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  1. 1. Proved by Dr. Hahnemann Popularly known as the 'WASHERWOMAN'S REMEDY'   Copyright © 2000-2005. Dr. Jawahar Shah. All rights reserved. Common Name: Cuttle fish
  2. 2. The medicine is prepared from the brownish black juice in the ink bag of the cuttle fish SOURCE
  3. 3. Triturations are prepared from the dried liquid from the ink bag of the cuttle fish 
  4. 4. Suited for Tall,slim, lean females with narrow, male type pelvis, straight from shoulder down all the way
  6. 6. Females with yellow, brown spots on face [butterfly pigmentation]
  7. 7. Suited to children who are easily affected by change of weather [Calc, Phos, Tub] Children who are prone to diarrhoea from boiled milk [Aeth, Calc, Mag-c]
  8. 8. <ul><li>Anger and vexations 3+ </li></ul><ul><li>[Nux-v, Nat-m, Staph] </li></ul><ul><li>Working in water or getting wet 3+ </li></ul><ul><li>[Dulc, Rhus-t, Phos] </li></ul><ul><li>Blows, falls, jars, injury </li></ul><ul><li>[Arn, Led, Rhus-t ] </li></ul>AILMENTS FROM
  9. 9. <ul><li>Over lifting </li></ul><ul><li>Laundry work [Phos] </li></ul><ul><li>Snowy air [Con, Calc, Phos, Sulph] </li></ul><ul><li>Tobacco [Ars, Nux-v, Spig, Tab] </li></ul><ul><li>Boiled milk (diarrhoea), fat, pork </li></ul>AILMENTS FROM
  10. 10. One of the strong features of sepia patient in the mental sphere is the state of affections The person cannot feel natural love he cannot be affectionate
  11. 11. Indifference at all levels… … towards her profession her children even to her own sex
  12. 12. The person says… … I ought to love my children and husband I used to love them but now some how I don’t have those feelings
  13. 13. The love does not go into affection There is lack of realization
  14. 14. A lack of ability to register such affections… the love does not manifest itself into affections
  15. 15. The above state is brought in women after confinement after uterine and other haemorrhages contd
  16. 16. After prolonged indigestion high living with disturbances in circulation pallor and enfeeblement of body and mind contd
  17. 17. After feeding an over vigorous child or feeding twins which drags her down
  18. 18. Complaints coming on in women… who have over vigorous husbands
  19. 19. Excessive sexual excitement and over indulgence brings on coldness and she becomes a cold women
  20. 20. … becomes exactly the opposite The person who was excitable,nervous & fidgety …
  21. 21. Extreme irritability of the mind and tissues
  22. 22. The person has suicidal thoughts mentally he is in a state of excitement
  23. 23. Melancholia with no desire to talk sits and does nothing
  24. 24. Absence of all joys inability to realize that things are real all things seem strange
  25. 25. NO desire for delightful things in life Feels life has got nothing for her
  26. 26. You will seldom see Sepia indicated in the face that shows sharp lines of intellect who has been thinking for along time one who has will and intellect
  27. 27. The Sepia patient is rather dull and stupid looking Thinks slowly , forgetful, dullness of intellect - striking feature of sepia
  28. 28. Face is puffed round with absence of lines of intellect
  29. 29. At one moment will be weeping mild & yielding next moment will be disagreeable obstinate and excited Sepia has a Hysterical diathesis
  30. 30. Atmosphere full of figures not seen but knows they are there especially departed friends and other forms in accordance with religious beliefs Has marked fear of ghosts
  31. 31. Fear of poverty and of starvation Full of fears and forebodings Feels something unusual will happen
  32. 32. These are the chronic manifestations of Psora and Sycosis
  33. 33. Has an aversion to be in company and yet dreads to be alone
  34. 34. Sepia produces Progressive emaciation of the body Skin becomes wrinkled person starts looking prematurely old
  35. 35. Spiteful when in company vents up her spite on her loved ones
  36. 36. Contradiction aggravates+5 Sepia lady permits no opposition to her opinions What I say is right..
  37. 37. Sepia females are sad depressed irritable at small matters Easily angered individuals Slightest contradiction or consolation worsens their mental condition MENTAL PICTURE OF SEPIA
  38. 38. They weep without a cause and always dwell on the past disagreeable events. These females over the years, develop an aversion to coition due to over indulgence.
  39. 39. In later stages of life they become indifferent to every thing around to their own family and loved ones
  40. 40. They keep working all the time because that is the only thing that makes her feel better
  41. 41. Indifference runs thro the whole drug [ Alum, Chin, Nat-c, Nat-m, Staph ]   Aversion to family [nat-c, phos] to those loved best, to sympathy, to company, yet dreads to be alone [Nat-c]
  42. 42. Indifference alternates with irritability Irritability at trifles [Alum, Graph, Lyc, Plat]
  43. 43. Easily Angered [Lyc, Nux-v, Staph] Cannot Control Anger Shrieking At Children Anger From Contradiction [Aur, Ign, Nat-m, Lyc, Staph]
  44. 44. Cannot be consoled [Nat-m, Nat-c, Staph] Will lash out with cutting accurate sarcastic hurtful words then is followed by remorse
  45. 45. Sad ,depressed, dwells on past disagreeable events [Ign, Nat-m]   Weeps without cause [Nat-m, Nat-c, Puls]
  46. 46. <ul><li>Cold air 3+ </li></ul><ul><li>[Ars, Nux-v, Hep, Sil] </li></ul><ul><li>Sexual excess +2 </li></ul><ul><li>[Agar, Con, Phos, Staph] </li></ul><ul><li>Pregnancy +2 </li></ul><ul><li>[Nat-m ,Phos, Puls, Actea, Kali-c] </li></ul>MODALITIES Worse
  47. 47. <ul><li>Snowy air </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Snowfall </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Getting wet </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Coitus </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Before menses </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>Worse
  48. 48. Worse Mental labour [Aur, Calc, Nat-m, Nat-c, Lyc, Glon, Sil] Better External Pressure Continued hard motion [Rhus-t]
  49. 49. Violent motion +3 [Ars, Brom, Sul-ac, Rhus-t] Warmth +2 , of bed [Ars, Kali-c, Hep, Nux-v, Tub, Sil] BETTER
  50. 50. Cold drinks, Cold bath [Lach, Phos] Open air [Puls] Crossing or drawing limbs up [Lil-t, Murx] BETTER
  51. 51. Upward direction of symptoms [Brom] Pains from vagina, rectum, anus ascend upwards   LEADING INDICATIONS
  52. 52. Flushes of heat sensations go upwards Cold Ascends
  53. 53. Pains from other parts of body extend and settle at small of back attended with shuddering +3 [Chin, Ip, Sil]
  54. 54. Tendency to faint easily +3 [ Acon, Cocc, Dig, Ip, Ign, Lach, Verat ]   Kneeling at church Riding in carriage Exertion After getting wet Extremes of heat & cold while
  55. 55. RELAXATION All internal organs are in a state of relaxation +3 attended with sensation as if everything would come out of vulva [Lil-t, Lac-c, Murx]
  56. 56. Patient has to sit with legs crossed +5
  57. 57. Sepia will cure Prolapse of Uterus when above symptoms match
  58. 58. Relaxed and pendulous abdomen Relaxed and protruded piles Relaxed and tortuous varicose veins
  59. 59. Empty all gone sensation in abdomen not > by eating [Cina, Ign, Mur-ac] 
  60. 60. Yellowness or yellowish discoloration [Chel, Chin, Dig, Phos] Yellow saddle across the nose [Chel, Lyc, Sulph]
  61. 61. Yellow butterfly pigmentation on face Yellow Tinge on skin (Jaundice) Yellow discharges which are thick
  62. 62. Offensiveness of all discharges [Ars, Lach, Nat-c] is a very important feature of sepia Highly offensive sweat of axillae Offensive odor from mouth
  63. 63. Highly offensive urine must be removed from the room Offensive flatus and stool
  64. 64. Patchy Coldness Cold sensation between shoulder blades Cold extremities during fever Cold vertex Hands cold & feet hot or vice versa
  65. 65. Ball like sensation in inner parts of the body [Ign, Hep, Lach] - Feels as if sitting on a ball - Ball like sensation in anus not > by stool - Ball like sensation in urethra
  66. 66. Thick, milky white discharges are very characteristic [Ph-ac, Puls] Induration and hardness of the affected parts [Con, Brom, Phyt]
  67. 67. Consolation aggravates [aur, nat-m, ign, staph] Occupation ameliorates [ign, lil-t, nat-c, nux-v]
  68. 68. One of leading remedies in headache At the Menstrual nisus +2 [ bell, glon, graph, lyc, kreos, nat-m ] with scanty flow +2
  69. 69. Colds ascending from chest Post nasal discharges [Hydr, Kali-bi, Nat-m, Nat-c] RESPIRATORY COMPLAINTS
  70. 70. Dry, fatiguing cough , as if coming from stomach, with foul sputum Dyspnoea < after sleep > rapid motion or dancing [Lob]
  71. 71. One of the leading remedies in female complaints In females who have borne multiple children
  72. 72. Important for all sorts of Disorders in Females at Mental as well as Physical Level
  73. 73. VAGINA Dry after menses [Lyc, nat-m] Painful coitus [Arg-n, Nat-m, Plat]
  74. 74. Suffers from stitching pains which go upwards from vagina to uterus to abdomen A A A A A h
  75. 75. Leucorrhoea Milky white or curd like or yellowish, offensive, acrid 2+ causing excoriation < Before menses [Calc ,Phos, Puls] or with amenorrhoea  
  76. 76. Bearing down sensation as if everything would escape from vulva [Murx, Lil-t] Must cross the legs to prevent protrusion [Murx, Lig-t] > pressing the vulva UTERUS
  77. 77. Tenderness in hypogastric region Sinking feeling in abdomen > by eating ineffectual urge to pass urine Tumors and fibroids CONCOMITANT
  78. 78. Too late, too scanty or too early and too profuse or appears only in morning or lasts only for one day MENSES
  79. 79. Coated Tongue except during menses Faintness [Ip] Chilliness [Nat-m] Headache [Nat-m] CONCOMITANT
  80. 80. Abortion at the 5 th or 7 th month [ 3 rd month – Actea, Kali-c, Last month- Op ] Morning sickness PREGNANCY
  81. 81. Nausea and vomiting of milky fluid < smell of cooking food [Colch] Milk makes her deathly sick 
  82. 82. Labour pains attended with shuddering Usually malposition of foetus due to poor tone of Uterus [Caul, Puls] LABOUR
  83. 83. Flushes of heat [Lach, Graph, Sulph] going upward Hot flushes with chilliness Hot hands & cold feet or vice versa tumours of breast MENOPAUSE
  84. 84. Painful coitus +3 Aversion to coitus due to overindulgence [Due to dryness of vagina –Nat-m, Due to spasms –Plat] Sterility- due to repeated abortions at 5 th and 7th months SEXUAL SPHERE
  85. 85. Desires vinegar [Hep] acid, pickles, sour [Acon, Hep, verat] Sweets [Arg-n, Kali-c, Lyc, Sulph] Bread [Ferr, Mag-c, Nat-m, Puls] Salt G.I.T
  86. 86. Meat , fat, [Chin, Petr, Puls] Milk [Aeth, Nat-c,] which causes diarrhoea AVERSION
  87. 87. Sensation of emptiness +2 , all gone feeling in epigastrium not better by eating Nausea and vomiting at smell or sight [Colch, Ars] and even thought of food Nausea < lying on side, tobacco smoking
  88. 88. Pendulous abdomen Liver sore and painful Bearing down feeling in hypogastria > holding it or crossing leg [Lil-t, Murx]
  89. 89. Constipation due to generalized relaxation bowels loose their ability to expel their contents patient is always constipated
  90. 90. Sensation of a ball in rectum Constipation. Stool has to be removed mechanically [Calc, Sil, Thuj] Constipation during pregnancy [Calc, Coll, Ratn]
  91. 91. Stools large hard, pain in rectum during, and long after stool (Nit-ac, Sulph) Diarrhoea-infantile, greenish from boiled milk [Abrot ,Calc, Mag-c, Nat-c]
  92. 92. Thick foul urine +3 [Arn, Benz-ac,Nit-ac] adherent +3 red sandy sediment +3 [Lyc] Nocturnal enuresis always during first sleep [Caust, Kreos, Ph-ac] URINARY SYSTEM
  93. 93. Involuntary urination on coughing, sneezing, laughing, fright or inattention [Caust, Nux-v, Nat-m, Puls]
  94. 94. All pains converge on back Weakness in small of back Aching coldness between shoulder or in lumbar region BACK
  95. 95. < stooping, kneeling > eructations, pressing back against something hard BACK
  96. 96. Herpes circinatus in isolated spots on upper part of body Blotched, raw, rough, cracked skin in flexures Itching of various parts not better by scratching SKIN
  97. 97. Ulcers on small joints especially finger Ringworms,Tinea, Warts, Varices, Psoriasis. SKIN
  98. 98. <ul><li>Anaemia </li></ul><ul><li>Chronic fatigue syndrome </li></ul><ul><li>Constipation </li></ul><ul><li>Cough </li></ul>CLINICAL
  99. 99. <ul><li>Cystitis </li></ul><ul><li>Depression </li></ul><ul><li>Dyspareunia </li></ul><ul><li>Endometriosis </li></ul><ul><li>Enuresis </li></ul>
  100. 100. <ul><li>Gastritis </li></ul><ul><li>Herpes </li></ul><ul><li>Hirsuitism </li></ul><ul><li>Leucorrhoea </li></ul>
  101. 101. <ul><li>Lumbago </li></ul><ul><li>Menopause </li></ul><ul><li>Miscarriage </li></ul><ul><li>Nausea of pregnancy </li></ul>
  102. 102. <ul><li>Pelvic inflammatory disease </li></ul><ul><li>Peptic ulcer </li></ul><ul><li>Premenstrual syndrome </li></ul><ul><li>Prostatitis </li></ul>
  103. 103. <ul><li>Pruritus ani </li></ul><ul><li>Psoriasis </li></ul><ul><li>Rectal fissure </li></ul><ul><li>Sexual dysfunction </li></ul>
  104. 104. <ul><li>Stress incontinence </li></ul><ul><li>Uterine prolapse </li></ul><ul><li>Vaginitis </li></ul><ul><li>Varices </li></ul><ul><li>Warts etc. </li></ul>
  105. 105. Sepia a treasure in sinusitis - Dr. Elizabeth Hubbord  
  106. 106. Sensation as if foetus in uterus, stopped moving inside the uterus, give Sepia 1M - Dr. Knerr  
  107. 107. Whenever you get head nodding child, think of the possibility of Sepia - Dr. Borland  
  108. 108. The best remedy we have for small ulcers about the joints of finger in Sepia - Dr. Farrington  
  109. 109. History of bed wetting in early life is good point to Sepia - Dr. T. Douglas Rose