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Top 10 artist


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Top 10 artist

  1. 1. Top 10 Pop Artists of All Time (from ‘’)10. Mariah Carey Courtesy Columbia RecordsWith 18 under her belt, Mariah Carey is the only currently recording artist in striking distance of reachingthe Beatles all-time record of 20 #1 pop singles in the US. Her collaboration with Boyz II Men on "OneSweet Day" spent 16 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 which remains a record. Mariah Careys vocalrange and melismatic approach are trademarks that have influenced countless other female vocalists in thepast two decades.Essential Songs "Fantasy" "Vision of Love" "Dreamlover" "We Belong Together" "Hero"9. Stevie Wonder Courtesy MotownStevie Wonder emerged in the early 1960s as a precocious child star with one of the most infectious livehits ever recorded, "Fingertips - Pt. 2." Through the rest of the decade and early 1970s he matured as anartist until he took full artistic control as singer, musician, producer and songwriter. His music rangedacross styles, but usually remained rooted in highly rhythmic textures. The songs are noted for theirpositive outlook even when dealing with difficult social issues. After over 45 years Stevie Wondercontinues to record for his original label Motown.Essential Songs "Superstition" "Sir Duke" "Fingertips - Pt. 2" "If You Really Love Me" "Living for the City"
  2. 2. Top 10 Pop Artists of All Time (from ‘’)8. Michael Jackson Courtesy EpicMichael Jackson, with the possible exception of Elvis Presley, was the epitome of larger than life pop musicfigures. He hit the pop spotlight as a child of 11 in 1969 with his brothers in the group Jackson 5. At theend of the next decade he emerged as a young adult recording artist. Michael Jackson recorded Thriller,the bestselling album of all time, and was the worlds biggest pop star in the late 1980s. Sadly he diedsuddenly at age 50 in 2009.Essential Songs "Billie Jean" "Black or White" "Man in the Mirror" "Dont Stop Til You Get Enough" "You Are Not Alone"7. The Rolling Stones Courtesy Decca RecordsOriginally many saw the Rolling Stones as sort of a scruffy, explicit anti-Beatles. However, through thedecades to come the group developed their own distinctive status as "the worlds greatest rock and rollband." They have been responsible for bringing strong influences of American blues into the popmainstream and remain one of the worlds top live bands.Essential Songs "(I Cant Get No) Satisfaction" "Brown Sugar" "Miss You" "Honky Tonk Women" "Paint It, Black"
  3. 3. Top 10 Pop Artists of All Time (from ‘’)6. Barbra Streisand Courtesy Columbia RecordsBarbra Streisand is the bestselling female album artist of all time in the US. She is also a pioneer amongwomen in filmmaking having become a successful director as well as actor. Her success is particularlynotable, because her primary vocal style remains outside of the pop mainstream yet she has released five#1 pop singles.Essential Songs "The Way We Were" "Woman In Love" "People" "Love Theme from A Star Is Born (Evergreen)" "Stoney End"5. Frank Sinatra Courtesy Reprise RecordsFrank Sinatra is the most successful pop artist at transcending the era of swing and pop standards toremain a recording star after the advent of rock n roll. He first hit Billboard singles charts in 1939. Hislast significant chart hit, "Theme from New York, New York," appeared over 40 years later in 1980 whenhe was 64. Frank Sinatra is the recipient of 11 Grammy Awards as well as an Academy Award for BestSupporting Actor in From Here to Eternity. Frank Sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 82.Essential Songs "Strangers In the Night" "Theme from New York, New York" "My Way" "Love and Marriage" "Somethin Stupid" with Nancy Sinatra
  4. 4. Top 10 Pop Artists of All Time (from ‘’)4. Madonna Courtesy Warner Bros.Madonna has released 37 top 10 pop hits in the US, more than any other artist. She also ranks as the topdance artist of all time. Seven of her albums have debuted at #1 in the US. She is a member of the Rockn Roll Hall of Fame.Essential Songs "Like a Prayer" "Vogue" "Music" "Like a Virgin" "Ray of Light"3. Elton John Courtesy MCAElton John is the foremost piano player in pop music history. He has released over 50 top 40 singlesincluding a phenomenal 38 consecutive top 40 singles from 1972 through 1986. His music could beconsidered definitive of mainstream pop in the 1970s. In recent years Elton John has toured frequentlywith a fellow successful piano playing pop musician, Billy Joel.Essential Songs "Your Song" "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" "Bennie and the Jets" "Daniel" "Philadelphia Freedom"
  5. 5. Top 10 Pop Artists of All Time (from ‘’)2. Elvis Presley Courtesy RCAWithout Elvis Presley, it’s hard to imagine how much of what came after in pop and rock music could havehappened. He brought rock n roll into American living rooms. Elvis Presley became a larger than lifecultural icon. He recorded over 100 pop top 40 hits. Elvis Presley died in 1977 at the age of 42.Essential Songs "Jailhouse Rock" "Suspicious Minds" "Are You Lonesome Tonight" "Heartbreak Hotel" "Dont Be Cruel"1. The Beatles Courtesy EMIThe Beatles are the pop band by which nearly everything else in pop music is matched and measured. Theirinfluence on pop artists that followed their phenomenal single decade career from 1960 to 1970 isunmeasurable. They continue to hold the record for the most #1 pop singles in the US at 20 and are widelyconsidered to be the bestselling album artists of all time. Their influence is still felt so strongly they willrank as one of the top selling album recording act of the decade of the 2000s.Essential Songs "Hey Jude" "Help!" "Get Back" "Come Together" "A Hard Days Night"