Shannon and Karla October 2010


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Shannon and Karla October 2010

  1. 1. Two hearts, two minds, in time did find one love, one aim two paths the same. Hold fast. . . and love will last.... Shannon Karla
  2. 2. April 25th,1982 A boy by the name of Shannon Bonnot was born in Mono Village , Sonora.
  3. 3. His first Thanksgiving, enjoying a turkey leg mmm!!!
  4. 4. Shannon enjoyed spending quality time with Mom.
  5. 5. Since then, he loved! being the center of attention…
  6. 6. And it didn’t end there…Shannon wasn’t sure he liked Clowns… They weren’t funny enough. In fact, they were scary!
  7. 7. At a young age, Shannon was very careful about his appearance . His job was looking sexy for the ladies.
  8. 8. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s my Kryptonite!!!.. We guess he knew something special happened that day when he turned 3 years old. Somewhere, the little girl who would turn out to be the love of his life was born…
  9. 9. April 25th 1985 A Star named Karla Ruotolo was born at 7:30 in the morning in Beverly Hills, California
  10. 10. Must be said… she ruined her mother’s birthday celebration. To top it off…She came home crazy and crying 24/7
  11. 11. One of her big accomplishments? She stood up by herself and started walking when she was 11 months …Wow! I know!
  12. 12. She then, turned One… Where’s my cake bitches!
  13. 13. At this point, Shannon wondered… How far is Argentina? I think I have to look for a crazy Argentinean girl… One that’s just my type”
  14. 14. Meanwhile…Karla celebrated her 2nd birthday and…yes… She wasn’t a fan of clowns, either… coincidence? I think not…
  15. 15. That cutie on the left… Yup! Its SHANNON! He was turning five years old…. And ready to celebrate!!!
  16. 16. At age 3? Karla had her first night out with a boy. Lucas was nice… but he was also her cousin… So she moved on…
  17. 17. Are you looking for me?
  18. 18. Karla thought that being born in L.A. could boost her singing career… She wasn’t successful. Only her mom found her charming…
  19. 19. Time flew… At 18, she simply said “Mom, Dad… It’s time to move out!!! See ya…”
  20. 20. In 2003, they met... They had friends in common and got along just fine… They became friends… Destiny, made them Best Friends…
  21. 21. They had so much fun together dancing the night away… Many…MANY times!
  22. 22. Years later… different feelings began to grow… They had yet to figure out what they meant.
  23. 23. Make up your mind!!! Well… I don’t know… I’m not sure…
  24. 24. Is this the crazy Mmmm… I ‘m Argentinean I not sure what am looking for? to do with this…
  25. 25. are blind!!! Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener!
  26. 26. So...without trying… their love felt right… and real. Cheesy I know… But they went with it…
  27. 27. It was then when the crazy Argentinean and the stubborn Irish shared their true feelings with everyone they knew.
  28. 28. Soon… they were all talking about it.
  29. 29. And their love story began…
  30. 30. Then…Shannon ”Met the parents” Oh Wow! What am I getting myself into!
  31. 31. On their trip to Hawaii last October, Shannon proposed to the love of his life..
  32. 32. The rest is History