ZAG- 17 steps process branding workshop (NYL)


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  • Hey Lyn. It looks like you are pretty far ahead in your zag study. It looks really good. Some parts have a lot of words, but other than that I think you did great. I had the same problem with writing too much on my zag, too.
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  • I honestly have no critique for your slides. I can tell that you worked extremely hard on this and that you put a lot of thinking into play. Good job, I wish that my project is coming along as smoothly as yours.
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ZAG- 17 steps process branding workshop (NYL)

  1. 1. ZAG by Marty Neumeier #1 Strategy of High-performance brands Com 459 Jeff McNeill Lyn Jang
  2. 2. Step #1 - Who are you? I am the NYL insurance company =life insurance company “ Customer’s loyalty” 1-3 Where does your passion lie? Community Place wherever people are 1-2 Where do you have the most experience? -life insurance & annuities -high quality products -product financial management -high level of personal satisfaction 1-1 Where do you have the most credibility? New York life insurance company for 190 years, the company keep, closed its door yesterday. NYL had a long history of helping to Provide security for individuals, families and businesses for 190years. I t extend the brand to the all over the world. C losed with cash and assets worth in excess of 4 biiion dollars, a sum the company says it will donate to causes that include third world education, and poor countries. B y providing various life insurance, annuities and long-term care, they created the vital link between the company and its customers. T he NYL kept #1 life insurance sales and customer loyalty in the U.S until this year. The NYL will be remembered as the best saver for people’s lives A future obituary for your brand
  3. 3. Step #2 - What do you do? We are here to make you be ready For Tomorrow State your purpose in 12 words Or less Satisfy people’s needs its security Help people to prepare their future Decide what your purpose Mutual life-insurance business ( Mutual fund, variable annuities, variable universal life insurance) Sell insurances What business are you in?
  4. 4. Step #3 What’s your vision? customers choices NYL OTHER COMPETETORS Paint a vivid picture of your future NYL is the they prefer most, and We will make customer keep us Go back and refine it further NYL named #1 in customer loyalty in2007 The Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, fielded annually in the spring and fall, currently examine customers' relationships with 362 brands in 55 categories. Test it on a real piece of communication A focusing on life insurance, we seek continued growth for successful asset accumulation product ( can’t deny the fact consumers Want accumulation product) - Annuity , mutual funds- And to grow long=term care business While remaining a life insurance company, we still have to furnish Quality equity products for our agent to make available to their prospects and clients. How can you make this vision palpable and exciting? Make consumers want our product Make consumers say NYL products is the one they trust What do you want to accomplish in 5,10 or 20 years
  5. 5. Step #4 What wave are you Riding? -become a financial supermarket -join the parade to Wall Street -remain a life insurance company -remain a mutual company Make a list of the trend s that will power your success Yes, but we don’t- remain a life insurance company instead of becoming a financial supermarket and remain a mutual company instead Of joining the parade to Wall Street. Can you ride more than one trend at a time? Those tends within the industry have been forcing such profound change How powerful is it? A movement away from the traditional mutual structure to the “demutualized”- stock company- format - The aforementioned shift to financial services What trend is powering your business?
  6. 6. Step #5 Who shares the Brandscape Central to our success are our New York Life agents, who are widely recognized as the best-trained professionals in the industry. Our agents have the ability to understand each customer's objectives and draw upon New York Life's products to best address those objectives. Design a strategy to become Number one or two, Or, become the First mover in a new category NYL is the best insurance company Find out how Your brand ranks With customers 1) NY Life 2) ING 3) The Hartford 4) MetLife 5) Travelers Who comes first, Second, and third in Customers’ minds? Foremore, First, Metropolitan, Prudential, Euitable, Northwestern Mutual, Massachusetts Mutual, Guardian life, Mutual of New York, John Hancock, Manulife and sun life, ING , The Hartford , MetLife , Travelers , Prudential , AXA , Aetna Who else Competes in your Category?
  7. 7. Step #6 What makes you the “ONLY” The First Choice Since 1845 For more than 160 years, New York Life Insurance Company's unwavering financial strength and time-tested investment strategies have provided consistent value and solid financial protection for our clients and their families. Since becoming the first American life insurance company to pay a cash dividend to policyholders in the mid-1800s, New York Life has continued to build a history of innovation — enhancing our existing product lines, creating new financial products, and maintaining a diversified portfolio to best accommodate our customers' changing needs and lifestyles. Central to our success are our New York Life agents, who are widely recognized as the best-trained professionals in the industry. Our agents have the ability to understand each customer's objectives and draw upon New York Life's products to best address those objectives. As you seek financial security for yourself and your loved ones, you want the best: A strong and vital company with a competitive product line and a superior sales force that is committed to providing personal attention to your individual needs. IN AN ERA OF WHEN A s life expectancies increase and the population ages, people’s need for protection is balanced by th ei r need for wealth. WHO WHY In home court, life insurance market filed, IN WHERE C lients FOR WHO W hile other companies rush to offer financial service, taking th ei r eye off the ball; no more focusing on life insurance, the key product, we are focusing on life insurance where other top competitors lose market share . THAT HOW F ocusing on life insurance, seeking continued growth for successful asset accumulation products-annuities and mutual funds- and grow long-term care business THE ONLY WHAT
  8. 8. Step #7 What should You add or Subtract? What existing brand Elements are undermining your onliness? What new brand Elements could Strengthen your onliness? How do the remaining element align with your vision? Make a list of all Current and planned Offerings and brand elements Be brutal-it’s Better to err On the side of sacrifice Decide which Offerings to keep, Sacrifice, or add , the company you keep (slogan), color- Blue, #1 life insurance sales in the U.S ( another slogan) Need a new slogan which contains “Trust”, blog, more work on website Our vision: Make consumers want our product Make consumers say NYL products is the one they trust All slogan can be align with our vision == Humanity is Our Cornerstone One of New York Life's core values is its commitment to humanity. In fact, our charitable contributions date back to 1853, when the Company helped victims of a yellow fever outbreak in New Orleans. Since then, New York Life has distinguished itself by responding in times of crisis, helping to build stronger, more vibrant communities and contributing resources to address emerging social issues. In 1951, the Company established the first formal contributions budget. In 1979, the New York Life Foundation — the primary vehicle through which the Company supports charitable causes — was established. Since then, the Foundation has donated more than $75 million to national and local nonprofit organizations, including Camp Fire USA , the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Girls Inc., and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. In 1998, the foundation implemented its Nurturing the Children initiative, which focuses on childhood education and mentoring programs. Since the Foundation's inceptions, we've given more than $100 million in grants. $26 million has been devoted to the Nurturing the Children initiative as of January 1, 2006. For all of these reasons, we believe that while we are known for a long history of financial strength, our greatest strength comes from our firm belief in humanity and compassion Should add more financial services, scarify health insurance, rest of them should be kept Life insurances, investment annuities, long term care insurances, mutual funds, retirement income, Health insurances
  9. 9. Step #8 Who loves You? Diagram your brand’s ecosystem Who makes up your Brand community? Decide how each participant will both contribute and benefit How can you manage The “gives and gets” So everyone’s happy? people We have a variety of products (keep creating more products) So that people have more choice They buy what they want, and we get what we want- money Business process( innovation &adaptation) -operating business Integration platforms = Agent= Product service Channels Value Community experience platforms Create promises Target market - Customer platforms To reach loyal customer, supplies Perceive value
  10. 10. Step #9 Who’s the Enemy? Which competitor can you paint as the bad guy? Tell your customers what you are not In no uncertain terms The Hartford ING MetLife Travelers Prudential In the rush to offer financial services, many of our top competitors had taken their eye off the ball; they No longer focusing on life insurance, their Key product,. But we are focusing on life insurance and we also seek continued Growth for our successful asset accumulation products. As life expectancies increase and the population Ages, people’s need for protection is balanced By their need for wealth.
  11. 11. 10. What do they call you? Is your name Helping or Hurting your brand? If it’s hurting, is there an opportunity to change it? If it’s too late to change it, is there a way to work around it? Is it suitable for brand play? Does it have creative" legs’ Choose a name that's different, Brief, and appropriate Make sure it’s Easy to spell and pronounce Find out if the name can be used as a url Determine how easy or difficult if will be to legally defend Helpful It IS suitable for brand play, we are New York Life and if you have a respected brand name with life in it, what better business to be in? Easy to spell, pronounce, this name has been used for 160 years
  12. 12. Step #11 How do you Explain Yourself? What’s the one true statement you can make about your brand? Avoid any commas or “ands ” Craft a true line that Tells why your Brand is compelling Turn your trueline Into a tagline to use With customers #1 in Customer loyalty, customer satisfaction - One of New York Life's core values is its commitment to humanity. NYL is always fulfilling customer’s needs
  13. 13. Step #12 How do you Spread the word How can you align all your Communications With your zag? How can you unpack your name, Trueline, and tagline? Only compete at the touchpoints where Your can win Make sure your messaging is as different as your brand How can you enroll brand advocates through messaging? Agent= Messenger Throughout the history, agents at NYL have been the vital lint between the company And its customers. Our agents are working Everyday to spread the word, they are becoming Leaders in their own communities. Agents have licenses for various kinds of insurance and it tells clients that agents are Professional and word agents used are Believable.
  14. 14. Step # 13 How do people Engage with you? What are you selling and how are you selling it? Which touchpoints will let you Compete in white space/? Map your value proposition against those of your competitors Discover customer touchpoints where You will be unopposed See which competitive areas you can avoid entirely Any individuals, selling life, insurances, investment annuities, long terms care insurances, mutual funds, retirement income, health insurance International markets, focusing on mutual funds <ul><li>By remaining a life insurance company and sticking with </li></ul><ul><li>our competencies, we remain a big fish in a small pond as a major life insurance company, which </li></ul><ul><li>We feel is preferable to becoming a small fish in a big pond, </li></ul><ul><li>Competing with Citigroup and Merrill lynch. </li></ul><ul><li>Simply doing what we do best in domestic </li></ul><ul><li>Markets and emerging markets is our most likely avenue for success </li></ul><ul><li>Mutuality differentiates us from the market. As more and more </li></ul><ul><li>Companies demutualize, mutuality confers a level of </li></ul><ul><li>Uniqueness. It allows our agents to go back and tell clients and prospects that we’re one of the few companies that remains a </li></ul><ul><li>Policyholder company, and the becomes a marketing advantages. </li></ul>
  15. 15. Step #14 What do they Experience? How will customers learn about you? How can you “enroll” Them in your brand? Who will be your Competition at each Touchpoint.? Where should you put your marketing resources? Bet your resources on the experiences That ZAG Map the customer journey from non awareness to full enrollment Customers learn about us from our agents and people around them who have our brand As Customers buy our brand,-insurances-, they will be enrolled in our brand. Other agents from other insurance companies any communities, anywhere people are Our customers will experience how they own value is important, how they can make it better moreover they’ll learn how to prepare for their future customer Friends how know our brand TV ads Agents Become curious about our brands
  16. 16. Step #15 How do you Earn their Loyalty? How can you help customers Build barriers to competition? How can you avoid Creating “ disloyalty program” Start by being loyal to customers Don’t make new customers Feel punished or excluded Give loyal customers the tools To introduce new customer New York Life Insurance Company is number one in life insurance sales and in customer satisfaction in the U.S.1 Our sales force is recognized as one of the best trained in the industry, and our agents among the most qualified for understanding and addressing each customer's individual needs. All New York Life agents must complete an extensive training program to give them the necessary tools to properly evaluate your insurance and financial needs. More importantly, their training is ongoing, so their professional knowledge s always up to date and keeps pace with rapid changes in the financial marketplace. Customer satisfaction is our agents' driving force, so their primary responsibility I s to ensure that clients and their loved ones have optimal protection, and to help policyholders achieve a variety of financial goals. Our agents are well qualified for this important work. Many have received their CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) designations, and hold higher level degrees. Our field force's ongoing commitment to continuing education reflects their dedication to equip themselves with the best tools available in order to serve you better. New York Life agents rightfully earn the trust and loyalty of their clients. Perhaps that's why our agents have led the world in Million Dollar Round Table memberships — the most prestigious of life insurance honors — for 50 consecutive years. The Million Dollar Round Table is an association of leading sales professionals in the life insurance industry.
  17. 17. STEP #16 How do you Extend your Success? How do you keep Growing the brand Year after year? Avoid extensions that Bring you Into competition With leaders Avoid extensions that Unfocused the brand the Brand’s meaning Add extensions that Reinforce the Brand’s meaning Choose between a house of brands and a branded house The New York life strategy Continue to grow the life insurance, annuity and long-term care businesses domestically And project core competencies-including actuarial, underwriting and marketing expertise – to high growth, Emerging international market. Many of our top competitions had taken their eye off the ball :they were no longer focusing on life insurance, their key product, and were consequently Losing market share in their House court. However, NYL, we are focusing on life insurance The international marketplace We are already active in six countries in Asia and Latin America and anticipate operating In the world’s two most populous nations- India and China- In the near future.
  18. 18. STEP #17 How do you Protect your portfolio? How can the whole Be worth more than The parts? How can you stay focused under short-term profit pressure? Avoid c-sickness-contagion, Confusion, contradiction, And complexity Understand the long-term Effects of brand extensions It might brings some more money as other Companies move to Financial services, However, it’s only part of huge market. We , NYL, Don’t make a small picture, but a big picture. Remaining a mutual builds on the strength of Our corporate culture. for 155 years, our company Has managed for the future. Our culture is oriented Towards this financial stewardship: the company’s Perspective as well as its management Philosophy have always been long-term rather than Short. And our agents, who represent us to the customer, are more comfortable with the mutual format. -Mutuality differentiates us from the market. As more And more companies demutualize, mutuality Confers a level of uniqueness. -we have no need to raise cash ( we have Sufficient capital to fuel our Future growth ( at the end of 1999, our surplus-or net worth -was over $8 billions, with more than $2 billion of That available for strategic acquisitions.