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Maintaining stamped concrete


Published on 866-631-8664 14121 Parke Long Court Suite #109 Chantilly, VA 20151 However you decide for your concrete to look when it is complete it is essential that you ensure your stamped concrete is protected so that it will maintain its beautiful appearance as well as its structural integrity over the years.

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Maintaining stamped concrete

  1. 1. Maintaining StampedConcrete
  2. 2. Creating a beautiful look for yourwalkway, patio, or pool deck is away to add appealing, customizeddetail to your outdoor living space. (888) 491-2200
  3. 3. Whether you are looking for somethingsimple and subdued, or more strikingand dramatic, stamped concrete is anideal option for decoration and functionthat will last you for many years. (888) 491-2200
  4. 4. Like concrete that is not stamped,stamped concrete is a highly durablematerial that can withstand extensiveuse and weather exposure. (888) 491-2200
  5. 5. What is Stamped Concrete?Stamped concrete is simply concretethat has been imprinted with shapes.These can be elaborate decorativestampings meant to create a focal pointfor an outdoor living area, or somethingas simple as lines to create theappearance of cobblestones or slates. (888) 491-2200
  6. 6. What is Stamped Concrete?Just like concrete that is not stamped,stamped concrete can be stained togive it color, and sealed to give itsheen.
  7. 7. What is Stamped Concrete?However you decide for your concreteto look when it is complete it isessential that you ensure your stampedconcrete is protected so that it willmaintain its beautiful appearance aswell as its structural integrity over theyears. (888) 491-2200
  8. 8. Steps that should be takenduring the installation of your stamped concrete include:If you want to add extra appeal to yourstamped concrete use a color hardener.This will set the color and create concretethat is even more durable in many casesthan non-stamped concrete. (888) 491-2200
  9. 9. Steps that should be takenduring the installation of your stamped concrete include:Request several coats of sealer beapplied to the final concrete to protect itfrom dirt, chemicals, water, and othersubstances, as well as blocking damagefrom UV rays. (888) 491-2200
  10. 10. Steps that should be takenduring the installation of your stamped concrete include:Ensure that the area is clean of debrisprior to applying the sealer, and that it isnot disturbed until fully dry. (888) 491-2200
  11. 11. How to Maintain Stamped ConcreteEven the best prepared stamped concretewill require periodic maintenance. Thisdepends on weather conditions to which thestamped concrete is exposed on a regularbasis, and how much traffic it sees. Some ofthe maintenance steps you can expect toperform include: (888) 491-2200
  12. 12. How to Maintain Stamped ConcreteAvoid using deicing salts on your stampedconcrete, especially during the first winterafter the concrete is installed. Thesechemicals can be damaging to the finishand alter the appearance of yourpavement. (888) 491-2200
  13. 13. How to Maintain Stamped ConcreteIf you notice that your stamped cementhas lost the sheen achieved by a sealer itcan be regained by reapplying the sealer,or adding a coat of a different sealer as isrecommended by the installationprofessional. (888) 491-2200
  14. 14. How to Maintain Stamped ConcreteIf you happen to have stamped concreteon an interior floor it is especiallyimportant that you focus on maintainingareas that see a lot of traffic in order toprevent wear from damaging theappearance of the floor. Applying wax orpolish can help create a protective buffer. (888) 491-2200