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Fit Property is a young, pioneering lettings and property management company located in the city of Sheffield, with expert local knowledge, a distinctive product offering and personalised service.

The Task
Fit Property needed a way to attract new landlords to increase their inventory of properties and strengthen their presence within the tenant market in Sheffield, while continuing to service and expand their business to the student segment of the market. Essentially the business needed to reach all three customer segments – Student, Tenant and Landlord, without diluting the brand or losing customer attention. Creating a new website and updating its key messaging were the primary requirements.

The Solution
A website with a clean design, streamlined user experience and content that speaks clearly to the brand's three audience segments. Fresh talking points emphasise key product innovations that differentiate Fit Property in the market, while authentic customer testimonials build the brand's credibility and support its reputation. A customised landing page and brochure were also created to deliver Fit property's message to landlords in Sheffield, fed by a dedicated AdWords campaign.

Visit the website to experience the website first hand:

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Fit Property Brand & Messaging

  1. 1. Proposition, Key Messaging & Creative August-September 2013
  2. 2. Fit Property is ... Sheffield’s Local Experts
  3. 3. Customer Segments
  4. 4. Landlord It’s about maximizing the value of my property and protecting my investment
  5. 5. Tenant It’s about getting the right place
  6. 6. Student It’s about getting the right place
  7. 7. The Problem
  8. 8. Landlord It’s about maximising the value of my property and protecting my investment ! Problem • How do I let my property fast and find the right tenants? • How do I protect my investment and my income? • How do I increase rent, maximize value? • Property maintenance. ! Want • Trust worthy, professional service. Legal advice. • Peace of mind, hassle free.
  9. 9. Tenant It’s about getting the right place ! Problem • I’m short on time. • How do I find the right place in the right location. • How do I protect myself or my family? ! Want • The right place. • Trust worthy, professional quality service. • Security, safety, hassle free.
  10. 10. Student It’s about getting the right place ! Problem • I’ve not rented before – how does it all work? • I’m not familiar with the area – where should I live? • How do I get a good deal or a fair price? • How do I protect my deposit? ! Want • The right place. • Help from people I can trust. • Security, safety, respect, hassle free.
  11. 11. Key Talking Points
  12. 12. We are Sheffield. We live, work and love every part of this city. Talking Point #1
  13. 13. Talking Point #2 Let fast. MaximiseValue. Protect Investment.
  14. 14. Talking Point #3 All Bills Included. Increase value, increase rent. Reduce risks of overuse and unknown costs. Remove hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. Monitor usage online.
  15. 15. Talking Point #4 Property Dashboard. Monitor usage online 24/7.Take action.
  16. 16. Talking Point #5 Live Life Fully. We save your time, so you can get on with the things that are the most important.
  17. 17. Talking Point #6 Real People, with Real Stories. Credibility direct from our customers. “I have been with Fit Property for over 4 years now and I have always found them to be extremely helpful ... always available, very professional and efficient. They have made my job as a Landlord very easy!”
  18. 18. Talking Point #7 Customer Satisfaction. Fast, friendly, Human.Always available.
  19. 19. Talking Point #8 Industry Affiliation.
  20. 20. Call to Action
  21. 21. Call To Action Landlord Tenant Get a Free Valuation Find a Property #SortYourHouseOut
  22. 22. What is Fit Property’s Unfair Advantage? Bills IncludedProperty Dashboard
  23. 23. Creative Development
  24. 24. Brand Colours call to action background offset brand alternate type green highlight green shadow
  25. 25. Photographic: On Location
  26. 26. Photographic: Real People
  27. 27. Infographic: How Stuff Works
  28. 28. Fit Property 144 Charles St, Sheffield S1 2NE 0114 272 5773