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Let’s buy stocks!


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Let’s buy stocks!

  1. 1. Let’s buy stocks!
  2. 2. Stock market
  3. 3. Short selling stock When you short sell a stock, you are thinking that the stock will go down in price.
  4. 4. Buying stocks is gambling
  5. 5. Some stocks give “dividends”
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Know your company’s stock symbol
  8. 8. diversify• You should buy more than one stock.• This will lower your risk of losing money.
  9. 9. gold
  10. 10. commission• You must pay $19.99 every time you buy or sell a stock• So when you buy, you should buy many shares at the same time
  11. 11. Ticker symbol• KFC (YUM) Microsoft (MSFT)• Apple (AAPL) Coca Cola (KO)• Honda (HMC) Google (GOOG)• Toyota (TM) Facebook (FB)• Gold (GLD) Vanguard Dividend (VIG)• Disney (DIS) Thai fund (TTF)• Sony (SNE) Thai Capital (TF)• Nokia (NOK) Thai Oil (TOIPF)• Ishares Thailand (THD) Airports of Thailand (AIPUF) DSG Thailand (DSGLF)
  12. 12. Mutual fund• When you buy a mutual fund, you are buying many stocks at the same time.• This is a safer investment than buying one stock but it probably won’t go up sharply.
  13. 13. Stock market simulation You have $100,000! Choose your companies well.