Everything you could possibly askfor in an affiliate program is in here! ✔ FREE! No insertion fees* ✔ Unlimited Products In The Marketplace ✔ Supports Physical and Digital Products, Services- sell anything you want! ✔ Supports Multiple Payment Processors- (and I mean MULTIPLE) Click2Sell securely works with: PayPal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, Worldpay,, eWay, LinkPoint, First Data, Your Pay, PayPoint, Moneris, Sage Pay (former Protx), Optimal Payments, Ogone. *Some are European only or country specific. Read the forum. Has Common Affiliate Program- your affiliates refer one product, but get paid on anything their referrals buy from you too! ✔ Supports Recurring Billing ✔ Forum where you can announce your product launch and affiliate program for free ✔ Blog-join in comments for more exposure to affiliates ✔ Advertising for $25.00 per week! ✔ Dimesale Opttion Too!
  5. 5. ✔ 3 Affiliate Payment Choices- worried that affiliates wont have enough trust that youll pay them? Or that your payment processor will freeze you? No problems! Click2Sell offers 3 options: Private- You collect the money and you pay your affiliates how and when you choose. Monthly, weekly, daily... lots of other features too. *Fees depend on price of product. Hybrid- The essence of the HYBRID Affiliate Management System: you process payments directly to your merchant or Paypal account and thus get paid instantly after sale. You can completely control all your affiliates, recruit new ones and run your affiliate programs, but at the same time Click2Sell takes care of paying all your affiliates automatically. The requirements for this are to have PayPal API data, prepay $50 for future commissions, or enter credit card details so that Click2Sell system would be able to charge your card right after affiliate makes a sale and reserve a commission.***My Favorite*** Complete- No special merchant account needed. Your customers will be able to purchase your products by their credit card or PayPal account. You wont need to worry about paying your affiliates on time. Click2Sell will pay you and all your affiliates every Tuesday with a delay of 14 days - transaction clearance period. C2S handles refund, chargebacks and some customer support, plus direct deposit into your bank account. *Check the page for fees. ✔ MAIL!!! You can mail your affiliates and your customers right from Click2Sell!Click2Sell is incredibly easy to set up, and as long as you are using hybrid orprivate selling options, theres no approval process.
  6. 6. #2 PayGear! ✔ FREE! No insertion fees* ✔ Unlimited Products In The Marketplace ✔ Supports Physical and Digital Products, Services- sell anything you want! ✔ Supports Multiple Payment Processors- PayPal, Google CheckOut, Has Common Affiliate Program- your affiliates refer one product, but get paid on anything their referrals buy from you too! ✔ Supports Recurring Billing – and Chris even gives you free membership software too! ✔ Advertising for $55.00 per week! ✔ Email Blast Tool- $500... send email to PayGears 50,000 + members ✔ One Click Upsells ✔ Affiliate Cookies good for one year ✔ One click affiliate payments ✔ One click 1099 issuance ✔ Simple 3 Step Process gets your products in the marketplace fastPayGear is ultra professional, sleek in design and navigation and highly efficient.Ive only just begun putting my products in the PayGear Markeplace, but Imvery happy with the process and all of the perks, features and benefits availableto me.PayGear is superior to its top two competitors, which also happen to be themost well known affiliate programs, ClickBank and PayDotCom (except forhaving a smaller pool of affiliates, but Im sure PayGear will get there) however,with PDC and ClickBank being the two most expensive, not to mention someother minor limitations, they go to to the bottom of my list.The only thing that stops PayGear from having the #1 spot is the lack of a forumand/or blog, and the fact that it doesnt offer any kind of solution for allowingPayGear to handle affiliate payments which is a trust factor with affiliates.
  7. 7. # 3 E-Junkie -*30 Day Free TrialWhen ranking these sites, I based the ranking decisions on factors of price andperks...ejunkie is the same price as the next site on the list, and the only reasonthat ejunkie outranks it is because e-junkie has a marketplace where our nextsite does not. However, the next site offers more payment processor options.Ejunkie supports only two free payment processors (PayPal and GoogleCheckout) however it supports multiple types of PayPal accounts, along,2 CheckOut, and ClickBank... plus it even supports TrialPayStarting cost is $5.00 per month for 10 products. They will even host yourdownloads for you, however, Ive always found that none of the affiliateprograms offer enough storage space, so I just upload a pdf file with theinstructions on how to get to the download page.E-junkie does have a marketplace where affiliates can find your products, plus italso has a forum where you can Flaunt Your Store.. and announce your affiliateprogram, plus a lot of other social marketing integration with a YouTube channel,a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, and a blog that accepts some guestposts, and where you can comment...Finally, e-junkie also has the common affiliate program, which allows youraffiliates to promote any product in your store, and get paid commissions on anyother products their referrals buy from you as well- with no additional promotionon the affiliates part. ✔ Cost $5.00 -Up to 10 Products ✔ Common Affiliate Program ✔ Multiple Payment Processors ✔ Supports Digital and Physical Products ✔ Marketplace ✔ Forum For Announcing Your Product ✔ Blog with GuestPposting and Commenting Opportunities ✔ Social Media Participation for Exposure and Back Links... With e-junkie, the vendor has to pay affiliates manually via PayPal, from amass pay txt file that e-junkie generates, which can only be generated for themonth preceding the genearation- effectively making it a cumbersome processto pay affiliates on a shorter pay period such as weekly, or daily. *This is one arein which program #4 is also superior...
  8. 8. # 4 RapBank- *** (and other instant commission solutions)RapBank is basically a database of all of the products that use the RAP (RapidAction Profits) script that allows instant commissions to be paid between vendorand affiliate. The RAP script itself can be installed on your site, however, itsexpensive, its far to technical for me, and you would still have to promote yoursite to affiliates... RapBank not only eliminates (mostly) the need to purchaseand install the script, it also gives you a built-in affiliate audience looking forproducts to promote. And with their List & Earn program, you dont even have topay an insertion fee.The only reason this doesnt top the list is because like all but one, instantcommission program, it is solely reliant on PayPal as the payment processor. -Other instant commission solutions include Digi Results- There is a marketplace, but its not categorized and its primarily made up of make money online products. What I like about digi results is that the products in there sell at reasonable prices unlike... Warrior Plus- Ok, this is a huge, and very active marketplace that is tied directly to the Warrior Forum. It will cost you $40 for your WSO, $20 for a Warrior Plus license, and at the time of this writing, the climate on Warrior forum demands that you sell a $10 front end product with 100% commission to affiliates, and rely on upsells and the list of $10 buyers you build to make money on the back end by emailing your list promotions of other $10 WSOs. Right now, this is the only way affiliates will promote a WSO...Im sure it will change, but I dont know when. This is an exceptional fast cash building strategy, however, I strongly suggest that you get your products out on the open market first, and get stats on it first, showing buyers and affiliates a truly better offer than the public at large gets....*The one site that offers instant commissions with another processor aside fromPayPal is Steve Odettes “Rapid Residual Pro.” Its still new, and prettyexpensive, but Steve did tell me that you can do instant commissions with bothPayPal and AlertPay from this program...
  9. 9. The number one reason I wouldnt put all my eggs in the “Instant Commission”basket is their sole reliance on PayPal...with the exception of Rapid ResidualPro.RapBank being free, came close to ranking #3 instead of #5, however, theexpense of the add-ons needed to support recurring billing, and its solereliance on PayPal, I placed it at #5.It also falls into place with the other instant commission programs which dontplace at all in the list simply because they, unlike RapBank and possibly RapidResidual Pro (too early to tell yet) are all heavily focused on the “Make MoneyOnline” niche. ✔ RapBank has niches and is well organized by category... ✔ Has a marketplace ✔ Offers instant commission ✔ Has a free option if youre not using recurring billing or membership models. ✔ Has niche products.*Any of the instant commission solutions, as well as the next two programs, arebest used to sell short, inexpensive products, with high (100% commissions) ona front-end, in combination with an upsell at 50% commission for profit andbuilding a list of buyers...
  10. 10. # 5 – *30 Day Free TrialIf GetDPD had a marketplace,and had the networking opportunities like forums,it would surpass e-junkie on this list because it offers more payment processors.GetDPD does have a blog and at the time of this writing, comments are open.The starting price for GetDPD is $5.00 per month for up to 10 products ✔ Common Affiliate Program ✔ Mulitple Payment Processor Options- PayPal, Google Checkout, AlertPaty, 2Checkout and ClickBank. ✔ Supports Digital and Physical Products ✔ Can generate mass pay file at will and pay affiliates at discretion, daily, weekly, monthly... etc...Get DPDs feature which allows vendors to pay affiliates is daily is probably thebiggest benefit of using a site where you need affiliate trust that they will bepaid their commissions. After all, if youre promising to pay them at least on theday that they earn, instead of making them wait a week or more... they havesome measure of trust in knowing that if you dont pay today, they dont promotefor you tomorrow.While the feature is nice, its also cumbersome and time consuming to do, so Iwould still recommend paying your affiliates once a week.I have a friend who promotes her own products through GetDPD and she hassaid that she sometimes forgets to pay the affiliates... oops! You dont want todo this, so if youre going to use GetDPD, or e-junkie, I recommend using aGoogle Calendar to send reminders to your email and your cell phone on thedates you dictate for affiliate payments.***One of the main reasons the Click2Sell rises to the top of this list is becauseof their hybrid and complete affiliate management systems that put payingaffiliates in the hands of the affiliate manager, which relieves the vendor and theaffiliate of the trust wall issues that come up when there is no one to vet eachother.Like e-junkie, RapBank, and the other instant commission solutions, thisprogram is best used for loss leader type products with 100% commission toaffiliates, upsells for cash building, and building a list.
  11. 11. # 5 PayDotComPayDotCom is a superb marketplace at a very reasonable one time fee of $29for unlimited products in the marketplace. Only drawback...solely reliant onPayPal. PDC is a big affiliate marketplace, and a big player. PayDotCom offerssome incredible deals on advertising and affiliates and super affiliates go toPayDotCom to find these new products in the marketplace and through theads~ ✔ $29 For Unlimited Insertion into the marketplace ✔ Marketplace ✔ No approval process ✔ Digital and Physical Products ✔ Supports Membership Sites With Recurring Billing ✔ Common Affiliate Program for all products in a given store. ✔ Has A Forum ✔ Offers Advertising Opportunities for $50 per week! ✔ ClickBank pays affiliates and issues 1099s.PayDotCom is a must! For $29 to have such highly trafficked affiliate exposurefor your product.
  12. 12. # 6 ClickBank – The big boy on the block!In spite of a load of bad things about ClickBank, they are still the # site whereaffiliates go looking for products to promote, and and vendors go looking foraffiliates. ✔ $50 Marketplace insertion fee ✔ Marketplace ✔ Advertising opportunities starting at $225 a month... ✔ Is a payment processor and accepts PayPalClickbank doesnt have its own forum, however there are forums that arededicated to ClickBank, and all Internet Marketing forums have plenty ofdiscussion about them.ClickBank has high fees and an approval process, you have to get permissionfor products over $50 and there are a host of other restrictions as well.There are a host of other affiliate programs that can give your business evenmore exposure as well, like Commission Junction And Share A Sale... but theprograms mentioned in this report are free are free and low cost ways to getaffiliates to drive your traffic for you.The most important thing you can do is use these resources as one steppingstone to another... invest in advertising in the affiliate programs as you profit ineach one, and then invest into the next one, and its advertising, and so on andso on....Develop a strong sales funnel and use funds from this to fulfill the rest of yourtraffic generation plan.