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Loola Marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Loola Marketing

  1. 1. Unique & effective text-message integrated TV spots aimed atbranding your business, as well as allowing intimate contact withcustomersLoola’s Text-message marketing platform. This allows you toadvertise a “short code” to potential customers, enabling you toreach their cell phones with coupons, special information, orevents.Total online integration. Full service website, as well as Facebook,Twitter, and depending on the nature of the business, other socialmedia as well. Service packages starting at $799
  2. 2. At Loola, we believe that easiest way for a business to gain credibility isby exposing customers to an objective source of information in favor of theproduct. This can be creatively and convincingly done through web, TV, orother means.An example is our 2010 website “” : Thewebsiteportrayed an over-saturated gold-buying market, exposing the frauds in aparticular locality – while showcasing the honest high rates of one of ourclients. This dramatically increased their gold buying revenues. Contact us for rates & information
  3. 3. Logos Print advertisements of any size Ebay Digital ads of any size Facebook Text message marketing (ask us!) Twitter Informative websites ImgFave Creative websites Pinterest Text message integrated TV spots MySpace Creative TV spots And more, just ask! Traditional TV spots Voice-overs/narration Presentations Radio advertisements Jingles/theme songs Banners/designs Market analysis Marketing consultation – Free!We’re always thinking of new ways to help your business grow.