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21st Century Librarian ILA Conference 2011


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What it takes to be a 21st century librarian and library

Published in: Investor Relations, Education
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21st Century Librarian ILA Conference 2011

  1. 1. 21st Century Librarian10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  2. 2. 21st Century Librarian10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  3. 3. 21st Century Librarian10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  4. 4. 21st Century Librarian“We know what we are, but we know not what we may be.” - William Shakespeare10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  5. 5. 21st Century LibrarianIn the year,2060people are...10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  6. 6. 10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  7. 7. The21st CenturyChallenge What is a library’s role? Your Place. Stories you want, information you need and connections you seek.10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  8. 8. The21st CenturyLibrarian10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  9. 9. Top 10 Things 21st Century Librarians Do current continuous improvement communicate connect create consult change customer convenient collaboration 10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  10. 10. CommunicateReference Interview 2011Customer1 has joined the roomLissa Staley has joined the room(09:24) Lissa Staley: Hi -- let me find out the best answer I can for you. One moment(09:24) Customer1: thank you.(09:25) Lissa Staley: While I am waiting for a response, I can tell you that generally afterit comes back up, they leave it offline while they load in all of the materials that havebeen returned since it went down.(09:27) Lissa Staley: Okay --It is up now(09:28) Lissa Staley: And we think has been up since Thursday(09:28) Lissa Staley: The IT head recommends that you restart your computer to clearthe cache on your browser(09:28) Lissa Staley: if you are still getting the out of order page at Lissa Staley: Let me know if that doesn’t work or if you need more assistance!(09:29) Customer1: wow! Thanks Lissa.I will try these. Appreciate all of your help. Its great people like you that make our library the gem ofthe city!!!!!!Customer1 has left the room10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  11. 11. CommunicateReference Interview 2011(1:52:14 PM) guest495381: do you have a copy of the “Briggs & straton service manual”(1:52:18 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: hi(1:52:20 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: let me check(1:53:37 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: We have some Stratton related manuals, can you tell memore specifically what we need?(1:54:18 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: We have a walk behind lawn mower service manual(1:54:40 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: And a collection of lawn mower repair reference booksthat don’t check out but you can make photocopies of here(1:55:21 PM) guest495381: That would be it. Where’s it located?(1:55:52 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: In the library, in the Auto Repair Reference section, thelawn mower repair books are on the last section, waist height(1:56:08 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: The Auto Repair Reference is across from the DVDs,specifically across from Adventure and Comedy.(1:56:26 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: (It’s located there so that it is close to the photocopier)(1:56:45 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: Anything else I could help you with?(1:57:49 PM) guest495381: that got it. Thank you very much.(1:57:56 PM) nbdesk1-tscpl: Thanks for using the library!(1:57:59 PM) guest495381 has left the conversation.10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  12. 12. Customers10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  13. 13. Market Segmentation “Library service is really all about connecting with people and building relationships built on real knowledge about each other. And the data that drives that is market segmentation.” - Gina Millsap10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  14. 14. Perception vs. RealityWe thought: People who live in East Topeka are generallyunderserved and are not big library users.We learned: 77% of the segment are library customers and have the5th highest check out per customer.10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  15. 15. 21st Century Librarian10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  16. 16. M od es t In c So om cia e H 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% I l Se om So nne cur es ut r C ity hw ity S es Te et te na rn n Sim Fa ts m Ci ple ilie ty Yo D Liv s un im ing g e Gr an nsi ea d R on tE e s x s M pec tles et ta s ro ti M City ons id lan Ed d ge Ru Ho Cro stb m wd elt e To Tra w d n He Cr itio ar Co os ns tla ll sro nd eg ad Co e To s m w ■ Print10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference M mu ns As M etro niti pi id p es We learned: They check out more books than films. rin lif ol g e ita Ol You Jun ns Re d a ng cti Segments tir nd Fa on em N m en ew ilie t C co s M om me ■ Non-Print ilk m rs an un Co d C itie Perception vs. Reality zy oo s an We thought: People in rural Shawnee County prefer films over books. d C In kies om St fo yle Ex rta ur ble b Up R e it Gr an an ustb en es d e Ac So Com lt Re res Pr p os hi ing tiree pe stic Fa s ro at m us ed ilie Em Sq s pt uir y es Pr Nes air te ie rs Liv in g
  17. 17. Consultants10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  18. 18. Convenience10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  19. 19. Create10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  20. 20. Continuous Improvement10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  21. 21. Continuous Improvement Before After
  22. 22. ChangeThe Next DecadeOur Vision You know us – and we know you You Trust Us You Are Proud of Us You Inspire Us You Can’t Read Enough (For Us)10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  23. 23. ChangeThe Next DecadeOur CommitmentEnhance our citizens’ lives through services when,where and how they need them.10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  24. 24. ChangeThe Next DecadeOur Goals Support the economic vitality of our community Monitor and respond to societal changes with information to help people manage and improve their lives. Support and nourish the community spirit, imagination and culture Contribute to the growth and development of our community’s families and children10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  25. 25. ConnectHow am I like the founder of the Hair Club for Men?
  26. 26. Collaborate10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  27. 27. Current Ereaders FacebookNetflix 10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  28. 28. Be the Customer10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  29. 29. WhatMotivates YourCustomer?10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  30. 30. How can we appeal to people in the future? reliability easy communication delivery on preferred channels connect the dotsSenSe of Belonging no industry jargon convenient easy transactions 10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  31. 31. 21st Century Librarian RULES10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  32. 32. PlatinumTooth headset (connects directly to brain) AppleSoft iPad PhluxCapacitor Drives (formerly known as flash drives) InfoWand (RFID scanner/check-out device)library-dedicated cellular hydrogen cell poweredcommunications device retractable skate shoes (soon to be upgraded to magnetic ©TSC levitation platforms) PL 10.13.11 | Iowa Library Association Conference
  33. 33. Thank you.Questions?Gina 580-4480presidential nominee for ALA VOTE