Social engineering, new social movements by //disruptiVesemiOtics//


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Social engineering, new social movements by //disruptiVesemiOtics//

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Social engineering, new social movements by //disruptiVesemiOtics//

  1. 1. Branding social movements, social collectives and social engineers Check out herebelow my latest communication with the European Union (yes, that hyperreal facade that has as much to do with European nation-states as the Clingons with the Clintons) EU's answer first, followed by my latest mail (in a row) ANSWER Dear Mr Rossolatos, Thank you for your message. As an information service of the EU, EUROPE DIRECT can only provide citizens and businesses with answers to questions of a general nature about the EU. We are therefore not in a position to help you further with regard to the issue referred in your message. As the general information service of the EU, we have already provided you with all the information available to the best of our knowledge. Unless you have any new questions about the EU, we regret to inform you that we will cease replying to your enquiries. We remain at your disposal for any other enquiries you may have about the European Union. With kind regards, EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre - your shortcut to the EU! Disclaimer Please note that the information provided by EUROPE DIRECT is not legally binding MY LATEST MAIL Dear Anonymous Responder, Unless you have given serious consideration to the allegations that I put forward in my previous email, THIS IS NOT A MATTER THAT FALLS UNDER NATIONAL AUTHORITIES, since the INDIRECT PERPETRATOR who orchestrates the alleged activities that partake of the wider ‘silent massacre’ phenomenon or premeditated murder through multiple acts involving multiple direct perpetrators in an organized power mechanism involving public and
  2. 2. private alliances (cf. the lengthy analysis that I brought to the attention of the ECHR on Sep 20th 2010 which may be retrieved from ide_to_freemasonry_and_agenda_21 ) IS NATIONAL AUTHORITIES. Hence, it would be quite self-defeating and oxymoronic to bring to the attention of the orchestrator of such activities the content of the perpetration acts, as well as the mode of their perpetration. In addition, given that the concerned crime (at least as regards formal aspects of actus reus) is novel and capable of being deployed as such by virtue of the control of surveillance technologies by the police and the secret services (e.g., Echelon, Haarp), it has passed largely unnoticed from public view and scrutiny, even though select individuals and concerned groups across Europe, such as , have mobilized sufficient resources with view to publicizing this novel method of extinction. Despite the fact that in the U.S. there have been by now several attempts at bringing this novel form of attempted murder to the attention of the judiciary, by virtue of the legislature’s demand for concrete evidence beyond reasonable doubt, the majority of such attempts have been fruitless, yet not at all futile as the particular mode of perpetration of the alleged crimes has been common across discrete cases on a global scale which legitimates us to lay claim to a sort of crime by uniform design. You may find ample cases that fall under this general design in my blog and particularly in the address 11.html , but also spread allover the Web. Surely the EU should at least be concerned in the face of such massively voiced allegations which could not in the least be attributed to some sort of mass illusion, save for mass disillusionment in the face of the local state mechanisms that orchestrate such atrocities which are tantamount to crimes against humanity perpetrated in times of war (which is why I also filed my lawsuit with the ICC, over and above the ECHR). By the same token that the EU proceeded with investigating the impact of Echelon espionage on the European economy, while bypassing ‘local authorities’, it is your duty to investigate the alleged state-centered surveillance, illicit control and harassment allegations that are uniformly put forward by concerned individuals across Europe including myself. As regards recourse to lawyers, I have attempted it the past but without much success as most of them are reluctant to get involved in this delicate matter which may jeopardize their very existence. Finally, as regards the exhaustion of local means prior to seeking recourse to the ECHR, I hope that based on the above and the complementary sources and resources to which I drew your attention, it is clear that such an endeavor would be at best futile. It has
  3. 3. been 5 years since I severed all connections and communication channels with any Greeks and, frankly I do not wish to interact substantially with any Greeks at any level of societal stratification. Of course this decision of mine has not put off a perpetration system that seeks to assimilate alterity in a master narrative of scapegoatism. I am internationally oriented as regards my career goals, but unfortunately my residence in Greece has proved to be a bottleneck thus far in attaining the desired international mobility, given that due to some sort of intuitive expectations about the validity of ‘locals’ feedback prospective international employers have been put off by a well orchestrated defamation plan at my expense . Further to the above I strongly think that it is the Commission’s duty to at least organize an extra-judicial hearing concerning the above allegations, in the absence of any Greek delegates. Surely in the context of a ‘wider scheme of things’ that favors depopulation and a societal organization pattern that is second best to primitive collectives you might speculate that such allegations simply resonate an uncritical mandate of ‘shoot to kill’, in which case I shall respond accordingly. And 7 years down the same targeting line I tend to think that any responses would be legitimate in a ‘wider scheme of things’. Sincerely, George Rossolatos Police surveillance video documentary 17 11 2014 You may download a video documentary featuring 4 police bikers, members of a special team called DIAS (another name for Zeus, on a disjunctive, rather than conjunctive mode), exactly the same four bikers who have been following me over the past four years (that is ever since I started whistle-blowing against the crooked state of Grease). Notice that they apply discrete surveillance tactics, that is they do not stop you, but rather they circle around the target’s property in an attempt to infuse fear and emit the signal that you are being watched (thanks for the news, see my previous posts on indoors surveillance by HAARP and on the nouveau cult of reality TV transmitted by intelligence services crooked personnel to NWO ‘members’; basically you are a peripheral add-on). The same bikers are encountered almost on all land-based movements regardless of geographical area which means that they receive satellite-controlled information. Surely this will not deter me from exposing them and their ‘commanders’. On the contrary, now the impetus to do so is even more compelling. DIAS is a team specializing in anti-terrorism, drug-trafficking and Masonic protection (although the latter is mainly the province of the secret police). I have personally seen them outside of the grand fudge of farthens which I have been ‘watching’ for almost 5 years. Regardless of their outstanding fashion statement featuring a scarf wrapped
  4. 4. around the mouth (obviously for non-recognition purposes) I am not at all moved by their heroically propagated record of drug and terrorism related busts, that is ephemeral dog-news that are disseminated through the ministry of propaganda and their parasitic journalists (yes, those annoying morons who laugh and talk mambo on the radio)and that simply performs the communicative function of keeping system 1 automata communicatively busy and disoriented through proliferating common places. And surely the representational violence they seek to enforce on my specular horizon works to the same extent as Masonic indoctrination tactics, that is ‘noise’ and communicative pollution (which pretty much sums up their lame existence). What is annoying is that those issuing the command for surveillance (that is ex-cons who pose as secret services executives and who try to ensure that the public will buy what the complicit ministry of propaganda sells them) actually think in their tiny little Dickneyland minds that (i) they are not known (inasmuch as a local Marketing trade journal owner is not known for being obsessed with cocaine and orgies and, of course, being protected by the police from his habits becoming widely known) (ii) they will not be exposed. Merry Christmas! 10Oct 2014- Another incident of illicit entry by secret police trash into my property and copying of data from an HDD By now this is a lame background expectancy in a state of crooks and thieves that produces nothing. Having been identified as a ‘data cow’ that surely merits milking by lazy scum who work for a state within state (aka freakmasonry) and under audiovisual surveillance 24/7 (involving 24/7 attacks with electromagnetic weapons), such ‘raids’ take place (with clockwise precision) at regular intervals, once a sufficient ‘data installment’ has piled up . You see, in their twisted little minds freakmasons actually believe that the endless hours you are putting into researching, writing, co-ordinating projects somehow constitute their property (even though they haven’t paid a single cent for any such output). Well, when the time comes petty mafia thieves, we know where to find you and then no secret police baboons will be there to protect you. 3 TIMES IS THE CHARM: HOW SECRET SERVICES HUMAN TRASH
  5. 5. TAMPER YOUR ONLINE AND OFFLINE COMMUNICATIONS It is officially the third time an international REGISTERED PACKAGE with significant documents is lost (or tampered) due to secret services' intentional tampering 1st time 2010 - ECHR (the first dispatch) 2nd time 2013 cd with document - Altered envelope contents 3rd time 2014- Bulky file with various documents addressed to post-doctoral funding organization And since repetition makes perfect: See previous posts on how data change ‘hands’ internationally in order to waive any causal pattern that involves multiple perpetrators on a local level, as well as that CIA’s miserable spokesperson’s declaration that any intercepted data are not used for fuelling the local economy (which is why ‘human satellites’ operate on a global scale). WATCHING YA! PS: You may also want to take a look at how Masonic judiciary scum at the ECHR have generated a sufficiently viciously circular path to the (non) resolution of such cases of illegal data theft by a massively orchestrated terrorist state mechanism. I am particularly fond of premises such as “the Court concluded that the applicants were entitled to claim to be victims of a violation even though - due to the secrecy of any surveillance measures - they were not able to allege in support of their application that they had in fact been subject to surveillance”. Surely you must be aware of there being only 4 possible outcomes in such cases win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose. Start placing your…bets! Since repetition makes perfect: On contrived binarisms by NWO engineering morons As repeatedly argued, NWO is far from globalist, but of ultra-localist orientation and conducive to mind-camping with the aid of the police, 'agents of social change' paid by black-ops funds and the secret services (FEMA mass graves being a strong attestation of where such tactics are likely to culminate). Surely nouveau-regime appointed 'professors' in academic institutions are also recruited with view to consolidating among their cattle multi-colored clientele the NWO favorite ideological
  6. 6. bubble-gum, composed of newly contrived opposites, such as non-NWO equals nationalist or some sort of fundamentalist. Undoubtedly system 1 automata whereby such binarist ideologemes propagate are more than willing to subscribe to any educational trash they are fed with, as part of a wider homeostatic mechanism. For everyone else it should come across at least as contentious that such attempts at consolidating nouveau ideological pairs IN FACT constitute a new sort of fundamentalism, perhaps even more dangerous than CIA propaganda, e.g., non- Christian templar pissing-contest afficionando = bad Arab. Again, bear in mind that such contrived binarisms are provisional, aimed at liquidating belief systems prior to refreezing them based on a new system of relevances. NEW BOOK FORTHCOMING: Up, Down, Right and Left: The Ultimate Guide to the New World Order Ethos, Freemasonry and Agenda 21 George Rossolatos READ THE PREFACE HERE: and download the old version here: uide_to_freemasonry_and_agenda_21 UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE PLANNING: LEARN HOW AUTOMATA ARE ENCULTURATED INTO THE NWO ETHOS THROUGH LANGUAGE RE-ENGINEERING (THE NEW ESPERANTO OR JUST ANOTHER ARTIFICIAL SIGN-SYSTEM FOR EXISTENTIALLY DESPERATE AMOEBAS) Sleep deprivation and other electromagnetic weapons warfare tactics enforced by NSA on targets: Welcome to the new terrorism forms of NWO (indeed, land-based discrete and/or indiscrete surveillance by pornstar cops is just the tip of the iceberg)
  7. 7. html Oh, look, it was just a bunch of philanthropists, looking after the betterment of humanity end-insomnia.html Funny requests: Idle, unproductive, excessively overmanned state of grease special taxation on property I shall refrain from repeating anew that this is one of the formal methods of redistribution of wealth among 'NWO civilians' (frankly, you don't really think that everyone pays these taxes, do you? Only the unwary and those without the appropriate connections to the state-within-state that rules this filthy land; just like mediatized public spectacles involving high-ranking criminals- do you really know where these masonic proteges really end after the end of the TV spectacle? Or do you really think that they serve some sort of 'sentence' for playing their part in an ongoing mega-narrative with multiple scripts that is orchestrated by the hyperreality fabrication agencies, i.e., thick ret thervices?), save for highlighting that REPEATED LAWSUITS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT FOR HIGH TREASON are currently under trial. On a personal level, this crooked state owes me money for prolonged harassment, gang-stalking, daily attacks with electromagnetic weaponry, violations of property, data theft (among the entire roster of crimes that have been perpetrated against me by this corrupt to the core state). The only tax I will pay to this state is possibly related to stamps for official documentation about each and every politician's funeral who has served as member of the government from 1980 onwards. esxati-prodosia-kai-epitelous-exetazontai.html You see, the solution does not lie in transmitting HAARP reality-TV audiovisual footage from random polar attractors to system 1 and 2 primates with view to relieving phantasmatically and projectively social tensions, but in transmitting 24/7, non-stop the activities of publicly elected ofecesials (without 'post-production' interventions...). In case you didn’t know where the samples from your blood tests end up…
  8. 8. Thanks to the omnipresence of HAARP TV and police/thickret thervices handlers, targets are monitored 24/7 (again, for the sake of furnishing free spectacle to agenda 21 primate automata- precisely the sole function the police is capable of performing in this grandiose re-engineering pathetic project). Especially when it comes to blood tests, here is what you should expect (call this a priori background expectancies): i) Your blood samples will be stored in freezers for potential future use. This is one of the typical scripts in the targeting cook-book, so do not panic. ii) Such uses, obviously, comprise implanting blood in fabricated crime scenes (whatever crime that might be, insofar it manages to spoil your reputation so that academic and professional crows who are vying for your assets get you out of the way- remember agenda 21 is a public/private alliance) iii) Once coupled with seemingly random individuals’ (i.e., police informants) allegations, it is as easy to make a case as preparing a soup. iv) The above occur across borders (thanks to the fat ernity of the police). Nice soup copper, thankfully there are so many antecedents of such ‘con diments’ that it will be easy to (at last) find your place where you really belong: in prison (alongside your Masonic friends). Modes of viral/contagious propagation of imaginary collective identities: How agenda 21 colonizes the social web It is somehow fascinating to observe how tribalist human primates (aka agenda 21 'citizens') propagate the 'system' on a micro-social level. Irrational automata in quest of clientele have gone as far as to wait for 'prospects' arrival on key (recurrent) locations in targets' daily (frequent) movements, including bus-stops, cafes, home.The 'diseased' signal their readiness to propagate by opening car-doors, while establishing eye contact with their prospects. Insignia range from shopping-bags to (the ubiquitous employment of) t-shirts. The enactment of rituals of passage is also prevalent upon completion of each contagious moment, ranging from congratulating gestures (in case of successful contagion) to reprimanding ones (in case of missed encounters). Usually there are more than one prospects, in which case some may be instructed to deceive those higher up in terms of priority in order to take their place. The most troubling aspect in the above is not the obvious relapse to pre-modernist tribalist social formations and the degeneration of hard-earned cultural advances (surely cultural anthropology, colonial studies and post-modernism had their fair share in relativizing any claims about 'advances'), but the indirect legitimation of this ethos to dominant form of social interaction and building block of social fabrication. Again, such pseudo-mystical, mambo-occultic communication modes that are primarily resonant with funny bipods (aka female organizations for a 'healthier' planet), couriers and teenagers constitute stepping stones to masonic indoctrination and mere attestation of the fact that freakmasonry is the ultimate threat to the survival of the species (and will be treated as such going forward). They aim at instituting macrostructures of form and ritual, primarily through play (primary, secondary education) and then through more formal mechanisms of social
  9. 9. mobility (hence the employment of the descriptor 'mobility program', structurally coupled with the employment, mutant-is mutant-is, of dystopian visual metaphors, such as turtles and other culturally relevant...animals). The most cunning trick a caste-like system could think of implementing for masking centralized decision-making mechanisms (with fecesbook being employed as FBI's most infiltrated engineered dream of participatory automato-cracy; second best to the abductive normativization of exceptional cases, otherwise known as the 'American dream'). Left-wing theorists are the most avid fabricators of apologetics for the occult-like machinations of this fully centralized system of interests which is why they populate the secret services. Just ask yourselves, is all the fully substantiated noise around the criminal enterprises perpetrated by the secret services (who merely execute commands) adequately reflected in the New Left books/papers that still posit phantasmatic entities, such as capitalism, as 'responsible' for identified systemic malfunctions? Contrary to Foucault's disorienting speculation about the existence of a decentralized system, agenda 21 is fully centralized, monitored and controlled by secret services and audio-visual surveillance. Covert Harassment Conference 2014 Here is Alibaba's statement of (every) month: "The NSA also denied in a statement that it uses its "foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of -- or give intelligence we collect to US companies." In another statement, NSA officials said, "The United States collects foreign intelligence just as many other governments do." targeted-european-and-german-politicians-a-940135-2.html Surely, this is why it is called NWO. Information is not necessarily passed on to development personnel in a geographically demarcated territory, but (also) disseminated to 'satellites' (i.e., affiliates spread allover the globe), thus undercutting any claims to 'localization'. This is equivalent to the establishment of a colonial culture. It affords to maintain control of regimes long after the 'official' withdrawal of x-pats... Of course there are also more 'radical' alternatives, such as disseminating one's intellectual property to ever wider social groupings (even work in progress), in order to escalate disorientation. One more reason why intelligence services human trash are as respectable as expired dog-food. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS EXCLUSIVE: DO YOU REALLY KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR DATA? Now you do: Training guide for agents infiltrating and disrupting social media (this is OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION) for-gchq-nsa.html
  10. 10. And the winning slide is: Another fascinating perpetration on behalf of the UK's cross-functional masonic establishment (the usual, UGLE, judiciary, MI6). Most interesting fact: the establishment's causing 'mind disturbance' to the subject through 133 consecutive sleepless nights, induced by electromagnetic weapons!!! It is worth pondering how the subject lasted that long; which reminds me not to send any more applications to UK based universities that are populated by masonic affiliates (you know the same old bozos who enter the most crooked criminal organization on the planet with a letter stating their allegiance to Bambi- the same entity that is evoked by the monarchy for legitimation purposes: "by the power vested in me by Bambi..." or "by my Fecesbook followers" etc.) PS: It is very unfortunate that so much useful information stems from
  11. 11. christian organizations. This is exactly the same info native colonized populations would have disseminated in previous centuries against the christian church. Certainly the information is not to be disqualified just because the source happens to be a random cult of a carpenter's son from nazareth. Since repetition makes perfect (and 'watchers' ensure that the 'best' links suddenly don't work- keep up the 'good' work masonic-cum-agenda 21 zoo bozos [just substitute the grand architect of da luniverse with the grand chit-chatter of your neighbourhood or the grand-fartichect of the economic university of farthens and 'associated' recipients of stolen files by the secret police], we've got plenty of back-up to last for YOUR lifetime) The cult will 'set you free' : On freakmasonic cult indoctrination and mental disorders Before the orgy what? Francois Hollande's speech at the Grand Orient of France Here's the transcription
  12. 12. Since repetition makes perfect: Semiotics of color for lay cattle existentially anxious for semantic closure, recognition and phantasmatic identity construction in imaginary collectives Semio-engineering the natural habitus of automata: Introductory re-marks Check out the Baudrillardian source New Left agenda 21 'social engineers' used to communicate enforced tagging methods (e.g., new lingo 'carrion' bikers circulating while wearing helmets with the inscription 'SURE'- second best to the inscription 'CAN') in a crypto-totalitarian semiotic regime: "In ‘Stucco Angel’, the first section of ‘The Orders of Simulacra’ in L’Echange symblique, Baudrillard posits the existence of what he calls the sure signs (signes sûrs) of a symbolic order (1976:78ff). This is a period before the orders and the birth of the ‘modern sign’ in the Renaissance. Prior to the emergence of the counterfeit and the first stage of simulation, then, in the order of premodern and non-arbitrary signs, a sign established a bond of ‘unbreakable reciprocity’ between persons and groups. The ‘obliged sign’ of Baudrillard’s cruel societies (feudal, caste, archaic) is arbitrary only in the sense that it can take the form of anything which is ‘inseparable from the concrete relation in which it is exchanged’ (Baudrillard, 1972:64)" (Gary Genosko, Baudrillard and Signs, p.44). Shocking confidential discussion among 2 year olds in a geographical region under re-engineering just leaked from the toilet: “kaka pipi, CIA black out, no more inside , no more EMF, no more surveillance, pipi kaka- out” Yuri Lotman on masonic ideology as non-social contract and absolute submission (from Universe of the Mind 1990, p.260)
  13. 13. It may be rephrased as 'bow wow' or as 'submission to a rationale of maximum risk orchestrated by randomly chosen few criminals who calculate risks to the maximum'. More hairy tips for masonic lawmakers (yes bozos, your laws are as well formulated and as clear as the agenda 21 protocol) If claims about excessive violent representations in TV are regarded as legitimate and have in fact repeatedly resulted in banning TV programs from further airing, then any representation that is deemed to be violent, that is violating of one's mores, should be treated on equal grounds. For example, I am fully legitimated in claiming that a masonic hooker dressed in black and white or black and silver or illuministic pimp in pink is violating me insofar as she is constantly and hence not randomly and, by implication, with malice aforethought, blocking my optical horizon. Masonic and illuministic visual violence tactics are illegal and should be treated as acts of violence with malice aforethought. (just as masonic lawmakers thought they had 'got round' this problem; obviously...not) And this is the 'weak argument'. The 'strong-er' argument is that in the case of TV you have the inalienable right and, of course, the capacity to switch it off and hence of not being exposed to any sort of representations. Switching off your TV is an act that lies within your controllable environment. On the contrary, you cannot switch off the 'intelligence services' TV where violent representations featuring masonic actors are projected to a mass public (which, of course, violates the right to privacy, yet it is deemed by intelligence services' screwed up mindset to be providing a public spectacle that is necessary for enforcing a new habitus on human automata). One more wacky Agenda 21 implementation progress document from an underdeveloped third world country for… the road:
  14. 14. Note: A blueprint for social cohesion (p.19)? Cultural identity? Since when the state has the right to intervene in the ways whereby citizens socialize and how they negotiate their ‘cultural identity’? Not only this is beyond jurisdiction, but any enforcer of such a blueprint must be ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated (in exactly the same fashion that agenda 21 bikers harass 'freedom' advocates, ex-cons or ‘legitimated by agenda 21 agents of social change’ conspire against the redistribution of targets’ wealth, local ‘mind-camping’ councils – try to- ensure that their illicit entries into non-local(ized) ‘members’ ‘ property, the murder of pets, the poisoning of food supplies etc. and a whole host of obviously repugnant criminal activities pass ‘unnoticed’ – despite the fact that harassment blogs related to freemasonry and agenda 21 have been proliferating like mushrooms with exactly the same allegations). Surely this is a hardcore pragmatic mindset and I totally subscribe to it: your death, my life. Here is an official agenda 21 reply: “But world leaders, such as George Bush, signed the protocol, not exactly treaty, you know we have entered a post-formalities era”. Such as whom? And Gooofffy ate my cake. Here’s the OFFICIAL answer: Disguised as Quality of Life initiatives: UN Agenda 21 sustainable development rch/A21%20Quality%20of%20Life%20030513dn.p df and the ‘secret’ answer to a non-posed question: merely a way of enforcing a uniform Masonic ethos (1) through progressive ‘self’ transformations (technologies of self) and a rhetoric of pseudo-openness. See previous posts on how human automata negotiate their ‘cultural identity’ through colorful garments (be low). (1) aka the untouchables Don't be harsh, it's just a matter of perspective. Say, if you're a royalty member on an incognito pedophilic trip to Thailand and you have a craving for 4 year olds, no one will be there to 'judge' you (well, maybe a judge friend of yours). And for the sake of restoring 'cosmic balance' and other mambo-occultic trash illiterate royalty read in masonic manuals, you may as well give a ring to your MI6 contacts who will ensure that the 'vice' is passed on to non-untouchables...
  15. 15. Here's an 'untouchable's' account: Here's another 'diary of a madman' (aka daily transcription of a phenomenological reality imposed by agenda 21). Well, it doesn't take an 'expert' in legal semiotics to tag this as linguistic and multimodal terrorism (the fact that the bulk of agenda 21 communications are enacted in kinesic and visual modes neither exclude them from constituting a 'language' that is amenable to description and hence of 'deductive modelling'- which is how it is diffused in the first place; simply redirecting the signal back to its...source) The sole difference is that this form of communication is not based on signs, but on signals, that is on a 100% monosemic correlation between signal and its meaning. In fact, this is the realization of intelligence bozos' dreams, that is the catapulting of (presumably) defunct information theory to dominant communicative paradigm. Clifford Geertz also raised from an anthropological point of view (and that was back in the 80s) the question whether such communication (which, apparently, he observed on a daily basis...) was random or part of a 'conspiracy'. Well, this is pretty much a rhetorical question. And here is the multimodal quizz of the day. What is the meaning of the following signals? - Nose-scratching - Back-scratching - Thumb in left/right nostril - Formation of deltoid shape with right/left hand - Coughing - right foot/left foot forward or one foot over the other (same with hands) Visit your nearest primary/secondary education 'institution' or your nearest zoo for answers on primates' communication modes (stimulus/response, uugghhh)... Frankly, you do not need a semiotician for 'semiotizing the city';
  16. 16. an ape (or a freemason) will do. Here is how such statements are reinscribed in a pre-fabricated spiralling rhetoric: 'you are stuck in the middle'. The hidden premise in this statement is that there are pre-existing and 'valid' opposites of a contradiction, i.e., either freemasonry (down, outside) or agenda 21 (up, inside). Either pole is variably valorized depending on which 'aspect' automata provisionally endorse throughout their thanatographic becoming. These are so-called pseudo-oppositions, merely affirming the empire of the Same, inscribed in deflected constellations (and, judging from the viewpoint of an 'isolated' and programmed social actor, aspects of schizoid programming- inasmuch as selfhood has been engineered multiply by freemasonry based on the outlook enforced by different degrees). For example, blue lodge bozos are instructed to pay allegiance to uninterpreted laws, social institutions, their country etc., whitees (54s) and white/reds (55's) are 'all-seeing' globalists who are primarily concerned with the destruction of mankind (or whatever) and, in more realistic terms, with killing everyone else, making more space for themselves and, of course, augmenting their asset base. Either way And I almost forgot (due to being largely insignificant, perhaps on an equal footing with courier gangstalkers or the CEO of whatever company from a third world country such as Greece) the funny bipods for a better planet: nda_for_a_Healthy_and_Peaceful_Planet This is part of the NWO rhetoric about being the era of female supremacy. I have encountered in various instances in various countries, involving graffiti and tattoos and featuring identical designs of a female figure holding a male baby with a knife in her hand. This visual sign that is evocative of as much an abstract and idiotic schema as anything else (perhaps a tupperware with a mouse would be a viable alternative, albeit not as violent, unless, of course, the mouse also held a shotgun) is also rendered verbally through equally unsubstantiated thin-air idle speech, involving adjectives and nouns such as 'little', 'short', 'child' etc. What can I say? Almost as informative as Cosmopolitan's guidelines about how to select the right vibrator type. VICTIMIZATION IS A LEGITIMATE ACT IN THE CONTEXT OF AGENDA 21 Not only is it legitimate, but the infliction of damage with malice aforethought is a prerequisite for partaking of the masonic agenda 21 ethos. In short, we are confronted with a community that is imbued with Sabbatean masonic ideology of ‘pure evil’, a (once) Sectarian belief (and not philosophical) system, which, yet, has found contemporary expression in authors such as Alain Badiou and his ontology of evil.
  17. 17. understanding-of-evil.pdf UN report on targeted killings Badiou’s post-humanism (alongside other post-humanist trends) which postulates the abolition of Human Rights and, by implication, invalidates the role of the European Court of Human Rights, in the name of some highly abstract philosophical notion of ‘singularity’, has been catapulted to mainstream ideology among system 1 carrions. Are carrions capable of understanding the arguments that are deployed by Badiou (or whomever) against the background of a philosophical ‘tradition’ or does the term post-humanism resonate intuitively, like a bunch of lyrics that make you feel ‘at home’ without knowing exactly what they mean? The way the new NWO ethos has propagated and crystallized into mainstay is not at all different from the ways fashionable trends consolidate through word-of-mouth (inasmuch as 16 year olds dressing in black and white or black and silver render them fit to be psychically complicit with anyone on planet earth who is a freemason- it’s just a matter of style and pure form, in fact it is the realization of Lyotard’s aesthetization of everydayness, without the post-modern part of playfulness, but with its post-humanist, masonic equivalent as utter ‘aesthetic’ constraint). Being post-humanist (whatever this means and surely Badiou is not the first who spoke of post-humanism) is kind of hip, not to mention that it makes even the lowest social amoeba feel like Nietszche’s Ubermensch. Always helps to put names on...feces
  18. 18. Saussure has been much ridiculed for his concept of 'talking heads'. Husserl also faced a hard time trying to explain how one's stream of consciousness is identical to another's; and surely Schutz's solution of 'come to my place' didn't add substantially to this impasse. In anticipation of future modes of communication (i.e., utterly unmediated by verbal signs, purely dependent on the immediate transmission of brainwaves- this is precisely what I was told by a System 4 watcher) here's the solution to this impasse: VOICE-2- SKULL (or V2K) Masonic excrements' favorite motto: Come as you are... (and we'll take care of your re-engineering)
  19. 19. Sure bozos, here's a classic bit of Foucault to you too: giesofself.en.html Have you noticed all those re-engineered structural couplings walking hand-in-hand, under the 'blessings' of their local lodge? Yes, it's all about 'masonic love', a cult-ure of affect, uncontaminated togetherness and...redistribution games. Don't be fooled by such pseudo-ethical maxims that are second best to brainless initiation criteria. Refrain from walking hand-in-hand in public, there is no legitimacy in masonic mambo-ethics. Here are more examples of masonic country-bumpkins' favorite symbols: The devil-tail heart (you will come across variations in various brand symbols)
  20. 20. Spring collection (by Dolce & Go ban a)
  21. 21. Organized vertically (i.e., by generic traits that populate a consolidated UN database and featuring variables such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation) and horizontally (e.g., by profession). Also organized according to whether the automaton is formally registered in a lodge or is just an informally affiliated body of an agenda 21 micro-social constellation. Either way, each automaton must be branded with a color that signals its position in the grand immanent theatrical system in line with the above color coding. The coloring system constitutes a grand sarcophagus as thanatographic hyper-space that delineates each automaton’s trajectory of becoming from cradle to the grave. This ubiquitous color branding constitutes a re-enactment of a time-hallowed strategy, that is divide and conquer. Essentially, the invisible manipulators of this
  22. 22. grand sarcophagus not only are hidden from view and take particular pleasure in watching human cattle playing in a grand cosmic circus, but no-one has posed the very fundamental question ‘who enforces this compulsory color coding scheme?’ (well, at least, not anyone who stays alive for long in order to provoke a barrage of questioning). Furthermore, as outcome of the ultimate art of deception and attestation of the effectiveness of the divide & conquer strategy that has been pursued by imperialists since time immemorial, system 1 automata have been convinced that a silent war is taking place between them and Don Quixotic competitors. Again, this is a reification of postmodern maxims, such as the ubiquitous immersion in an aesthetic hallucination or virtual reality, albeit without the playfulness part, but with its masonic sarcophagic counterpart, that is a constant ritual of passage among prescribed modes-of-Being in a pre-determined trajectory of becoming (which is exactly the manner whereby the life, or, rather, being-towards-Death, of masonic members has always been managed through progressive ascent to higher degrees; involving manuals that are second best to Oliver’s cooking recipes). Barker and Galasinski's classical CDA of CIA's (previous to this analysis) mission statement Yet, no 'trace' of cocaine trade... (perhaps we should further inquire the black'n'silver gas-lighters in supermarket cues about 'evidence') The CIA should probably consider 'enhancing' multimodally its mission statement by recourse to the sonic mode:
  23. 23. Public confession of a Chief Marketing Officer- Don’t worry, come out of the closet, we’re all united in Sabbatean analvice “I was a lost body really, you know, the usual, drunken orgies, cocaine, all paid by black ops funds. We also had a strap-line (and many more gadgets that featured straps): “Do as you wilt”, bequeathed by the grand Masonic architect (and MI6 lost body) Aleister Crowley and emblematic of thelema (and other sorts of vlema). I had reached a point where I was looking at the void and the void was looking back at me. That was when I decided to become a Chief Marketing Officer. Aided by my CIA liaisons (you know, those who write lyrics for automata who are instructed to choose sides in a fabricated dialectic, same old folks who trained Osama Pin Laden and then used him for maintaining a grand cosmic spectacle of good vs. evil; can’t say, the narrative sold pretty well and for too long we didn’t have to fabricate any more narratives and program public assassinations, the spectacle was pretty enduring) I was appointed directly to the head of a vitrine organization (say 3E, yes 3 times 5, you know a sacred number inasmuch as Mentos is a substitute for LSD). I now feel much better. No more orgies, I only sniff glue (and on rare occasions). Thank you CIA, now I know which side of your dialectic I’m on, no more wild side.” Maurice (weakling) Strong: A scumbag's rise to power Download a case-study from Grease (Dimitris Kinosatis) concerning how individuals are employed by the intelligence services as perps, how they set-up so-called 'churches', how they reap benefits in exchange. In anticipation of the global dbase with perps' names and detailed descriptions of targeting activities
  24. 24. 20case-study.docx State terrorism on the rise across Europe- Read reports from the European Commission oberts_en.pdf I would gladly denounce my nationality, I consider it most dishonorable to be a citizen of Grease, a nation of crooks, thieves and murderers. 14-3-2014 Are you a criminal with no record? (well, at least not a public one) If yes, then join the CIA collective and enter a competition for earning 100 mobile phones and 10 black'n'silver jeeps Profiling (based on extensive and intensive 'background checks'): - Belong to the '6' counter-part of the nouveau mambo-theologico-cum-pragmatic consortium - Easily recognized through (i) driving black'n'silver cars (ii) dressed in black'n'silver clothes (iii) wearing black'n'silver ties
  25. 25. - Practice what they think of as 'dark mind control' tactics (inasmuch as Papa-Smurf manages to control the Smurf village) - Handle electromagnetic weapons and use them to kill 9's (subjects identified as 'good') - As always, a criminal who has been taught manners is still a criminal - Reco: Treat them as non-domesticated animals, they are dangerous to your well-being 15-3-2014 One day after posting the above, a black car drove outside of my residence and with malice aforethought (enabled by 24/7 audio-visual surveillance operated by NSA and intelligence criminals) killed my cat. SO LET ME REPEAT: TREAT THEM AS NON-DOMESTICATED ANIMALS.--
  26. 26. PS: Remember, for the unwary, these are tactics that aim at traumatizing the subject. Indoctrination tactics have always depended on splitting the subject and capitalizing on traumatic experiences. Well, for illiterate country-bumpkins dressed in black. PS2: Also remember that CIA pimps control through audio-visual surveillance all your reactions to such 'rapturous' moments that subvert radically your well-being, from the subtle muscle twitches in your face to the enactment of daily rituals. By forming a narrative based on your reactions to such stimuli they categorize you as beta, theta, feta etc. They will also monitor all movements (indoors/outdoors) with close surveillance by undercover police in case you intend to adopt...countermeasures against such well-planned atrocities that are perpetrated against you. This is how a state of omnipresent fear is imbued to the subject and how subjects are 'trained' to love their trauma as condition of unconditional participation in a community of automata. Welcome to the NWO.. PS3: Here you go illiterate masonic excrements, read through this basic manuscript and continue phantasizing with your inexisting brains novel ways of maintaining a 'cosmic harmony': Freud_MourningAndMelancholia.pdf PS4: This creature was like a daughter to me, and the human excrement who drove a black'n'silver car was fully aware of its position at the time of murder. The cat was fully trained and perfectly aware of passing by vehicles. She had never crossed the street at the noise of a vehicle miles away. She stood regularly on the pavement outside of my property in a remote area that is frequented only by perps. The murderer hit the cat as she was commanded by HAARP to cross the road exactly at the moment the car was passing by. 17/3/2014 Autopsy results (fractured bones that caused internal bleeding) 19/3/2014 Camera surveillance material shows exactly the moment the cat being hit by the passing-by car. The cat literally rushed to the street from her previous location exactly at the point the car was passing by. The cat's brain received a signal to do so. The cat was fully trained to hide at the sound of car noise, as suggested by repeated observations in considerably more populated areas than the one she lived prior to her murder. The cat was sufficiently sizeable and hence the driver indubitably sensed that she was hit, yet fled from the scene. The cat's spasms and instant death after being hit are clearly obvious in the video. HAARP has been regularly interfering with her brain-
  27. 27. waves prior to her death. The cat had been repeatedly observed indoors on sudden occasions to wave her head as if something suddenly interefered with her head, to be issuing a prolonged sound that is indicative of annoyance and to start running in panic, while attempting to hide, obviously from the 'invisible' electromagnetic attack. As soon as the hits stopped, she returned within seconds back to normal. THE CAT WAS KILLED AT THE PREMEDITATED MASONIC NUMEROLORGICAL DATE/TIME OF 15 MARCH @ 10 HOURS 55 MINUTES AND 15 SECONDS (IN CASE YOU WONDERED WHETHER THERE IS ANY CONNECTION BETWEEN MASONIC EXCREMENTS AND HAARP HANDLERS). Read more about how HAARP intereferes with any species' brain waves and how it is regularly employed for killing targets (of any species): ol.htm Case-study: The murderer house-wife (Dionysia Rossolatou) Meet your nearest agenda 21 agents of social change, murderous illiterate housewives, indoctrinated into the silver 'Moon-worshipping' masonic cult since childhood and acting on demand. Does recourse to 'common topoi' suffice as allibi behind murderous acts that are perpetrated by seemingly innocuous, yet obviously sicker than sick individuals? Opportunity for examining the 'patho-logical' nature of common discourse and the mask of natural language which are systematically leveraged by agents of social change for sheltering double entendres in a metaphorological nexus where the referent is always postponed. This is the perfect instantiation of the Habermasian ideal speech community as the (apologetic) pragmatist's dream of instituting 'robust' criteria for legitimating judgments: The murderous housewife.
  28. 28. You are just a THREAT to the survival of (any) species. (Filed at the ECHR and the ICC 20/9/2010 against the state of Grease, a nation of thieves and crooks) download it from Case-20-9-2010-ECHR The relationship between judaism and
  29. 29. freemasonry (basic lessons for anyone interested on the impact in modern societies of mambo mythological discourse) The micro side of project 'social harmony' (p.213) Keyword: T
  30. 30. State terrorists and their logos Look, state-funded thieves have a history too! Scum have a journal too!
  31. 31. Micro-perspectives on memory formation: Indispensable aspect of training for signal recognition (Keywords: constraints and experimental conditions) Interesting PhD thesis on how pigs construct and report official reality. Certainly critical information is missing, such as how pigs orchestrate targeting activities, how they copy data from plugged devices in internet cafes, how they recruit cons on patrol who participate in gang-stalking etc., but salient facets are adequately...captured (apart from the fact that pigs in blue populate masonic lodges on Tuesdays). On a 1-7 level of idiocy, they deserve a full-blown 7 (6 is reserved for national intelligence room services). Remember: The only crimes pigs are ever capable of solving are the ones they orchestrate- just to add a heroic twist to their useless function. PS: You are being watched.
  32. 32. Since practice makes perfect, refer to the below cited publication (Handbook of Moronic Services, sorry Intelligence) on the Cycle of Information and, of course, the ECHR lawsuit against Grease (involving the police and secret services) on how cybernetic feedback loops are manufactured and diffused to the socius (only to be 'affirmed' through monitoring targets' actions by agenda 21 (aka masonic trash) automata. These subjects are also called 'circulars'. The only circle that is verified in this instance is the idiocy of crooked state agents in third world states such as Grease, a nation of crooks and thieves. UN comic book series Vol.II: Cybernetics of Global Change: Human Dimension and Managing of Complexity Attack of the killer...bee stings! Just invert paparian and see where it leads ( Cranky! It must be the
  33. 33. machination of the Grand Rhetor of da luniverse. The solution to the depopulation agenda: Ban maternity leave. Everyone who wishes to procreate and burden the species with unwanted progeny should do so at their own expense, without assuming any ‘extra revenue’ as maternity leave. Basically, you have one and only choice between two alternatives: lose your job or procreate, period! WHY NOT KNOCK’EM OUT? YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO KNOCKED’EM UP! All questions about...bee stings answered (just omit naive causal explanations about global capitalism and other phantoms and there you This is more And on the difficulty of being a GANT Nominal and structural similarities between freemasonry and agenda 21 Freemasonry, as amply demonstrated, is a secret society[1] favoring social networking among its members. Over and above, the influence of freemasonry (political[2] and institutional[3]) and its active involvement in shaping political landscapes, from Albert Pike’s establishment of the KKK, presidents (e.g., Washing ton) as members of the “brotherhood” the Italian P2 and recently P3 scandals ugle/itemlist/tag/European%20Court%20of%20Human%20Rights
  34. 34. Lodge-finding-women-dancing-naked-stage-men-filming-sex-acts.html 43377/ the Bavarian Illuminati and the list goes on… The masonic cult is characterized by intra-network favoritism at the expense of “profane” non-members and oaths of secrecy Freemasonry in the police and the judiciary .html Featuring the outstanding claim by the Grand Lodge: “Freemasonry is not a secret society, but a society with secrets” Secret societies and social structures Structure and process in secret societies Sociology of secret and of secret societies The masonic history of secret services Masonic-run councils’ core activities 1818043.html
  35. 35. European Court of Human Rights has on 31-5-2007, notified its Chamber Judgment, which is a landmark Judgment relating to the Human Rights of Freemasons. The Judgment proclaims, that Freemasons can not be discriminated against on the ground of their being members of a Masonic Lodge. There has been discrimination against Freemasons in some countries. This Judgment is an eye opener and its declaration that such discrimination violates the Human Rights of Freemasons will ensure, that there can not be any such discriminations anywhere in the world. The Chamber Judgment has been notified by a press release issued by the Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights. The Judgment, which is in French and the notification, translated in English and other languages can be accessed in (YOU HAVE TO READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE DECISION WAS REACHED. IT IS NOT THE DECISION THAT MATTERS, BUT HOW IT WAS REACHED) which institute special bonds among members, in the face of which it has received considerable attention from both private and public authorities’ realms. The resemblance of the social networking paradigm imposed by agenda 21 to freemasonry is not only nominal, but in essence structural. Persuasion tactics and cult-like mind control are amply used in indoctrinating ‘members’ in both Agenda 21 and traditional freemasonry. Freemasonry has been shielded from public inspection insofar as it is protected by law acts that… (forthcoming surprise party!) The cult will 'set you free' : On freakmasonic cult indoctrination and mental disorders
  36. 36. Caption: I'M EXCITED ABOUT MY BLINDNESS! Freemasonry, eugenics and psychiatry (oldies but goodies) GRAND LODGE OF MEDIEVAL THINKING GROUP (MTG) At the exclusion of transvestites
  37. 37. The striking structural similarities between these instances of “societies within societies” consist in the following: - mandatory social networking - preferential treatment of members vs. non members[4] - concern with overthrowing existing regimes and placing “proteges” in key places - conspiratorial attempts against those judged to be unfit to their standards - mentor/student organizational form - extra-judicial judiciary systems[5] and referenda by raise of hand and adhocratic sanctions imposed on “members” on the occasion of agreed upon “transgressions” - Preponderance of para-linguistic communication codes in public places. Instead of symbolic gestures of mutual recognition (e.g., secret handshakes), institution of a visual language that enforces communicative bonds among agenda 21 members at an affective level. Instead of ‘secret smiles’, occularcentric codes of recognition based on expected facial features. Zoosemiotics is of particular pertinence in decoding this…zoological communicative paradigm. cs.pdf - The cryptic ethos of agenda 21 has been popularized not as a point system of “ascendance” to higher “truth levels”, as is the case with freemasonry, but of “deeper” networking which is the case with freemasonry anyway.
  38. 38. - Advanced dissimulation tactics aiming at masking membership, motives and liaisons, evident both in freemasonry and agenda 21 members[6]. In some countries ‘members’ do not even know that their ‘membership’ concerns agenda 21. They are aware of synonyms, such as ‘system’ and have been forced into membership of phantasmatic collectives through fear of social exclusion and memetism. AGENDA 21 has been propagated through fear and terror, in exactly the same fashion that communism spread in ex-Eastern Bloc countries. For historical antecedents of the liaison between communism and freemasonry see - Intense employment of metaphorological and metonymic language without referent; simply jumping from connotator to connotator, with parallel infusion of communicative anxiety at meaning closure to unwary cattle, who are lured through this seductive employment of signs into a process of meaning recovery, in exactly the same fashion that ‘promises’ about the discovery of ‘higher truth levels’ were made to freemasonry members which levels remain hidden from view in previous degrees or masked under allegory and occult symbolism. - Pragmatic criteria regarding choice of shopping outlets and preference of services suppliers underlie agenda 21 local communities, in the same fashion that different Masonic lodge members are advised to ‘purchase’ from their affiliates’ companies. Agenda 21 members’ communism-inspired propaganda against ‘big corporations’ is coupled with preferential treatment of their members’ ‘cartels’. - Garments’ color-coding as insignia of personal (collective) identity - Transposition from physical Ritual killings (e.g., Captain Morgan) to “semiotic ritual killings” or “mock executions” (forthcoming surprise party) through acts and public spectacles, such as mobbing, street theater etc. (forthcoming surprise party) – a structurally homologous turn from closed/univocal symbolic systems to open, aleatoric signifying systems (see Deleuze’s “multiple regimes of signs” from AntiOedipus); in Deleuze’s terms agenda 21 communicative tropes consist in freemasonry’s communicative modes becoming “hypermolecular” (or hypermolar). In fact, agenda 21, its emphasis on bottom-up social organization and the pseudo-open system dynamics it has been propagating have been edified on the utopian, ‘emancipatory’, pseudo-metaphysical vision inscribed in Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘Capitalism and Schizophrenia’. Moreover, the ethos that dervies from this utopian vision has been identified with the New World Order. In order to understand the modus operandi of this ethos you have to understand the terminology used in the two volumes of Capitalism & Schizophrenia by Deleuze & Guattari. A good starting point is Brian Massumi’s Guide to Capitalism & Schizphrenia. Why is this a utopian vision? Read through indicative empirical studies, such as the following (“Aging: Narrative micro-sociology versus globalization”) and you will understand:
  39. 39. 5257&ei=rlOfUsedG4iztAbrwICACA&usg=AFQjCNFEpEg1FawY9smnfP89jxCGMBt- Fw&bvm=bv.57155469,d.Yms Is this ‘globalization’ vision compatible with the globalization of markets? Far from it. Have you experienced any ‘relaxation’ in tariff barriers among continents? Hardly so. On the contrary, increases in tariff barriers and occasional emabrgoes ensure the maintenance of economic interests of corporations that pay taxes to geographically situated tax authorities. It is just a manner of generating ‘free’ goods and services and appropriating them by good-old ‘masonic circles’. ‘Globalization’ has been a handy and cunningly employed pre-text for generating products and services at low cost which are then appropriated by conglomerates. It’s business as usual, with the sole difference that ‘new age’ automata are duped into believing that they contribute to some phantasmatic collective. The New Left has been the most useful employee (and at low cost!) of ‘old’ enterpreneurship (think of its as the ‘New Clergy’). Who and how has been profting from ‘global trade’ activities all along? Basic lessons from masonic history are pretty ‘illuminating’: However, there are also structural differences: - Open system dynamics (agenda 21) vs. closed system dynamics (freemasonry): no formal degrees and vertically controlled ascent to higher echelons of political power, simply more extensive and intensive participation in horizontally structured social networks. - Horizontal vs. vertical structures. - More ‘fanciful’ system of sanctions (agenda 21), instead of ‘broken necks’, ‘fractured bones’ and ‘alchemical liquids that make you sick’ (freemasonry), such as appearing in public in funny outfits or naked; importance of laying bare outcomes of actions in public view and providing a public spectacle (cf. Foucault’s Discipline and Punish). - No apparent elitist attitude in members’ recruitment. - No strict symbolic language or SYMBOLIC COLONIZATION OF SOCIAL MILIEUS AND POLITICAL LANDSCAPES[7], but mutable signifiying systems. Bourdieu- Language and symbolic power and openess to perspectival diversity, whose endorsement and level of appeal is incumbent on group decision making during microsocial referenda. - Whereas freemasonry’s “extrajudiciary system” consists of more formalized principles[8] for conferring judgments about normative transgressions, agenda 21, by virtue of its highly
  40. 40. “open” character favors “adhocism”. At least it is a form of more attenuated adhocism compared to freemasonry. - Loaded (metaphorical) employment of topological descriptors and adverbs of place (e.g., here/there) as disjunctive pragmatic markers of social spacing and markers of belongingness to the “new’” vs. the “old” regime. - Diffusion and popularization of secret services language (e.g., SIS) in ‘natural languages’, e.g., in UK’s ‘natural language’ ‘snot’ (=subject ‘not’) denoting non-agenda 21 member. Counter-agenda 21 language measures have surfaced in popular cullture (e.g., ‘pizza’ standing for P-member; cf. the meaning of Π).; additionally, the employment of para-linguistic discursive markers (e.g., coughing) aim at communicating affective states, but also to tag subjects while circumventing linguistic signs. - Automata from either ‘system’ (P, L etc.) recognize their peers with the employment of both para-linguistic (somatic) markers and linguistic ones (mostly by attending to how consonants and vowels are inscribed strategically and metaphorically in ‘ordinary’ words and sentential structures) Hypermolar employment of pragmatic markers of orientation (left/right) based on ultra-local axiological systems (e.g., automaton’s X with properties Y,Z,W axiological system conflicts with or ‘is’ to the left of automaton’s Y with properties R,G,H); Force-fields analysis (Bourdieu) is pertinent for analyzing such social orientation strategies. Tactical moves stemming from various sports languages are employed metaphorically as (analogically) indexal pointers to force-field moves. Analogical thinking has always been a dominant way whereby lay (people) make sense of natural/social phenomena in a streamlined fashion and attain to naturalize social phenomena (hence the ability of a manufactured linguistic system to appear under the guise of a ‘natural language’). [1] cf. Michael Moore’s “Secrets of a secret society”. [2] cf. J.Robinson’s seminal book “Proofs of a conspiracy”. [3] See UK’s Home Affairs report “FREEMASONRY IN THE POLICE AND THE JUDICIARY” , List of Freemasons in the church etc... [4] And among members; cf. paper “The Unbrotherly Brotherhood: Discrimination in Fraternal Orders” &uid=70&uid=4&sid=21103055541357 [5] See paper “The court system and freemasonry” on extrajudicious punishments and on the explicit mandate to protect ‘brothers’ in formal (i.e., extra-masonic) judiciary proceedings
  41. 41. [6] See paper “The Rhetoric of Freemasonry” (In Rhetoric & Public Affairs) and the demonstration how “theatrics” and “masked lingo” are usual methods of members’ training [7] See King’s “Mathematical proof of a conspiracy” [8] Cf Mackey’s Principles of Masonic Law and paper masonic jurisprudence and related references Agenda 21 criminal attempts at compulsive 'territorialization' continue unabated...yet, without results... The Post Sustainability Institute From for ‘ass-ism’ to ‘for us-ism’: Pluralism and the Pragmatic Turn Interesting genealogical tracing of the birth of the neuromolecular gaze: Kudos to Lady Gaga and the Deleuzean culture of monstrosity Neuroscience, power and culture: An introduction The Brain That Wouldn't Die full movie - classic B movie - horror sci-fi Screen and intervene Queen Elizabeth II paying Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, after her... Profitable failure antidepressant drugs and the triumph of flawed experiments Taking care of one’s brain how manipulating the brain changes people’s selves The birth of the neuromolecular gaze Lady Gaga -Manifesto of Little Monsters
  42. 42. It is remarkable how social engineers have achieved to program useless agenda 21 bodies to replicate the commands they receive from superiors in ‘horizontal’ networks. Deprived of any substantial social power they derive self-esteem from projective identifications with their superiors. It is with great honor that they utter ‘we’ in their carrion-ic utterances. NWO without ideologies: The ideology of post-ideology (speech of his royal hi-finess El Uselesso Eatero agenda 21 ultra-localist summer-camping funder) Just like freakmasonry: Every degree teaches you different aspects of ‘systemic truth’, as you re-stabilize in different ‘levels’ and become re-coupled with like-minded automata. Echelon: An illegal vision (Surveillance & Society)- Excellent resource on industrial espionage and data theft (in real time) from jointly police/secret services operated Echelon (in case you wondered about who steals your data as you are in the process of writing papers, theses etc.) Economic espionage and industrial spying Doesn't every body need some body to chit-chat with? Ask the agenda 21 chit-chat forum for how to change your 'system of relevances' icleID=72 Journal of Intelligence and Counter-intelligence studies Fear Appeals in Political Rhetoric about Terrorism Journal of Political Psychology 30(1) George Rossolatos backbone lawsuit ECHR Sep 2010 George Rossolatos targeting draft pres 2010 George Rossolatos notes direct and indirect perpetration in the context of local communities and agenda 21 2010
  43. 43. ect_perpetration_in_the_context_of_local_communities_and_agenda_21.doc x George Rossolatos appendix to 2010 lawsuit regarding community crimes and agenda 21 Declassified MK Ultra documents State sponsored terror campaigns Habitat participant observation of chimpanGs in Mal-i Politics pragmatics: Language and social change Coercive mind control tactics and the IMPORTANCE OF INDIRECT COMMUNICATION Secret societies and social structures Structure and process in secret societies Sociology of secret and of secret societies The masonic history of thickret thervices The faternal order of the police (randomly placed in syntagmatic proximity to the above) Delta, beta modelling agency THE ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS TORTURE BIBLE (patents, description of operations and effects and much more) Participatory governance hope or danger for democracy The 2006 Government Mind Control Debate
  44. 44. Mind control cybernetics (classic) Mind justice documents The cult will 'set you free' : On freakmasonic cult indoctrination and mental disorders (free yourself and enter a competition for a black'n'silver car- or a Funkadelic CD for a start. All you have to do is believe) Commies attack: On the anarcho-collective grass-roots of agenda 21 (Adam Smith's invisible hand on the inverse). Understanding agenda 21 (your 'school' manual) EU Panel: LAWSUIT AGAINST GREASE NO.3 (FILED LOCALLY IN SEPTEMBER 2013...TO BE CONTINUED) LAWSUIT AGAINST GREASE NO.2 (FILED WITH THE ECHR JANUARY 2011, AFTER A VISIT TO WONDERLAND THAT TOOK PLACE 1 WEEK
  45. 45. AFTER FILING THE BELOW IN SEPTEMBER 2010 WITH THE ECHR) FROM [DE]ONTIC SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIVISM TO [DE]ONTOLOGICAL SOCIOCYBERNETICS: COMMUNITARIAN ETHOS AND ITS 'OTHER' IN THE CONTEXT OF A MULTIPARTICIPANT, MULTIACT ATTEMPTED MURDER CASE OF INDIRECT PERPETRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF THE 'THIRD REALM' AND FREEMASONRY AS ORGANIZED INSTITUTIONAL / PRIVATE ALLIANCES AND POWER MECHANISMS (Filed at the ECHR and the ICC 20/9/2010 against the state of Grease, a nation of thieves and crooks) download it from Case-20-9-2010-ECHR For those who haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s your chance. Learn how in an intensive training session: - social movements are formed, disseminated and sustained - the importance of social cybernetics in destabilizing, freezing, reinstating social regimes - how new surveillance technologies attain to monitor and thanks to constant cybernetic feedback mould personalities, value systems, directionality in human automata - the whats and hows of indoctrination tactics into informal institutions and societal oragnizations KEYWORDS - SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIVISM - SOCIAL PHENOMENOLOGY, ETHNOMETHODOLOGY, DISCOURSE ANALYSIS - SOCIAL CYBERNETICS - INDOCTRINATION - INFORMAL LOGIC AND THE POWER OF ABDUCTIVE REASONING - PROTOSEMIOTICS AND CORPOREAL PRAGMATICS - INDIRECT PERPETRATION IN ORGANIZED POWER MECHANISMS This is the brief 335pgs version in a reader friendly language . ENJOY! In 2014 the new version is expected to be released (just a change of colors, from rainbow to black'n'silver, black'n'white (classic J&B whiskey), moon-silver (yes, animism supreme), black, brown (trapezoid left-overs)etc.; apart from that the content will be pretty much the same.
  46. 46. Such a long, long way for crooked state agents to redistribute property among them! Military research into social cybernetics: Keep steering..almost there! Agenda 21 and implications for the future of branding Amidst a global societal reengineering landscape that has been imprinted with freakmasonic mambomythical numerolorgy (21, 7, blah, blah, blah) in a quest for imposing pathetic least common denominators among ‘consumers’, it is worth pondering what the future of branding looms like. This paper suggests that an entire movement in the social sciences `that sought to legitimate irreducible difference in a post-Fordist era is at the brink of compulsory obliteration, brought about by ‘invisible hands’ that machinate in favor of a devastating regressus to a communist (spiced up with a bit of neo-pragmatism) era (and any shades emanating therefrom). In the face of ‘colors’ assuming increasing significance in shaping consumers’ identity as against brands, the question of what the future may hold for branding amidst a limited ‘palette’ of preferences, which gets even more limited as one progresses from the rainbow to a more ‘restricted libidinal economy’ made up of black’n’white, black’n’silver, blue/red/white. What are the implications for consumer identity and the once ‘aspirational’ role of branding in a predicament where one of the most representative industries of freedom of choice, that is fashion, is on the very verge of being reduced (in the light of shifting demand patterns) to commodification and privatelabelization? Is this shift a side-effect of (compulsorily) changing public mores or an integral aspect of a new public ethos? If the latter holds, then branding will become increasingly less relevant, as entire civilizations progressively regress to frightful state-centrism, the (silent) abolition of freedom of consumer choice and the rest horror movie inspired outcomes of this ‘silent societal reengineering’. Will just luxury brands survive in a radically polarized socioeconomic landscape and the abolition of the middle-class, which means that branding, on the contrary, will have to become as sophisticated as ever, or that the entire discipline will become a museum-species? This paper critically addresses both scenaria and their implications for consumer demand and consumer identity. Conspiracy, joint criminal enterprise and command responsibility in international criminal law Entrapment tactics Hate crimes
  47. 47. Criminal conspiracy Mapping Pheloite networks Indirect perpetration Joint Intentions to Commit International Crimes Legal rhetoric: Fact vs value Narratives of torture Responsibility in international criminal law Semantics and ontology of dispositions Interpretive construction in substantive criminal law Studies in legal logic Learn how the military seeks to reduce…complexity in living organisms (hence the prevalence of cybernetic metaphors, such as “energy” and “life”) – Become reborn into sociocybernetic reality and reclaim your bonus. System The freemasonic sorority of honorable sissies and the ‘culture of email condensation/evasion’ Indubitably (at a 99,9% level of confidence) human freemasonic excrements indoctrinated into the sorority of honorable sissies have been practicing the ‘culture of email evasion’ since the medium’s inception. Their way of tackling their ‘behind-closed-doors’ decisions about whose work they will steal, how to waive the transparent ‘causal antecedents’ and how ‘re-appropriation’ will be cloaked by dispersing geographically centralized decisions, is at best a joke that is probably appealing to their ‘catch 22’s’ moronic establishment, but
  48. 48. hardly to any reasonable individual. Here are some empirical conditionals for gauging whether you have been victimized by masonic morons in business and the academia: 1. They will ensure that many, many mails with (perhaps) conflicting propositions will be exchanged with you about a single matter 2. Once having (wishfully) ensured that the reason behind their decision has been lost throughout the ‘communicative maze’ they will land an answer out of the blue that is utterly dissonant with any prior agreements (again, apparently hoping that the reasoning may not be traced backwards). To this end, they will probably provide snappy and condensed answers that mask arguments. 3. As the above is part of ‘open system dynamics’ and a malleable rhetoric that legitimates in their brainless and pretty much sick-beyond-recognition ‘reasoning’ the ‘stretchability’ of arguments in purely contiguous directions and seems fitting to situational factors, they will attempt to retaliate (which will inevitably lead to further retaliation until freemasonic excrements will have been flushed down to their ‘proper origins’). Action point: Treat them as wild animals (irrespective of status, position etc.) insofar as they have clearly ‘indicated’ that this is the befitting mode whereby they wish to be treated. Case studies coming up shortly… Sketchmap for Masonic orgies - towards communities predicated on prototypical affect A cybernetic analysis of the relationship of united states with iraq The thybernetics thothiety Wiener_Dark Knight of the information age Kybernetes-The international journal of systems theory The thience of synthesis- Implications of systems theory Bert'an'fly- History and status of thysthems System dynamics and cybernetics
  49. 49. Information for the defence community Complexity Theories: Perspectives for the Social Construction of Organizational Transformation Alphonso Lingis: The community of those who have nothing in common age&q&f=false Handbook of intelligence studies The colonization and streamlining of ordinary discourse OF-THE-PEOPLE Laclau/dp/1844671860/ref=la_B001JPBUTK_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1345982605 &sr=1-4 Cybercrime and digital forensics The FBI forensics handbook Dragon voice recognition software CIA Remote viewing manual Big breach: From top-secret to maximum security (watch out for cleaning ladies, taxi drivers, pub and kiosk owners!) Mind Monitoring via Mobile Brain-body Imaging NSA's_Subliminal_Posthypnotic_Scripts
  50. 50. Encyclopedia of propaganda and mass persuasion Propaganda techniques The Cultural Pragmatics of Social Performance: Between Ritual and Rationality Bourdieu Cultural Change Deconstructing Symbolic Boundaries: Cultural Strategies of New Social Movements Mind control cybernetics No touch torture Torture-Using-Directed-Energy-and-Neurological-Weapons HAARP - New World Order Mind Control and Weather Warfare Weapon control.htm Effects of directed energy weapons Tactical-Employment-of-Nonlethal-Weapons Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons Psyops manual Review of legal evidence and proof Semantics and ontology of dispositions
  51. 51. The role of context in legal reasoning Legal reasoning with Wigmore's diagrams Legal argumentation and evidence Legal argumentation with hypotehticals Legal case-based reasoning as practical reasoning Legal concepts as inferential nodes and ontological categories Legal rhetoric Oxford dictionary of law EU Criminal law Guide to criminal law Entrapment techniques by the secret services (even better than 'agenda 21' schooling) Indirect perpetration On the justification process of judiciary decisions Judicial proof and best explanation
  52. 52. Epistemology and methodology of comparative law Positivism and Antipositivism in Federal Courts Law Epistemic communities and social movements Exemplary Reasoning: Semantics, Pragmatics, and the Rational Force of Legal Argument by Analogy Ontology of law and its implications Ontology or linguistic structure? Using Legal Rules in an Indeterminate World: Overcoming the Limitations of Jurisprudence The sociology of conversion Bourdieu- Language and symbolic power Building myths in community psychology The role of embodied metaphors Politics of ritual secrecy 21st C. sociology-Social movements Mythological enabling of collective action Formal Models in Studying Collective Action and Social Movements
  53. 53. How people are transformed into perps Criminal psychology Criminal profiling:Principles and practices Agenda 21: The United Nations Threat To Control Our Lightbulbs, Our Lifestyles and Our Lives threat-to-control-our-lightbulbs-our-lifestyles-and-our-lives.html Richard Rothschild Defeats Agenda 21 In Maryland Alabama Becomes First State To Officially Adopt Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation adopt-anti-agenda-21-legislation.html Some bits about mambo sciences (so mambo as to be synonymous with institutions) Freemasonry, eugenics and psychiatry (oldies but goodies) Mamboiatrists expose the fraud of mamboiatry Szasz anthology
  54. 54. The lying truths of mamboiatry This is a rhetorical question... The Medicalization of Everyday Life (SIGN A PETITION FOR FDA NOW! NEUROS SHOULD BE OTC'D) Side-effects: Well, in a psychological warfare there's always collateral In case you're in a third world country for vacations, such as Grease, this book may come in handy (Kosmatos 69, 70) Go-Off [Man] classic Cure or Quackery? (another rhetorical question) Garfinkel: Asylum discourse (a bit more comprehensible than freakmasonic metaphorology) Szasz quotes George Rossolatos- A Semiotic Critique of the Scientific Status of Psychiatry and the Contribution of Psychiatric Evaluation in the Formation of Judicial Judgment Psychiatry vs Psychoanalysis (PLACE YOUR BETS!) The psychopharmaceutical complex (big & strong, just the way we like it)
  55. 55. Why the 'P' world? DSM or Malleus Maleficarum? (Maleus at all costs!) This is a really funny one: The therapeutic state (Just imagine being targeted by a crooked state, such as Grease, that calls itself 'parens patriae') PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE: NEUROSCIENCE OF MURDER Szasz- The theology of medicine Szasz- Psychiatric slavery (most accurate roadmap to NWO redistribution of money and power) Letter of Resignation from the American Psychiatric Association (very emotional, almost made me cry) It's all in the narrative: Become a keen storyteller now (or become prey to the discursive complicity of desperate housewives and their judiciary counterpart, the DA) Research agenda for DSM V (at least there is an agenda) Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism Szasz against Skinner's behaviorism An ontology of physical causation as a basis for assessing causation in fact and attributing legal responsibility (great read for every illiterate DA out there- that is about 99,99% of this crooked profession)
  56. 56. Causality and explanation (great read for every illiterate DA out there- that is about 99,99% of this crooked profession) Faking it all along (can you tell?) Identifying delusional discourse: issues of rationality, reality and power (Oh, no sociologists are spoiling all the fun) Perhaps the most profitable pufferry (after the church) Asymmetric discourse (rather one-way ticket) Human research subject protections from National Security experiments NWO (selective) totalitarianism and political mamboiatry (History repeating) File your own lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Ely Lilly now! ON THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY ACCESSING EVERY HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION OF FUNDAMENTAL ALGORITHMS Rhetoric in the age of cognitive science R. D. Laing: Sanity, Madness and the Problem of Knowledge
  57. 57. The Politics of Biological Determinism Critique of scientific status Naturalizing epistemology Learn how crooked (freakmasonic) judges 'harmonise interpretations' and streamline conflicting narratives in order to match 'pre-ordained' decisions (leverage these points closely when appealing against 'preferential decisions') On the logical analysis of judicial decisions (file a priori under: Contempt for organized crime and an apologetic bozo posing as 'president' or mafia-rep on the bench, looking serious- probably tired after last night's masonic orgy) An Ethnomethodological Analysis of Courtroom Proceedings (EVEN BETTER THAN GARFINKEL'S 1967 ETHNOMETHODOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION INTO FALSIFIED MEDICAL RECORDS...) cal_Analysis_of_Courtroom_Proceedings.pdf Commentary on a Psychoanalytic Semiotics of Law (HERE IT IS: IF YOU DON'T SELL PHARMA DRUGS YOU'RE NOT SCIENTIFIC) Luhmann- Legitimation through process (aka theatrics) Country-bumpkins and their symbolism
  58. 58. “We shall gather signatures and we shall expel you from the community” ΑΡΕΙΟΣ ΠΑΓΟΣ, Απόφαση 550 / 2010 (Ζ, ΠΟΙΝΙΚΕΣ) JFO0QFAOMKPY3&apof=550_2010 Translated into English (with Google Chrome automatic translator) NU1BHU4DQWJFO0QFAOMKPY3&apof=550_2010 Θέμα Αιτιολογίας επάρκεια, Νόμου εφαρμογή και ερμηνεία, Ψευδής καταμήνυση, Δυσφήμηση συκοφαντική, Ψευδορκία μάρτυρα. «Όμως δεν αποδείχθηκε ότι η άνω εγκαλούσα την εξύβρισε και τη συκοφάντησε με τις φράσεις "μωρή τι νομίζεις, για πόσο θα είσαι ακόμη εδώ, θα μαζέψουμε υπογραφές και θα σε διώξουμε παλιοπουτάνα". "Εσύ μωρή μιλάς, που έχει βεβαρυμένο ποινικό μητρώο που αν το μάθουν στη γειτονιά δεν πρόκειται να σου μιλάει κανείς παλιοπουτάνα». E.R. Dodds - The Freaks and the Irrational Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest No comments: Post a Comment Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Find us @ Linkedin You are visitor hit counter
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