Music since the 30’s


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Music since the 30’s

  1. 1. By Joe Robinson
  2. 2. 30’s Big band was a popular genre in the 30’s So was Jazz and Blues Glenn Miller’s orchestra was also popular with hits like “In the mood”.
  3. 3.  Artie Shaw was a famous clarinet player in the 30’s Benny Goodman was another famous clarinet player!
  4. 4. 40’s Lots of music was influenced for WWII. Some songs were made to help lift the soldiers and the women and children at home’s spirits. Rock, Jazz and Slow were popular. Vera Lynn was a hit with “We’ll meet again” to remind people that the soldiers off in war will come home soon and that you should keep them in mind. She was also a hit with “The white cliffs of Dover”.
  5. 5. 50’s Blues was still big in the 50’s. Rock and roll was also big at this time as well as skiffle music. It was easy to make a skiffle band. All you needed was: A guitar or banjo; A wash board and some thimbles; A tea chest bass (made from large boxes used for shipping tea, a broom handle and a piece of string)
  6. 6.  Elvis Presley was a very famous musician. His music involved American style rock and roll and stuck-up hair. Buddy Holly was also a famous slow rocker.
  7. 7. 60’s Motown and Rock and roll were very popular. The Beatles were incredibly famous and are known as the band that revolutionised music!!!!!! Stevie Wonder (blind from birth) knew how to play the guitar and piano from the age of 10 (like me, minus the guitar, only the piano).
  8. 8.  The who were a very popular band in the 60’s. The Supremes were very big. Like Stevie Wonder, they were one of the few bands or artists that were black since racism was still going on then
  9. 9. 70’s Punk was big in the 70’s but rock and roll was still at large! Michael Jackson (or the king of pop) was a sensational hit and still is today with lots of hits like “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Bad”.
  10. 10.  The sex pistols was a very popular punk band and reached thousands after releasing the album “never mind the b*******, here comes the sex pistols”. Elton John was a famous keyboard player and did his fair share of pop. The Bee Gee’s were another famous rock band. ABBA were a popular Swedish band.
  11. 11. 80’s The 80’s was the decade of pop and lots of bands were normally making pop music. Finally the long, long, LONG years of rock and roll had ended. Adam and the ants were a very popular 80’s band and made it to number 1 for FIVE WEEKS with their most popular single “Stand and deliver”.
  12. 12.  Run DMC were also another famous 80’s band and had quite a lot of number 1’s. Their most popular hit is “Walk this way”. Wham are another example of a great 80’s band. One of their most famous songs are “Wake me up before you go go”.
  13. 13. 90’s Pop was still big. Radiohead were a big pop band and still are today. Oasis were another great band which performed pop.
  14. 14.  Damon Albarn’s group Blur were a great group and became famous with the songs “Parklife”, “Song 2” and “Boys and girls”. When Albarn left Blur he started a computerized band with Jamie Hewlett called Gorillaz. Gorillaz are probably my favourite band and won peoples hearts with songs like “Clint Eastwood”, “19-2000”, “5/4” and “Tomorrow comes today”.
  15. 15. Now R/B, Pop and rap music are popular in our time. The most popular hit at the moment is Psy and his only hit “Gangnam style”. Talk about a good start. Thats his only song!
  16. 16.  Most popular artists of our decade: Taio Cruz Maroon 5 Justin Bieber (unfortunately) Olly Murs Jedward (unfortunately) Rhianna (unfortunatly) Kesha Little Mix The Beatles (still) Nicki Minaj (unfortunatly again) JlS (oh don’t get me started!) Flo Rida
  17. 17.  Kevin Macleod The script Gary Barlow Take that Robbie Williams Coldplay The wanted (mmm their ok) One direction (also not bad)
  18. 18. So to sum up:There has been lots of changes in music since the 30’s. From Pop to the Opera. R/B to Hip Hop, everything has changed.Things changed from the past 80 years but people’s taste changes. I hope you enjoyed this power point.
  19. 19. Thanks for watching Boop!!
  20. 20. BONUS CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. 21. Hyperlinks: Blur live:20 The Beatles don’t let me down live: