Sem junior year


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Photos of our junior year from the 1962 "Wyoming"

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Sem junior year

  1. 1. Our junior Year, 1961-1962!Photos from the 1962 Wyoming
  2. 2. The Class of 1962dedicated theirWyoming toMiss Erma Foster.
  3. 3. Class of 1963 Girls
  4. 4. Class of 1963 Boys
  5. 5. Our Class Officers, 1961-1962
  6. 6. Our class history!
  7. 7. Student-Faculty CouncilJuniors in this photo: Susan Sgarlat, Debbie Smith, Jack Butts, Nancy Curtis, Dave Hall
  8. 8. Student-Faculty CouncilJuniors in this photo: Susan Sgarlat, Debbie Smith, Jack Butts, Nancy Curtis, Dave HallNancyDaveJackSusan Debbie
  9. 9. Honor CourtJuniors in the photo: Edie Townend, Buzz MirchellBuzzEdie
  10. 10. Civil CourtJuniors in this photo: Andy Unger, Debbie Hess,Debbie SmithDebbie SDebbie HAndy
  11. 11. The New Societies!AlexandriansAtheniansFlorentimesOxonians
  12. 12. Alexandrians!
  13. 13. Athenians!
  14. 14. Florentines!
  15. 15. Oxonians!
  16. 16. Sandy Roth was the only Junior to be a Society (Florentine) officer.Sandy
  17. 17. Independent Society
  18. 18. Juniors in these photos: Ned Williams, Karl Loucks Virginia LlewellynNedKarlGinny
  19. 19. WyomingJuniors in these photos: Tara Siegal, Ned Williams, Howard Morris Ann Weinberg, Dave HillNed HowardAnnDave
  20. 20. Wyoming Business BoardJunior in this photo: Sallie GoldsteinSallie
  21. 21. Wyoming Photography BoardJuniors in this photo:Bob DealamanNancy Goldsmith, Edie Townend,Karen Lichtig,Ned Williams, Howard MorrisIt’s interesting (ironic?) that thephoto of the Photography Board isthe faintest photo in the book.BobNancy Edie KarenNedHoward
  22. 22. Wyoming Literary BoardJuniors in this photo: Mollie Harris, Susan HurwitzMollie Susan
  23. 23. Opinator Editorial BoardJuniors in this photo: Robin Kadison, Judy Bohorad, Nancy CurtisRobin Judy Nancy
  24. 24. Opinator Literary BoardJuniors in this photo: Susan Sgarlat, Sallie Goldstein, Ann Weinberg, Judy BohoradSusanJudySallie Ann
  25. 25. Opinator Sports BoardJuniors in this photo: Tara Siegal, Ned Williams, Howard Morris, Karl LoucksTaraNedHowardKarl
  26. 26. Opinator News BoardJuniors in this photo: Tom Hartman, Robin Kadison, Richard Kramer, David HillTomRobinRichardDave
  27. 27. Opinator Business BoardJuniors in this Photo: Sallie Goldstein, Kathy HouriganSallie Kathy
  28. 28. GleeClub
  29. 29. Linda Leslie Toni Sally Ginny MarshaJanePeggyHarryBob Ted PhilJuniors in this Photo: Bob Dealaman, Ted Warner, Phil Singer, Harry Russin, John Prescott, Peggy French, Linda Renville, LeslieTurrell, Toni Drapiewski, Sally George, Ginny Llewellyn, Jane Alexander, Marsha MittlemanGlee ClubJohn
  30. 30. Triple TrioLindaLeslieToniNancySallyGinnyMarshaJaneJuniors in this photo: Linda Renville, Leslie Turrell, Toni Drapiewski, Nancy Curtis, Sally George, Marsha Mittleman, Jane Alexander
  31. 31. Drama Club productions,1961 – 1962Guest in the HouseDear Brutus
  32. 32. Drama ClubJuniors in this photo: Marsha Mittleman, Bob Dealaman, Garner TraherJoyce Minsky, Debbie Hess,Karen Lichtig, Leslie Turrell, Judy BohoradMarshaBobGarnerJoyceKarenLeslie JudyDebbie
  33. 33. Thespian SocietyGarner BobLeeJoyceDebbieJuniors in this photo: Garner Traher, Bob Dealaman, Lee Willard, Joyce Minsky, Debbie Hess
  34. 34. Juniors in these photos: Geoffrey Lebar, Karl Loucks, and Elsie Wang, the first girlever to be in the debate.
  35. 35. Blue and White CommitteeJuniors in this photo: Robin Kadison, Bob Dealaman, Peggy Perkins, Debbie HessBobRobinDebbiePeggy
  36. 36. TomLindaAllenPhilJuniors in this photo: Phil Singer, Allen CeaseTom Hartman, Linda Renville
  37. 37. Juniors in this photo: John Michel, Lynda RosenthalJohnLynda
  38. 38. Juniors in this photo” Marylee Bomboy, Joyce Minsky
  39. 39. JudyThe Junior in this photo is Judy Bohorad.
  40. 40. Juniors in this photo: Dave Hill, Bill Maurer, Geoffrey Lebar, Harry Russin, Tom Hartman,Marylee Bomboy, Frank SmithGerman Club (new in ‘61-’62!)DaveBillGeoffreyHarryTomMaryleeFrank
  41. 41. Chess ClubJuniors in this photo: Karl Loucks, Barney Schooley, Harry Russin, Tom Hartman, Jack Wise, John Prescott, Dave HillKarl Barney Harry BillTom JackJohn Dave
  42. 42. Athletic CouncilSallie VernaleeJuniors in this photo: Sallie Goldstein, Vernalee Pritchard, Tom Roberts, John MichelJohnTom
  43. 43. Club
  44. 44. W ClubJuniors in this photo: Peggy Perkins, Sally Thomas, Lisa Harvey, John Morton, Ned Williams, Karl Loucks, Tom RobertsPeggySallyLisaMortNedKarlTom
  45. 45. Juniors in this photo: Tom Roberts, Sandy Roth, Carolyn Lacy, Debbie Smith, Tom Borthwick, Gard Moses,Shorty Kohn, Kathy Hourigan, Barbara McCombs, Vernalee PritchardTom RSandyDebbieKathyShortyVernaleeTom BBarbaraGard
  46. 46. Our Varsity Cheerleaders!
  47. 47. Junior Varsity CheerleadersJuniors in this photo: Ann Weinberg, Susan Sgarlat, Robin KadisonAnn Susan Robin
  48. 48. Varsity Football
  49. 49. Juniors in this photo: 82 John Morton, 72 Gard MosesMort
  50. 50. Varsity Foortball Juniors in this photo: 81 Tom Roberts, 84 Buzz Mitchell, 61 Frank Nowicki, Dee HilburtDeeFrankTomBuzz
  51. 51. Junior Varsity Football
  52. 52. JV Football Juniors in this photo: Andy Unger, Jim Higgs, Barney Schooley, Howard Morris, Bob Reynolds, Jack WiseAndyJimBarneyHowardBobJack
  53. 53. JV Football Juniors in this photo: Richard Kramer, Ronnie ScovellRichardRonnie
  54. 54. Varsity Field Hockey
  55. 55. Varsity Field Hockey Juniors in this photo: Vernalee Pritchard, Kathy Hourigan, Peggy Perkins, Tara Siegal, Lisa Harvey,Sally Thomas, Debbie SmithVernaleeKathyPeggyTaraLisaSally Debbie
  56. 56. Junior Varsity Field Hockey
  57. 57. JV Field Hockey Juniors in this photo: Edie Townend, Lynn Maxwell, Carol SantarelliEdieLynn Carol
  58. 58. Girls’ Basketball
  59. 59. Girls’ Basketball Juniors in this photo: Lisa Harvey, Tara Siegal, Sallie Goldstein, Mollie Harris, Lon YoungquistLisaTaraSallieMollie Lon
  60. 60. Lisa Tara
  61. 61. Varsity BasketballJuniors in this photo: Mike McGroarty, Bill Mellas, Bill Sordoni, John YuscagaveBill SMike JohnBill M
  62. 62. Varsity SwimmingJuniors in this photo: David Stanford, Gard Moses, Bob ReynoldsBobDaveGard
  63. 63. Wrestling
  64. 64. Wrestling Juniors in this photo: Tom Borthwick, Jack Butts, Dee HilburtTomJack Dee
  65. 65. Wrestling Juniors in this photo: Dee Hilburt, Dave Hall, John MortonDeeDave Mort
  66. 66. Track
  67. 67. Juniors in this photo: John Michel, Jim O’Boyle,Gard MosesJohnJimGard
  68. 68. Juniors in this photo: Frank Nowick, Richard KramerFrankRichard
  69. 69. Baseball
  70. 70. Juniors in this photo: Sandy Roth, Jim HiggsDave Williams, Jack WiseSandyHiggsieDave Jack
  71. 71. Juniors in this photo: Jerry PechulasJohn Morton, Bob DealamanJerryMortBob
  72. 72. GolfJuniors in this photo: Garner Traher, Ned Williams, Howard Morris, Andy UngerTed Warner, John PrescottGarner NedHoward AndyTedJohn
  73. 73. TennisJuniors in this photo: Karl Loucks, Dave HillKarlDave
  74. 74. Administration, Faculty, and Staff
  75. 75. A few pages of yearbook ads!