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Hepar sulph homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr. Hansaraj salve


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Some important symptoms of hepar sulph you will never see in your whole life. ABDOMEN DISTENDED BY FLATULENCE

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Hepar sulph homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr. Hansaraj salve

  1. 1. HEPAR SULPH Learn Homoeopathic Materia Medica In New Style With Dr.Hansraj Salve
  2. 2. HEPAR SULPHUR Common name – Sulphurate of lime Chemical formulae – Ca S Temperament – Irritable temperament Relation with heat and cold – Chilly Miasm – Psoric Diathesis – Lymphatic and scrofulous diathesis
  3. 3. Diseases where the system has been injured by the abuse of Mercury. In diseases where suppuration seems inevitable
  4. 4. Hepar may open the abscess and hasten the cure
  5. 5.  Oversensitive, physically and mentally  The slightest cause irritates her
  6. 6. Quick, hasty speech and hasty drinking
  7. 7. Patient is peevish, angry at the least trifle
  8. 8.  Extremely sensitive to cold air, imagines he can feel the air if a door is open in the next room  Take cold from slightest exposure to fresh air (Tub.).
  9. 9.  Must be wrapped up to the face even in hot weather (Psor.)  Cannot bear to be uncovered
  10. 10.  Sensation of a splinter, fish bone or plug in the throat
  11. 11. Quinsy means inflammation of the throat, especially an abscess in the region of the tonsils.  Quinsy, when suppuration threatens  Chronic hypertrophy of tonsils with hardness of hearing
  12. 12.  The skin is very sensitive to touch, cannot bear even clothes to touch affected parts.  Pain in Skin affections is intolerable and often causes fainting.
  13. 13.  Ulcers herpes surrounded by little pimples or pustules and spread by coalescing
  14. 14. Middle of lower lip cracked
  15. 15. General characteristic features of Eye:  Eyeballs: sore to touch  Pain as if they would be pulled back into head (Olean., Paris).
  16. 16. General characteristic features of sweat:  Sweats: profusely day and night without relief  Perspiration sour, offensive  Easily, on every mental or physical exertion (Psor., Sep.).
  17. 17. General characteristic features of diarrhoea:  Diarrhoea: of children with sour smell  Clay colored stool
  18. 18. Urine: flow impeded Bladder weak, is unable to finish, seems as if some urine always remains (Alum., Sil.). Is obliged to wait a while before it passes Voided slowly, without force, drops vertically General characteristic features of urine
  19. 19. General modalities Lying on painful side (Kali c., Iod.); Cold air Uncovering Eating or drinking cold things Touching affected parts Abuse of mercury - Warmth in general (Ars.) Wrapping up warmly, especially the head (Psor., Sil In damp, wet weather (Caust., Nux - rev of, Nat. s.). Aggravation. - Amelioration.
  20. 20. Headache Causation: Exposure to cold Suppressed eruptions
  21. 21. Headache Location:  One side of head and temple
  22. 22. Headache character  Pain in head when shaking the head or riding  Boring pain every morning  Constant pressive pain on one side as from plug or nail  Scalp is very sore and sensitive to touch
  23. 23. Headache Concomitant : Vertigo with headache Boils on the head and neck Humid eruptions, feel very sore and foetid odour Itching and burning and sore on scratching
  24. 24. Respiratory disorders Causation:  From cold air and when any part of body is uncovered
  25. 25. Respiratory disorders Character and sensation:  Splinter like sensation in throat as if fish bone or plug is sticking in the throat  The throat is very much sensitive to touch
  26. 26. Respiratory disorders Character of cough:  Dry cough  Deep, rough, barking, dry, croupy cough with chocking, gagging and with great soreness of chest
  27. 27. Character and sensation During cough:  The patient goes on coughing and sweating  There is excessive sweating without relief
  28. 28. Asthma Causation:  After suppressed skin eruption
  29. 29. Asthma Character and sensation:  Difficult breathing with rattling and wheezing sound in the chest  Patient has to take deep breath with threatened sufocation
  30. 30. Respiratory disorders and asthma Modalities: Aggravation : Amelioration: Morning From exposure to dry west wind Cold air Cold drinks Before mid night and towards evening The patient must bend head backward and sit up Warmth Damp wet weather
  31. 31. Skin disorders in hepar sulph: Hepar sulph is excellent remedy for all kinds of skin disorders; whatever may be the name of the disease
  32. 32. Skin disorders Look:  Hepar sulph has unhealthy suppurating skin  Every little injury suppurates
  33. 33. Character and sensation:  The skin eruptions are so sensitive and sore to touch  Patient can not bear even to touch of cloths
  34. 34. Character and sensation: Eczema spreads by means of new pimples appearing just above old ones Boils, abscesses, and papules are prone to suppuration Ulcers are very sensitive to contact; easily bleeding, burning and stinging. Can not bear to be uncovered wants to wrapped up warmly
  35. 35. Things to remember about hepar sulph Skin disorders  Hepar sulph is mainly indicated in where abscesses and boils are suppurating and sensitive  If given in high potency – abort the abscesses  If given in low potency it hastens the suppuration and heals quickly
  36. 36. Skin disorders Modalities: Aggravation : Amelioration: Morning From exposure to dry west wind Cold air Cold drinks Before mid night and towards evening The patient must bend head backward and sit up Warmth Damp wet weather
  37. 37. Comparative study Hepar sulph v/s sulphur Hepar sulph is prepared by mixing calcaria carb and sulphur.
  38. 38.  Its symptoms, how ever, show wide range of variations, in contrast to sulphur.  Both of this are very good remedies for skin affections  Both will have unhealthy skin and eruption suppurates, but more suppuration found in hepar sulph while the severe scratching followed by burning is found in sulphur  Hepar sulph skin is sore and highly sensitive to
  39. 39.  Hepar is aggravated by covering whereas sulphur is relived by it.  Sulphur is aggravated by heat of bed and washing but hepar is relived by hot application and such wants covering always  Discharges of hepar are corroding and smell like old cheese, which is not so in sulphur  Hepar skin sweats profusely without any relief but sulphur skin does not do so  Hepar has splinter like pain while sulphur has
  40. 40. Remedy relationship Complementary: to, Calendula in injuries of soft parts. Hepar antidotes: bad effects of mercury and other metals, iodine, iodide of potash, cod-liver oil; renders patient less susceptable to atmospheric changes and cold air. Compare: The psoric skin affections of Sulphur are dry, itching, > by scratching, and not sensitive to touch; while in Hepar the skin is unhealthy, suppurating, moist, and extremely sensitive to touch.
  41. 41. Get full set of group study of homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr. hansaraj salve + free homoeopathic repertory software supported with Dr.Kent, Dr.Borick and Dr.Allens materia medica Continue reading to know more about group study material…….
  42. 42. Learn 120+ homoeopathic remedies in just 1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading to know more …….
  43. 43. We broadly divide all these remedies in following groups 1. Acid group 2. Ammonium group 3. Baryta group 4. Calcaria group 5. Carbon gropup 6. Ferrum group (iron) 7. Fish group 8. Halogen group 9. Magnesium group 10. Mercury group 11. Metal group 12. Ophidia group 13. Potassium group (Kali) 14. Sodium group (Natrum) 15. Spider group
  44. 44.  There are more than 120+ drugs in homoeopathy are of common origin or common sources with common important and main ingredients of those particular substances with partially similar source of reconstructive energy.  E.g.
  45. 45. Plan and topics covered in homoeopathic materia medica Group study slide show presentation Groups Introduction Important drugs Sphere of action Constitution Mental generals General features Particular complaints Clinical application Remedy relationship Summery and revision Physical makeup Relation with heat and cold (thermal) Related Miasm General characteristic features Characteristics of discharges Characteristics of pains Desire Aversion General modalities
  46. 46. You will find much more in our dedicated slide show work from group remedies, sphere of action to remedy relationship all important topics are covered in our group study of materia medica slide show presentation.
  47. 47. Why every homeopath must learn homoeopathic materia medica group study? Continue reading…
  48. 48. Group study is one of the important and simplest way of study homoeopathic materia medica.
  49. 49. By group study certain unknown aspects of remedies can be known to us or some known character tics can be explained and cleared in its details
  50. 50. Group study is first step to understand each remedy in its entity
  51. 51. The common traits and characteristics are studied together and can be applied as the group characteristics which are also found in the particular or one remedy from that group.
  52. 52. Save lot of time and energy to remember and learn materia medica.
  53. 53. It is always advantageous to learn particular group characteristics and structural elements of the group first and then study group members which can make learning procedure easy and fun and this will help you in easy understanding of similarities and differences between group members and other remedies(comparative study of materia medica).
  54. 54. Various remedies from one group having common and similar characters and are studied together as one group.
  55. 55. In group analysis we study basic constitution (mental and physical make up ) of remedies from that group as well as common tendencies and features of remedies of that group.
  56. 56. Through group study its very easy to deduct the theme of the combination remedy which helps in prescription and finding of simmilimum and evaluation of drug.
  57. 57. Personality profile is most important feature of group study and is derived from human interactions and behavior during normal health and sickness
  58. 58. Group study is to get extract of all common characteristics of the remedies included under that group with common elements
  59. 59. Materia medica is made or based on common origin or common sources and common important and main ingredients of those particular substances.
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  61. 61. Thank you for watching
  62. 62. Thank you for watching Dr.Hansraj salve (BHMS, MDPGD IN X-RAY AND USG TECHNIQUE). Contact no. +91 9404559535 + 91 9404559597 + 91 9404559508 Website – Email – Homoeopathic materia medica slide show presentation by Dr.Hansraj salve