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AO GHI Annex


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DOH AO requiring graphic information - annex containing the images

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AO GHI Annex

  1. 1. Pursuant to Section V(A)(5) of Administrative Order a. The graphic health information shall be No. 2010-0013, this template shall govern printed in full color, with the minimum specifications regarding graphic health information, resolution of 400 dpi using at least 4-color packaging and labelling of unit packets and packages printing. of tobacco products, including package inserts and onserts, and any outside packaging and labelling of b. The graphic health information shall in no tobacco products. case measure less than 1,290 square millimeters (approximately 2 square Republic of the Philippines inches) in size, with the shortest side Department of Health 1. Size and Position of Graphic Health Information. - The graphic health measuring no less than 25 millimeters OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY (approximately 1 inch), for the front panel, information shall occupy the upper portions and no less than 2580 sq mm of each tobacco product packet or package, (approcimately 2 sq inches) for the back including package inserts and onserts, and any panel, with the shortest side measuring no 12 May 2010 outside packaging and labelling of such less than 50 millimeters (approximately 2 products for sale, distribution or importation inches), regardless of the type of packaging within the country, and no less than thirty and labeling for cigarettes. ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER percent (30%) of the front panel and sixty No. 2010 - 0013 percent (60%) of the back panel (or all c. The statement forming part of the graphic corresponding panels of the unit packet or health information shall be placed on a package if in non-standard packaging) in a location where it will be prominently ANNEX 1 manner that ensures maximum visibility. displayed. The statement shall use up no more than thirty percent (30%) of the entire Template in Implementation of Administrative The graphic health information shall not be area of the graphic health information and Order No. 2010-0013 (Requiring Graphic obscured, covered, or undermined, in part or shall be in clearly legible type and in Health Information on Tobacco Product in whole, or obliterated or obscured when the contrast by typograph, layout and colors. Packages, Adopting Measures to Ensure that tobacco packet or package is opened or In no case shall the statement obscure the Tobacco Product Packaging and Labeling do closed. picture or pictogram. not Promote Tobacco Products by any Means that are False, Misleading, Deceptive or Likely 2. Specifications. – The graphic health Variations. - The following variations shall be to Create an Erroneous Impression, and information shall conform to the following strictly applied, in compliance with the provisions Matters Related Thereto) specifications: of Administrative Order No. 2010 – 0013.