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2009 GHTA Conference Presentation

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Brandwise Presentation

  1. 1. Just imagine if… …your retailers could use the internet to generate traffic to their brick and mortar locations, making it easy for consumers to find specific products retailers carry from a single web site…. Pie in the sky? We don’t think so!!
  2. 2. Consider that… Your customers want a centralized and easy method for conducting online business with you, then they want an easy method for conducting offline business with their customers. Email marketing = excess clutter Available SKU level data by retailer = relevant, timely, efficient Centralized shopping for consumers = More business for everyone down stream
  3. 3. All this works how?  Reps place orders with retailers Order detail is available on-line by SKU for consumers Enter Zip Code Select a product See list of retailers who have purchased that product Drive to retail location Purchase product Receive Hug from Retailer Retailers place reorders Repeat process