Are You A Twihard Game


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This presentation was used at a pre-release party for Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn.

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Are You A Twihard Game

  1. 1. Are You a Twihard? <ul><li>Round 1: </li></ul><ul><li>Twilight </li></ul>
  2. 2. Welcome to Forks The Cullens Bella’s Life Edward A Budding Romance The Hunt Go to Round 2
  3. 3. Welcome to Forks 100 Mike OR Eric (Twilight, pg 55) Home Name one of the two boys initially interested in Bella.
  4. 4. Welcome to Forks 200 Port Angeles (Twilight, pg 150) Home In which town did the girls buy dresses for the first dance?
  5. 5. Welcome to Forks 300 Tyler Crowley (Twilight, pg 56) Home Who drove the van that almost hit Bella?
  6. 6. Welcome to Forks 400 Rachel and Rebecca (Twilight, pg 119) Home Name Jacob’s two older sisters.
  7. 7. Welcome to Forks 500 Olympic Outfitter (Twilight, pg 113) Home What was the name of the store Mike’s family owned?
  8. 8. The Cullens 100 The ability to manipulate other’s emotions (Twilight, pg 308) Home What special vampire ability does Jasper have?
  9. 9. The Cullens 200 In an insane asylum (Twilight, pg 448) Home Where had Alice lived before becoming a vampire?
  10. 10. The Cullens 300 London (Twilight, pg 331) Home Where was Carlisle born?
  11. 11. The Cullens 400 Grizzly Bears (Twilight, pg 215) Home What is Emmett’s favorite animal to hunt?
  12. 12. The Cullens 500 Her baby had died (Twilight, pg 368) Home Why had Esme jumped off a cliff in an attempt to kill herself?
  13. 13. Bella’s Life 100 Charlie and Renee (Twilight, pg 6) Home What are Bella’s parents’ names?
  14. 14. Bella’s Life 200 Her hand (Twilight, pg 454) Home Where on Bella’s body did James bite?
  15. 15. Bella’s Life 300 A bookstore (Twilight, pg 157) Home What was Bella looking for when she got lost in Port Angeles?
  16. 16. Bella’s Life 400 The Jacksonville Suns (Twilight, pg 466) Home To which baseball team did Phil get signed?
  17. 17. Bella’s Life 500 Rust and Salt (Twilight, pg 100) Home What two things did Bella say blood smelled like?
  18. 18. Edward 100 17 years old (Twilight, pg 287) Home How old was Edward when he became a vampire?
  19. 19. Edward 200 Blood Typing (Twilight, pg 95) Home What Biology lesson did Edward purposely skip?
  20. 20. Edward 300 1901 (Twilight, pg 287) Home In which year was Edward born?
  21. 21. Edward 400 Chicago (Twilight, pg 287) Home In which city was Edward born?
  22. 22. Edward 500 Spanish Influenza (Twilight, pg 287) Home What disease was Edward dying form when Carlisle turned him into a vampire?
  23. 23. A Budding Romance 100 His skin in the sunlight (Twilight, pg 260) Home What did Edward show Bella when they went hiking to the meadow?
  24. 24. A Budding Romance 200 Biology II (Twilight, pg 23) Home In which class did Bella first meet Edward?
  25. 25. A Budding Romance 300 Jacob Black (Twilight, pg 489) Home Who cut in with Bella and Edward at the Prom?
  26. 26. A Budding Romance 400 Bruce Wayne OR Peter Parker (Twilight, pg 89) Home When Edward first asked Bella what she though he might be, two names came to her mind. Name on of her guesses.
  27. 27. A Budding Romance 500 La Bella Italia (Twilight, pg 165) Home What was the restaurant Edward and Bella visited on their first date?
  28. 28. The Hunt 100 A ballet studio (Twilight, pg 419) Home When hiding at the hotel in Phoenix, what type of room did Alice see in her first vision?
  29. 29. The Hunt 200 Laurent, Victoria, and James (Twilight, pg 377) Home Name the three vampires that interrupted the Cullen’s baseball game.
  30. 30. The Hunt 300 Through the bathroom (Twilight, pg 438) Home How did Bella escape from Jasper at the airport?
  31. 31. The Hunt 400 “ Closed for Spring Break” (Twilight, pg 443) Home What did the pink paper on the dance studio’s door state?
  32. 32. The Hunt 500 It was burnt down (Twilight, pg 469) Home What happened to the dance studio where James was killed?
  33. 33. Are You a Twihard? <ul><li>Round 2: </li></ul><ul><li>New Moon </li></ul>
  34. 34. Bella’s Birthday Cullen Life Bella Copes Jacob Black Italian Voyage Wild Card Go to Round 3
  35. 35. Bella’s Birthday 100 Isabella Marie Swan (New Moon, pg 507) Home What is Bella’s full name?
  36. 36. Bella’s Birthday 200 September 13 (New Moon, pg 6) Home When is Bella’s Birthday?
  37. 37. Bella’s Birthday 300 Her paper cut (New Moon, pg 29) Home What ruined Bella’s 18 th birthday party?
  38. 38. Bella’s Birthday 400 Elizabeth Masen (New Moon, pg 39) Home While stitching her up, Carlisle told Bella more of Edward’s history. What was Edward’s mother’s name?
  39. 39. Bella’s Birthday 500 Plane tickets to Jacksonville (New Moon, pg 48) Home What did Carlisle and Esme give Bella for her birthday?
  40. 40. Cullen Life 100 L.A. (New Moon, pg 82) Home When the Cullens life Forks, where did Carlisle tell the hospital they were moving?
  41. 41. Cullen Life 200 Edward and Rosalie (New Moon, pg 533-534) Home When the Cullen family voted whether or not to turn Bella into a vampire, which two family members voted “no”?
  42. 42. Cullen Life 300 Esme hadn’t liked L.A. (New Moon, pg 548) Home What reason did the Cullen family give for their return to Forks?
  43. 43. Cullen Life 400 Mary Alice Brandon (New Moon, pg 400) Home What was Alice’s full name before she became a vampire?
  44. 44. Cullen Life 500 Africa (New Moon, pg 23) Home Where did Emmett and Rosalie go after graduating from Forks High School?
  45. 45. Bella Copes 100 A motorcycle (New Moon, pg 127) Home What did Bella offer to buy from the Marks family?
  46. 46. Bella Copes 200 Cliff Diving (New Moon, pg 170) Home What dangerous activity did Bella witness as she was driving to her first motorcycle lesson?
  47. 47. Bella Copes 300 Jacob (New Moon, pg 364) Home Who drags Bella from the water after her cliff dive?
  48. 48. Bella Copes 400 Laurent (New Moon, pg 236) Home When Bella returns to the meadow after Edward left her, who does she meet there?
  49. 49. Bella Copes 500 Bella’s was red; Jacob’s was black (New Moon, pg 169) Home What colors were Bella and Jacob’s motorcycles?
  50. 50. Jacob Black 100 He turns into a wolf. (New Moon, pg 312) Home What happens when Jacob Black get mad?
  51. 51. Jacob Black 200 Bloodsuckers (New Moon, pg 550) Home What did Jacob call the vampires?
  52. 52. Jacob Black 300 The Protectors (New Moon, pg 309) Home What did Jacob’s wolf pack call themselves?
  53. 53. Jacob Black 400 Her motorcycle (New Moon, pg 553) Home What did Jacob give Charlie that got Bella grounded?
  54. 54. Jacob Black 500 Mono (New Moon, pg 226) Home When Jacob first went through his transformation and couldn’t have visitors, what illness did Billy tell people Jacob was suffering from?
  55. 55. Italian Voyage 100 The Volturi (New Moon, pg 19) Home Name the Italian vampire family that acts as head of the vampires.
  56. 56. Italian Voyage 200 Volterra (New Moon, pg 431) Home Name the Italian city where the Volturi live.
  57. 57. Italian Voyage 300 A yellow Porsche (New Moon, pg#) Home What type of car did Alice steal at the airport in Florence?
  58. 58. Italian Voyage 400 He had to actually touch the person AND/OR He could read everything the person ever thought. (New Moon, pg 469) Home Name one of the ways Aro’s mind-reading power differed from Edward’s.
  59. 59. Italian Voyage 500 Saint Marcus Day (New Moon, pg 440) Home What holiday was the town of Volterra celebrating the day Alice and Bella arrived?
  60. 60. Wild Card 100 Herself as an old woman (New Moon, pg 6) Home When Bella thought she was dreaming of her grandmother, who was she actually dreaming about?
  61. 61. Wild Card 200 He was tracking Victoria (New Moon, pg 515) Home What did Edward do while he and Bella were not together?
  62. 62. Wild Card 300 Jane (New Moon, pg 475) Home Which vampire had the ability to mentally inflict pain?
  63. 63. Wild Card 400 Cornell University (New Moon, pg 400) Home Where did Carlisle teach upon leaving Forks?
  64. 64. Wild Card 500 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit (New Moon, pg 133) Home What type of car was Jacob fixing?
  65. 65. Are You a Twihard? <ul><li>Round 3: </li></ul><ul><li>Eclipse </li></ul>
  66. 66. The Quileutes Cullen History Jacob Edward Graduation The Battle for Bella Go to the Final Question
  67. 67. The Quileutes 100 Leah Clearwater (Eclipse, pg 416) Home Who became the only female werewolf?
  68. 68. The Quileutes 200 2 years old (Eclipse, pg 175) Home How old was Claire, the girl for whom Quil imprinted and chose as his soul mate?
  69. 69. The Quileutes 300 Stabbed herself (Eclipse, pg 258) Home What did Taha Aki’s third wife do when the tribe was confronted by a vampire?
  70. 70. The Quileutes 400 Ephraim Black (Eclipse, pg 259) Home Name the Quileute chief who made the treaty with the Cullen family.
  71. 71. The Quileutes 500 The ability to leave their bodies (Eclipse, pg 245) Home What ability did spirit warriors have?
  72. 72. Cullen Family History 100 She was jealous of Edward’s attention towards Bella (Eclipse, pg 165) Home Why did Rosalie first hate Bella?
  73. 73. Cullen Family History 200 Houston, TX (Eclipse, pg 292) Home Where was Jasper originally from?
  74. 74. Cullen Family History 300 She had a husband and child – a normal life (Eclipse, pg 156) Home Why had Rosalie been jealous of her friend Vera?
  75. 75. Cullen Family History 400 A diner in Philadelphia (Eclipse, pg 301) Home Where did Alice and Jasper first meet?
  76. 76. Cullen Family History 500 The King family (Eclipse, pg 156) Home Who did Rosalie say was the royal family of Rochester?
  77. 77. Jacob 100 Second in command (Eclipse, pg 482) Home What was Jacob’s rank in the pack?
  78. 78. Jacob 200 She broke her hand hitting him (Eclipse, pg 343) Home What happened when Bella tried to stop Jacob from kissing her?
  79. 79. Jacob 300 He used his body heat to keep her warm (Eclipse, pg 491) Home How did Jacob help Bella survive her night in the tent?
  80. 80. Jacob 400 A silver bracelet with a wooden wolf charm (Eclipse, pg 374) Home What did Jacob give Bella as a graduation present?
  81. 81. Jacob 500 A kiss from Bella (Eclipse, pg 525) Home What did Jacob demand of Bella to guarantee that he wouldn’t allow himself to be killed during the battle?
  82. 82. Edward 100 Trying to leave Bella (Eclipse, pg 501) Home What does Edward consider the biggest mistake of his life?
  83. 83. Edward 200 Marriage OR more time (Eclipse, pg 94) Home What condition did Edward require before he made Bella a vampire?
  84. 84. Edward 300 His mother’s heart-shaped crystal AND his mother’s wedding ring (Eclipse, pg 438) Home Name the two “hand-me-down” gifts Edward gave Bella.
  85. 85. Edward 400 Renee’s house in Florida (Eclipse, pg 49) Home Where did Edward and Bella go instead of attending their senior prom?
  86. 86. Edward 500 Arm wrestle Emmett (Eclipse, pg 317) Home What does Edward ask Bella to do once she becomes a newborn vampire and is stronger than the other Cullens?
  87. 87. Graduation 100 Lights (Eclipse, pg 364) Home What did Alice wrap around the trees lining the Cullen’s drive on the day of Bella’s graduation party?
  88. 88. Graduation 200 Renee and Phil (Eclipse, pg 314) Home Which guests called saying they couldn’t make it to Bella’s graduation party?
  89. 89. Graduation 300 Yellow (Eclipse, pg 351) Home What color were the Forks High School’s graduation gowns?
  90. 90. Graduation 400 Eric (Eclipse, pg 353) Home Who was valedictorian of Bella’s class?
  91. 91. Graduation 500 The Lodge (Eclipse, pg 359) Home Where did Bella and Charlie eat after her graduation?
  92. 92. The Battle for Bella 100 Seth Clearwater (Eclipse, pg 516) Home Which werewolf stayed with Edward and Bella during the battle?
  93. 93. The Battle for Bella 200 Their 10 best nights (Eclipse, pg 512) Home What did Edward and Bella talk about after Jacob left the tent that caused Jacob to howl in pain?
  94. 94. The Battle for Bella 300 Jacob (Eclipse, pg 599) Home Who did Bella see as her natural soul mate?
  95. 95. The Battle for Bella 400 Riley (Eclipse, pg 543) Home Name the blonde vampire who accompanied Victoria to the campsite.
  96. 96. The Battle for Bella 500 Bree (Eclipse, pg 574) Home Name the newborn vampire that surrendered to the Cullen family.
  97. 97. The Final Question… <ul><li>What will happen in Breaking Dawn? </li></ul><ul><li>Whom will Bella choose? </li></ul><ul><li>Will she become a vampire? </li></ul><ul><li>Other predictions? </li></ul>