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Artist Scales Pdf


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Please Download this and fill it out all artists involved.

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Artist Scales Pdf

  1. 1. Scales of the Cosmos Gallery Exhibit: Information and Disclaimer form Curator: Corey Koberna !!! Important Information !!! Location: The church, located on the corner of West Duffy and Barnard near Forsyth Park. It was built in 1889 and for many years served as St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church. The church is now being renovated into apartments, and our gallery space will be the front area that has not been fully renovated yet. It provides one large rectangular space, a couple smaller rooms, and a second floor balcony. If you would like to utilize the architecture of the building in some way (lights, installation, etc.) let me know. We have the building from now up until the opening weekend so we can work on the gallery space as a whole over this course of time. Date: Friday February 19th(Niche, a local band, may be playing) Saturday February 20th(Main gallery day) Sunday February 21st. Time: 8pm Gallery Thesis: The purpose of this exhibit is to display the scales of the cosmos in a way that will allow human beings to broaden their perspective. Humanity as we know it is not very open in terms of possibilities, ideas and perspectives. We will use the scales of the cosmos to display the things of the grandest of scales with things of a variety of scales to show humanity where we stand. We view time in such a specific way that makes earth feel like heaven. If you were to view time at a larger or smaller scale you may observe chaos. Please research to back up anything you want to say but the sky is the limit. There are no limits on subject matter. Spirituality, Science, Reality etc. are all fair game. You can explain why we exist or why we do not. Remember that the purpose of this is to open the minds of others and their perception of the world around them. Personal thesis: Please make sure you write a small mini thesis on your work for the viewer relating it to the gallery. Mad Bank: Your piece must have a price. It may or may not get sold but please make the price reasonable. There is a small $5.00 admission fee for each piece you submit. This fee will go towards setting up the gallery and any left over money will go to the owner who has so generously offered to let us use the space for free. If the work is sold, 10% of the sale will go towards the Scales of the Cosmos Gallery Collective for possible prize reward. If you would like to provide more than $5 with your work to help with expenses, feel free  Next meeting: The next meeting will be held at the gallery location (church on Duffy & Barnard) Friday Feb. 5th, 2010
  2. 2. Artist Disclaimer and Release Form Name of Artist: Address: City: State: Country: Zip or Postal Code: Email: Phone: College: College Major/Minor: Web site of Artist: Inventory of Artwork for display: Artist Release Agreement The Artist identified below ("Artist") seeks to display the artwork identified below at the gallery located at the Church on Duffy and Barnard and Scales of the Cosmos Web site (the "Gallery") operated by Corey J Koberna. He reserves the right to select a piece of artwork to be displayed on the home page of the web site. He also has the right to change an image size if the image does not fit into the gallery and slideshow view standards. The artist warrants and represents that he or she is the sole legal owner of all right, title and interest in all artwork, including all related intellectual property interests such as trademarks and the sole and exclusive copyright in all artwork, and has the full right and authority to enter this agreement and grant the rights granted in this Agreement. The Artist gives their permission to display the art in the gallery. (This is all basically just saying that you are giving me permission to display your work under my curator name, and I am allowed to suggest change upon the work under my discretion. I will not alter your work without consulting you, but I do have the right to choose what is displayed. I’m sure there won’t be any issues with this since it is a collaborative effort and everyone’s opinion matters in important display decisions) _______________________ ___________________ Artist's Signature Date _______________________ Artist’s Printed Name