LTFRB MC 2009-0036


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LTFRB Memorandum Circular requiring 100% Smokefree Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) and Public Land Transportation Terminals

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LTFRB MC 2009-0036

  1. 1. 1 1-.JAH-Ircl 1B 14 : EE P.E1 Repubhc cf :he PhrliPPirtes Dcpartment of J'ranspoilatl on slld Conln lutllcatiLlns I't['*Hlril J itme: -5-.14 LAND TITANSPOIITATION FRANCIIISING & REGT]L^ Easl Aven!e, Quezol CltY MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR tlumuer L$[1916 subjactr 100% SMOKE FREE PUBLIO UTILITY vEHIcLES (PUVs) AND PUBLIG LAN D TRANS PORTATION TERMINALS Pursuant to R A, No. 9211, also kirown as the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, and the Philippine's obiigation under Arlicle B of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the Land Transpoftation and Franchising Reguiatory Board (LTFRB) hereby re$olvesto adopt ancl inrpose e 100% SIr/IOKE FREE policy on all public utility vehicles and purblic transport ternrinals, reguirins +ll holdPrs of-CertifioateS of Publiq Convpnience,,to obserye the SrTrokinq Elghibition,,in all Puhiic Utilitv,Vehicles and Puh,lic Ternrirrals as well as to orominentl This policy aims to promote a healthful environment and to protect the public from second-hand snrcke, to which there is no safe level of exposure, Secortd-hand smoke exposure is a known cause of lung 'ancer; is known to increase the risks of heart disease; to trigger asthnta attacks; and to$e acute respiratory maladies. '1,) Smoking Prohibition- Snroking, or the act of carrying a lighted cigarette or other tobacco product, is prohibitec iir ali public utility vehicles and public transportation term inals. 2,) "No Smoklng" $igns in Termlnade - All persons who operate, administer, manage, own, operate, and/or posses$ public land transportation terminale are mandeted to post at least one NO SflCKlNG SIGN at each entrance to the terrninal and at least another one in a ,lonspicuous locatiort inside the waitirrg area of the public land transporlation terrr:rnal. .3,) "NO SMOKING" SIGNS lN VEHICLEB-AI; ir':l,lers of certificate of fiublrc convenience are rnandated to promir:.':itlly dispra';, t"lO SMOKING SIGNS inside their authorized units, a, For jeepneys, the NO SMOKI|J(; S|C,:N of at least 3.5 sg in shsll be placed at the back of the wirrcj"+i,i*k:l ;r d another sign of at least 1Osq in shell be placed at the back of the frr.rnt row seats, Direct Line 434-8C-t5 up to 36 Fax Norgzl-2Q16 4?6-25"05, 4?6-25-01 426.2485 /
  2. 2. i iti Repubhc of thc Philippittes Ucparlntenl of l'rnr:sportation and Colltmunications LAI D T R{N S PO RTAT I Oi }' RA N C Ir I S I :i G & R E C L L A'fO R}' B OA lt l) EFst Aven'rs, Quezon Clty b. For taxiE, FX or similar vehicles, the NO SMOKING glGN of at least 3,5 sq inch shali be placed on the glove compartment at the front right side of ihe taxi. windshield and another sign of at ieast 1Osq ln shall he placed at the back cf the driver s seat ' c, For buses, the NO $MOKING SIGN of at least 3.5 sq inch shall be placed at the back of the windshield, and another sign of at least 1Osq in shail be placed at the back of tlre drlver's seat facing tha passengers or a slmilarly prominent area of the bus. ci. For other types of vehicles the NO SMOKING $lGN of at least 3.5 sq inch shall be placed at the back of the windshield, and another sign of at Ieast 1Osq in shall be placed at a prominent location facing the passertgers or a sinrilariy prominent area 0f the vehicles. The No Smoiring Sign should prontinently display, without ir border or frame, a pictorial representation or $yrflbol of a burni rg cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a ted bar ecross it This symbol slrould occupy at least 90% of the srgnage or alternatively, at least 70% of the signag; with the remaining portion of the signage depicting the statement "STRlCl-TY NO Slt4C)KlNG" or 'Bawal Manigarilyo" or other similar warning or health warnirtgs. 4.) SMOKING AREAS: Smoking areas shall r,rt be designated in indoor areas or in any indoor or outdoor area that is near tl e entrance or exits or near placas where people congregate. 5.) DUTTES & RESPONS!BlLrTtES: s The operator and the driver of t re public r-rtility rehicle shall be responsible for posting the NO SMOK ING SIGN, b. The clriver of the public utility vehicle shall be iesponsiblo for warning th€ passengers and co-workers wlro fail to comply with the smoking prohibition and for asklrrg them'to l,.roV€ the public utility vehiclo in such cases, c. The operator. adntinistrator, men6 ger, owner and/or ir,.rssessor of the public land transportation terminal E hall be responsible for posting the NO SMOKING SIGN and for issr,riri and implemerrtirrg such rules and procedure to errsure that the li, ssengers steying in the public land transpodation ternrinals conply ,.,,, ' ''t the smoking prohibition. birr:ct l,.irrr: d:-l.{ 80 25 up t4 36 / 426"21r'05. 426-25-0 1 42rni! ,i E,
  3. 3. rl! y Repubiic c'l' the Phi I ippitte' Dcpantnent o l Tran.spol'tat i on ancl C on,llutilcntiolli LAND TRANSPOR AI'ION FITANCHISING 8. RIiGUI,..'I'OITY IIOAII,D East Avenue, 0uescn City Failure to comply with this Memorandum Circuler Ehall be subject to the following penalties: e. lBtoffense: P500/mo for failure to post the No Smoking signages irr the appropriate locations and P500 Fine fot other violations b. Zndoffense: P5,000 Fine and Suspens.on of the Cerlificate of Public Convenience, where app: i{:able c. 3'd offenee: P10,000 Peso Fine and (. ancellation of the Certificate of Public Convenience LTFRB shall endeavor to parlner r,, ith government agencies, civil society I organizations, and the private sr;tor. exr:e lt those representing tobacco industry l interests, in order to fully impleme ' thi:; 'nr nerandum circular as well as to provide stickers, posterS and related IEC m; ierials to rdigent operators end drivers, This Memorendum Circula' repeals il i $upersedes any and all issuances inconsistent herewith, and shalltak:r effeci, fil '.,r'r (15) days following its publication in a newspaper of general circulation or ,he offic,ia' gazette. l:- ir i-, I SO ORDERED. ri uEr: ?I?'l$ l. Quezon City, Philipprirr:. _ t; EFFECTIVITY DATII: JANUARV ?, zoltl ) ar7fnl ANgING 'l ffi GERARDO A. PIT iLI M*Wfti..$tJ-rororu yls111[rer :.1- I 1, ti.t.-re 'q urrect LrnR .4.-?4 R9-.:15.'IJL!^-T-. t- ai. ,r .qr.