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Image Brochure

  1. 1. Automation at first hand.
  2. 2. Global presence and competent advice on site. Worldwide direct and personal service: Whether via telephone, e-mail or in a per- sonal discussion, ifm is always there for you anywhere at any time. We take your orders, send you samples and provide you with information. Workshops and seminars: For the introduction of new products and technologies we support you with work- shops and seminars in our training centres or directly in your company. Meet us: Do you want to discover new possibilities, talk about solutions and implement new ideas? Arrange an appointment with us on your premises or visit us at one of the major industrial trade fairs. Free service, anywhere at any time? ifm electronic – close to you! ifm electronic – close to you! Close customer contact, quality and innovations are our strengths. ifm electronic gmbh continuously optimises technical processes in almost all industries and is thus one of the world’s leading manu- facturers in the automation industry. More than 3,500 employees in more than 70 countries worldwide develop and sell solutions for 96,000 customers in machine construction and other industries. We are where you need us: right at your side. Our goal: to find your individual solution and tread new paths.
  3. 3. branch office trade partner For unique close customer contact. “ifm wants to provide exemplary active customer service as a matter of course” Principle from ifm’s corporate philosophy Your personal ifm partner: You would like to get personal advice on site and have your own reliable and competent contact partner? About 1,000 sales engineers worldwide are available to support you.
  4. 4. Above-average quality creates reliability. “Growing successfully in security” Principle from ifm’s corporate philosophy Responsible growth: The managing directors Martin Buck and Michael Marhofer run the company in the second generation. Since the foundation of the company in 1969, ifm has been growing consistently. Grow with us: ifm electronic – close to you! Turnover development since 1970 Quality “Made in Germany”. Closely linked to the location Germany, we mainly produce in the region of Lake Constance. Administration and logistics of the family- owned company are located in the Ruhr region. More than 90 % of the annual worldwide production of ten million sensors and systems are developed, produced and optimised in Germany – each single product at reliably high quality. Given that “high product quality and accurate technical data are unimpeachable values of ifm.” (Principle from ifm’s corporate philosophy). Extensive testing and certifications as well as more than 400 own development engineers guarantee this. 2000 2010199019801970 salesdevelopmentinmillionEUR 100 0 200 300 400 500
  5. 5. Extraordinary innovations ensure the future. “ifm does not only intend to cover visible needs, but also directly creates needs by demonstrating new applications” Principle from ifm’s corporate philosophy Keeping the markets of tomorrow in view: Whether innovative product ideas, high- quality standard solutions or application- specific product developments – ifm is curious and loves solutions. More than 400 internal development engineers – about 12 % of our employees – in close coopera- tion with research institutes, universities and young partner companies such as PMDTechnologies GmbH or i-for-t GmbH, find new ideas and implement them. The result: more 500 own patents and patent applications. “ifm wants to offer outstanding product quality, service and reliability” Principle from ifm’s corporate philosophy Quality just in time: In time and reliable – the manufacturing processes are continually analysed and optimised to keep the delivery times as short as possible. This means: irrespective of quantities or the time frame – each single ifm product is always of uncompro- mising high quality. The central logistics centre delivers your order reliably and in time – if requested, even within the following 24 hours. Service 9 % Sales Department 29 % Production 35 % Research and Development 12 % Administration 15 % A clear focus on close customer contact, quality and innovations: ifm personnel structure.
  6. 6. Photoelectric sensors Well positioned: Position sensors and object recognition. Inductive sensors Robust and hygienic: Full-metal in- ductive sensors for the food indus- try with increased sensing range and protection IP 68 / IP 69K. Capacitive sensors Bulk materials at a glance: The adjustment in the application is done by simply pressing a push- button. Lean design, long ranges: Safety light grids and curtains accord- ing to type 2 / SIL 2 / PL d or type 4 / SIL 3 / PL e. Magnetic sensors Cylinder sensors Easy fit ’drop from the top’ into a slot: The ifm cylinder sensors are quick to install and can be securely fixed. Easy, quick and precise from all angles: Robust optical fork and angle sensors with a high switching frequency. Always the best choice: Full-metal sensors and connectors – a perfectly adapt- ed system for the highest demands. Always the right turn: From the compact incremental encoder to the robust CANopen multiturn encoder. In the right position with ifm. From inductive sensors via encoders up to 3D vision sensors: ifm offers an exten- sive range of position sensors. Whether robotics, handling, production or logistics: ifm sensors are at home in all applications. Besides application-specific connectors, ifm offers suitable mounting accessories as a matter of course. *Photo source: VWH Vorrichtungs- und Werkzeugbau Herschbach GmbH
  7. 7. Connection technology Object recognition High-speed reaction: Ring sensors detect even the tiniest metal parts during their fall.* To play it safe: ifm fail-safe in- ductive sensors do not require a coded counter part. They corre- spond to SIL 2 / 3 and PL d / e. Tool-free installation: Installation is done manually. The mechanical end stop protects the O-ring from exces- sive compression. Exact position monitoring: Reliable even in cases of high travel speeds and short travel distances. Versatile connection: ecolink M12 or M8 connectors – shock and vibration resistant, ingress resistant up to IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K. Valve sensors Smart monitoring: Complete sets for quarter-turn and rising stem valves with adapters and actuators simplify installation. No contact with the medium: Photoelectric level detection using the time of flight mea- surement: ideal for bulk materials and non-transparent liquids. Irrespective of orientation and position: Independent efector dualis 2D vision sensors detect and evaluate any geometry. 3D at a glance: Detection of objects and scenes in three dimen- sions. 3D vision sensor efector pmd3d in an industrially com- patible housing. Encoders Keeping track: Set and monitor vision sensors in the application by means of a panel PC.
  8. 8. Powerful performance: Fluid sensors and diagnostic systems. Level sensors Flow sensors Decentralised monitoring of liquids: Volumetric flow sensors efector mid without mechanical components for permanently precise measured values. Two in one: The first fully electronic contact manometer com- bines the advan- tages of a pointer display and an electronic pressure sensor. Pressure sensors Master of pneumatics: Compact pressure sensor especially for applications in robotics and han- dling. Particularity: the 2-colour display. Goodbye, opera- ting instructions: The switch points for the TK temperature sen- sor can be easily set and mechani- cally locked using the setting ring. Plugged in: The temperature plug converts the signals from differ- ent Pt100 / Pt1000 probes into an analogue and IO-Link signal. Connection technology With ifm, the process runs smoothly. Using ifm fluid sensors, you are well equipped for all areas of application. In the food and hygienic area as well as in contact with aggressive oils or coolants. High-quality materials make it possible. Suitable adapters ensure smooth connec- tions. And for preventing standstills: our diagnostic systems detect damage even before it occurs.
  9. 9. Diagnostic systems The appropriate sensor for each level: Capacitive probe sensors, microwave technology or hydrostatic level measurement. Not only clean, but pure: The hygienic LMT level sensors largely suppress deposits and foam. Communication with the sensor: Sensor parameter setting or digital process data trans- mission by means of IO-Link. One always fits: Thanks to the extensive product range of adapters and flanges, ifm fluid sensors are easy to integrate in the process. Condition-based maintenance: Permanent machine monitor- ing with the vibration diagno- stic system efector octavis. Wear margin used to optimum effect: Vibration sensors detect bearing damage in time. Replacements can be planned, no machine fails. Efficient compressed air: efector metris detects even tiny leakages. Thus, compressed air consumption can be sustainably optimised. Simply connected between the cable and the sensor: IO-Link memory plug for conve- nient storage of sensor data. Temperature sensors All set: Pressure, tempera- ture and vibration sensors of the PK, TK and VK series with intuitive easy-turn opera- ting concept. Well connected: Whether for hygienic, food or hazardous areas: ecolink ensures reliable connec- tions in all applications. point-to-point communication.
  10. 10. Powerful systems: For communication, identification and control. For production and logistics: UHF writing and reading units for worldwide use. Protection against speed excess: Compact speed monitor – an inductive sensor with integrated speed monitoring. RF identification systems Supports the operators: Clear and easy-to- use dialogue modules display all important machine states. Multicode reading systems Lose no time: It takes only five steps to configure and set up the multicode reader. Reliable reading: Multicode reading systems from ifm detect a number of codes. Sophisti- cated algorithms guarantee maxi- mum reading reliability. Mobile dialogue: Dialogue module PDM360 NG with high-resolution graphic display in a robust housing for field and cabin applications. Not just sensors. ifm does not offer products but solutions. With AS-Interface you can easily transmit sensor signals to the controller at a low cost. Different identification and evalua- tion systems will surely also solve your application. The robust control system ecomatmobile is the perfect solution for mobile applications. A real tip: the modular mini controller system ecomatmobile Basic.
  11. 11. Evaluation systems power supplies Current is now orange! 24 V power supplies with intelligent power reserve – made by ifm. Everything at a glance: Colour display and web interface – the AS-i Profinet gateway offers maximum clarity in the AS-i network. Tracking work- piece carriers: 125 kHz RFID system for produc- tion control.Can be connected directly to AS-Interface. Robust and powerful: ClassicController R360 for mobile applications with bidirectional inputs/outputs and CANopen interface. From the sensor to the gateway master: ifm electronic offers all compo- nents for your AS-i network. Quick connection: Standard sensors can be connected to the bus using I/O modules. This keeps the wiring simple. Low-cost and compact: The modular mini controller system ecomatmobile Basic – BasicCon- troller, BasicRelay and BasicDisplay. Control systems for mobile vehicles Get connected: Decentralised CAN modules for outdoor applica- tions for connect- ing sensors and actuators. Bus system AS-Interface
  12. 12. ifmarticleno.7511451·Wereservetherighttomaketechnicalalterationswithoutpriornotice.·PrintedinGermanyonnon-chlorinebleachedpaper.08/11 Over 70 locations worldwide – at a glance at visit our website: Position sensors and object recognition Inductive sensors Capacitive sensors Magnetic sensors, cylinder sensors Safety technology Valve sensors Photoelectric sensors Object recognition Encoders Evaluation systems, power supplies Connection technology Fluid sensors and diagnostic systems Level sensors Flow sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Diagnostic systems Evaluation systems, power supplies Connection technology Bus systems Bus system AS-Interface Power supplies Connection technology Identification systems Multicode reading systems RF-identification systems Power supplies Connection technology Control systems Control systems for mobile vehicles Connection technology Overview ifm product range: ifm electronic gmbh Friedrichstraße 1 45128 Essen Tel. +49 / 201 / 24 22-0 Fax +49 / 201 / 24 22-1200 E-mail: