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Lean Six Sigma Mistake Proofing -


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Lean Six Sigma Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke) -

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Lean Six Sigma Mistake Proofing -

  1. 1. Mistake Proofing: Poka-Yoke Better Understand Mistake Proofing
  2. 2. Mistake-Proofing = Poka-Yoke • Poka-Yoke: Reducing the likelihood of making an error • “Hard” Mistake-Proofing: Design processes and tasks for error-free execution • “Soft” Mistake-Proofing: Create alarm signals to catch Defects as they occur and warn people
  3. 3. Examples of Mistake-Proofing • Hard: • Online applications that do not allow you to proceed without required information • Soft: • When the car makes a sound when you open the door and the headlights are still on
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