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Irvin cooper Ignite


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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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Irvin cooper Ignite

  1. 1. The  government  should  offer  free   health  insurance  to  college   students.  
  2. 2. Millions  of  students  are  facing  healthcare   issues  while  a6ending  college  to  make   ends  meet.  Don’t  let  this  happen  to  loved   ones.   h6p://>  
  3. 3. College  students  will  be  able  to  study  be1er   and  focus  towards  gradua5ng  instead  of     High  healthcare  costs.  
  4. 4. While  tui5on  increases,    healthcare  is  on  the  rise  as  well.   What  will  college  students  due  with     The  New  Healthcare   Act.     <a  href="h6p://">rossmac100</a  
  5. 5. Bring  Awareness  and  start  a  campaign.   a  href="h6p://">chris.corwin</a>  via  
  6. 6. Suppor5ng  points  to     make  the    government    understand  our    reasoning    as  students.   <a  href="h6p:// 32614064@N03/8610722316/">sparth</ a>  via  
  7. 7. Students  are  able  to  focus  more.   <a  href=h6p://>  
  8. 8. <a  href=h6p://>  
  9. 9. Students  not  having  enough  money     to  pay  for  their  medicines.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  10. 10. Parents  are  trying  to  find  out  ways  to     pay  for  their  children  educa5on     <a  href="h6p://">  
  11. 11. Parents  are  thinking  of  all  possible  soluUons.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  12. 12. Parents  are  trying  to  figure  out  who    going  to  pay  for  what  to    get  their  children  insured.   <a  href="h6p://">shapeshiV</a>  
  13. 13. Students  crea5ng  awareness     by  making  a  movement.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  14. 14. Students  are  figh5ng  to  save  their   peers  lives  and  health.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  15. 15. Students  deserve  free   health  insurance.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  16. 16. Students  spreading  the   word  by  telling  their   peers.   <a  href="h6p://">  
  17. 17. Points  to  make   the  government     understand     the  awareness.   <a  href="h6p://">sparth</a>  via  
  18. 18. The  risks  of  geEng  fined  by    the  government,    especially   As  a  college  student  for    not  having  healthcare.  
  19. 19. Students  are  coming  together  to  get  across  to  the  government.   <a  href="h1p://">