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WWI Poetry Digital Archive Images from SL


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Published in: Education
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WWI Poetry Digital Archive Images from SL

  1. 1. WWI Poetry Digital Archive Images taken 19 December 2013
  2. 2. Entry screen – similar to title slide on movie
  3. 3. Flight over the trenches
  4. 4. Video embedded into the virtual world – archive clips from WWI
  5. 5. Explaining the ghostly figures
  6. 6. Ghosts in the trenches with audio / narratives of WWI experiences in the trenches
  7. 7. Casualty station with ghostly images
  8. 8. Artefacts – interactive book with diary pages, poems, photographs
  9. 9. Recreation of gas attack – audio with recollection from WWI soldier
  10. 10. Remembrance – final settings with names and dates people died