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Pediatric dentist and the work he does


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Oral decay that occurs after a child's permanent teeth start to grow in can seriously affect their oral health later on in life

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Pediatric dentist and the work he does

  1. 1. Pediatric Dentist and the Work He DoesA pediatric dentist is an oral health care professional who takes care of a specific group ofindividuals. The group of individuals is children and the age range for these starts when the firstdeciduous tooth erupts up to the age of ten to twelve years old. Some parents actually bring theirtoothless child to visit the clinic just to be sure or when there are malformations in the baby.Many of these dental professionals foray into the world of surgery since there are babies who areborn in to this world with problems in their jaws, cleft palate and gums.EducationThe education of the prospective pediatric dental professional starts just like those in the generaldentistry field. They go through a basic college course and then proceed to the dental college oftheir choice. The basic college course takes about four to five years while the dentistry courseranges from four to six years depending on the specialties that the hopeful dentists will take up.Most of the specialties are taken up after the entire four year dentistry course has beencompleted; others take up specialties after they have passed the board exam for dentistry. Thedentist, or at least the hopeful, needs to pass the dental board exam in order to be able to practicein the United States of America. He or she also needs to be associated with certain affiliations,organizations and groups in order to be recognized as a practicing professional.The PracticeDentistry is a field that is connected to medicine in a very close way. The dentist basically,evaluates, diagnoses, treats and corrects problems that need to be addressed in an individual. Inthis case, children are brought by the parent or parents for a visit and the child is evaluatedaccording to the examination that the professional conducts. Children who have no immediateproblems are initially recommended to undergo cleaning of the teeth by the parent with the useof a gauze bandage wrapped around a finger and rubbed on the pearly whites. The rubbing actsas brushing and gets the child used to having a foreign object inside his or her oral cavity. It alsohelps to really clean each tooth that has erupted.Despite being just a milk tooth, it still needs to be cleaned and maintained because the permanentones come out several years after and having rotten or damaged temporary ones can impair thedigestion and eating style of the child. Pain and discomfort can also occur if the deciduous onesare infected or damaged too soon. The pediatric dentist can also be expected to make compositebonding with any temporary tooth that may need it. This is especially true for those that still havea long way to go before they are replaced by the permanent ones. Fillings are very common withchildren around the age of six to nine years old especially in a tooth belonging to the molars.These are just a few of the responsibilities that a pediatric dentist may need to do for his patients.There are other more complicated ones, especially those requiring surgery.