bible study sunday bible study youth ministry communal evangelization 5th sunday a mt 5:13-16 salt and light aids for homilies youth formation john 20:19-31 psalm 118 matthew 1:18-24 sunday's thoughts body of christ psalm 147:12-15.19-20 1 cor 10:16-17 john 6:51-58 deut 8:2-3.14b-16a corpus christi a blood of christ john 3:16-18 ex 34:4b-6.8-9 dan 3:52-56 banal na santatlo trinity sunday a the triune god the holy trinity 2 cor 13:11-13 the paraclete john 20:19-23 1 cor 12:3b-7.12-13 acts 2:1-11 pentecost a psalm 104:1.24.29-31.34 the counselor matthew 28:16-20 ephesians 1:17-23 psalm 47: 2-3.6-7.8-9 acts 1:1-11 ascension a the lord's ascension 6th easter a 1 peter 3:15-18 john 14:15-21 psalm 66 acts 8:5-8.14-17 loving god doing god’s will psalm 33 (with 22) acts 6:1-7 5th easter a john 14:1-12 1 peter 2:4-9 acts 2:14a.36-41 the good shepherd 4th easter a the gate keeper john 10:1-10 1 peter 2:20b-25 psalm 23: 1-6 3rd easter a luke 24:13-35 psalm 16 acts 2:14. 22-33 1 peter 1:17-21 hearts on fire hearts burning 3rd easter a luke 24:13-35 psalm 16 acts 2:14. 22-33 1 peter 1:17-21 hearts on fire hearts burning 1 peter 1:3-9 an easter experience 2nd easter a acts 2:42-47 1 peter 1:3-9 an easter experience 2nd easter a acts 2:42-47 happy people easter people john 20:1-9 colossians 3:1-4 acts 10:34a-43 easter sunday a isaiah 50:4-7 mt 21:1-11 personal responsibility matthew 26:14--27:66 psalm 22 philippians 2:6-11 palm sunday a lenten message 2014 poverty that sanctifies poverty that dehumanizes cbcp pastoral exhortation lent of 2014 rom 8:8-11 john 11:1-45 psalm 130:1-8 ez 37:12-14 the lazarus story 5th lent a coming to life 1 samuel 16:1-13 seeing jesus psalm 23:1-6 walking in light ephesians 5:8-14 john 9:1-41 laetare sunday 4th lent a john 4:5-42 the samaritan woman ps 95:1-9 exodus 17:3-7 romans 5:1-8 the living water 3rd lent a ps 33 the shining experience 2 timothy 1:8b-10 matthew 17:1-9 genesis 12:1-4a the transfiguration 2nd lent a the mountain experience genesis 2:7-3:1-7 matthew 4:1-11 1 lent a romans 5:12-19 dying to selfishness ps 51:3-17 loving like jesus owner of everything god's stewards believing in stewardship stewardship colossians 1:25 lectio divina revisited art of listening listen to master parables of jesus do not worry stop worrying trust in god solo dios basta 8th sunday a mt 6:24-34 mt 5:38-48 love conquers all loving our enemies 7th sunday a law of love commandment of love mt 5:17-37 6th sunday a let's work together kingdom of god repentance sunday readings study conversion matthew 4:12-23 3rd sunday a god's light sharing the light seeing the light model of humility example of humility matthew 18:1-5.10 senior santo nino sto. nino sr. sto. nino the greatest little child humility humble servant the lord's baptism sunday gospel's study beginning of mission matthew 3:13-17 matthew 2:1-12 the lords epiphany new year 2014 solemnity of mary mother of god community family communion holy family a god is love 4th advent a emmanuel god of love for sunday homilies sunday reflections matthew 11:2-11 3rd advent a matthew 3:1-12 2nd advent a matthew 24:37-44 1st advent c guide for homily christ the king 33rd sunday c sunday readings youth formation youth formation youth formation 32nd sunday c god's word sunday mass church missal mass sunday heartsonfire
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