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2008 Tampa Vendor Packet


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Vendor Registration Packet I created for those exhibiting their products during the Soul Roll Invitational.

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2008 Tampa Vendor Packet

  1. 1. ECCK ixÇwÉÜ _Éz|áà|vá ctv~xàg{tÇ~á yÉÜ vxÄxuÜtà|Çz à{Éáx ã{É _|äx àÉ eÉÄÄA DK@ ]tÇâtÜç DK@ED ECCK
  2. 2. K çxtÜá Éy fâÇwtç a|z{à fÉâÄ eÉÄÄThe Sunday Night Soul Roll at United Skates of America in Tampa started LONG BEFORE therewas a On MLK Weekend 1999 the first group of 18 and older adults beganskating to old school, hip hop and R&B music. The skaters were from diverse backgrounds,professions, races and ages. What they all had in common was their love of the roll and desireto get their skate on whenever they could – they needed the Sunday Night Soul Roll to start theirweek.Over the years the session has grown from skating a few dozen regulars to nearly 400enthusiasts. This is a celebration of accomplishment for a city not previously known for its rollerskating community until recent years.In May of 2005 Letta came to United Skates looking for skating lessons. Letta was gearing up toattend an adult skate party in Chicago. On the invitation of Phil Myers, (’sco-founder) she promised she would attend the Chicago event where the 55 year old Myers (aKorean American, Oil Engineer) said he skated with his brotha’s and sista’s! Not knowing what toexpect, she bought a pair of skates her first night in the rink. With only 8 weeks to learn how toskate, she took lessons and became a session regular of the Sunday Night Soul Roll.Upon returning to Tampa from the Chicago experience, Letta wanted to expose the culture oftraveling and skating to Tampa locals. It was love at first roll and has since vowed to promoteroller skating everywhere she went. There was also a strong desire to show other skaters acrossthe country HOW GREAT skating in Tampa had become and she wanted to showcase thetalent of her fellow session regulars. was born. This was the first website toproduce interactive news coverage by the use of video online. Traveling to more than 13 statesand 46 rinks in her first year, she just wanted to encourage adults to return to roller rinks andexperience this great American past-time all over again.Letta volunteered to help in the organization of the annual MLK anniversary event which soonbecame more than just a local weekend skate jam. Through her travels she promoted the Cityof Tampa, its skaters and their home rink. Now known as the Soul Roll Invitational Skate Jam,adults 21 and older travel from Michigan, California, London, Los Angles, New York and othercities to attend the celebrated weekend.Now in its 3rd year hosted by GetYourSk8On Entertainment, the party has a loyal following oflocals and skaters from across the US. This is a beautiful weekend in Tampa, FL and we hopethat you will be proud and excited to celebrate with us and come to GetYourSk8On!
  3. 3. ixÇwÉÜá jxÄvÉÅx àÉ gtÅÑtTeam GetYourSk8On acknowledges that you have a CHOICE in your event selections duringthe skate year. We are so honored that you are interested or have decided to bring your fineproducts to us in Tampa. We hope that this packet offers you background, travel tips and otherhelpful information to get you and your merchandise here safely.Upon your arrival at the Double Tree Guest Suites on Friday Jan 18th, you will be greeted with thefollowing: • Event weekend rink access badges • Maps to your venues and area attractions • Updated schedules • Any other information that might make your weekend successful and funShould any of you arrive BEFORE Friday January 18th, please let me know so that we might makeourselves available to you for lunch, dinner or just to welcome you.(L-R) Greg Smith of Bones Bearings and skate wheels has been a proud sponsor and vendor for 3 years. UnitedSkates of America is home of the regular Sunday Soul Roll in Tampa – our home rink, we skate here 9-12pm eachweek. Ray Whitlock of Oakland, CA enjoys vendor mixer and our course a drink.
  4. 4. [xÄÑyâÄ[xÄÑyâÄ gÜtäxÄ ÇyÉÜÅtà|ÉÇAIR TRANSPORTATIONUnique benefits have been negotiated for individuals flying toTampa for the Soul Roll Invitational Skate Jam on AirtranAirways. Attendees and Travel Agents should call Airtran at1-866-68-EVENT (1-866-683-8368) to obtain more informationabout the following features with EVENT CODE – TPA0117081. A 10% discount on the lowest available Airtran Airways fares.2. Advance seat assignments at time of booking.3. Confirmed upgrade to Business Class, when available, for passengers booking in the "B" and"Y" fare levels. A ONE-TIME waiver of Change Fee per reservation for any name or itinerarychange. (UNHEARD of HOOKUP)4. Travel Agents and attendees MUST BOOK all Event Savers reservations directly with the EventSavers Desk to receive the 10% discount. Reservations booked through a travel agent GeneralData System or the Internet will NOT qualify for the 10% discount.5. Attendees may travel three days prior to the event start date and three days after the eventclose date if they wish to spend any additional time at the event location.** We also have a discount code for CONTINENTAL AIRLINES, please email us if youd like thatcode and for booking instructions.** CAR RENTAL Once you land in Tampa, you need a great car at an affordable price. For the second year we’ve made friends with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick you up so you can ROLL. Take advantage of their SOUL ROLL WEEKEND RATE of $72.00 for full and mid-sized cars. Make reservations ASAP as they are only based on availability. Call Branch Rental Manager STEVE MON-GOY at 813-282-1680 and mention the SOUL ROLL weekend rate. Of course all customers must meet ourregular requirements to rent and must have a valid driver’s license andmajor credit card (debit cards are accepted for final payment only).HOTEL INFORMATIONThe Double Tree Guest Suites at Rocky Point is justwaiting on you! We hope you make time to vend andnot get lostin the great weather and relaxing environment. Letta isyour point of contact should you need anything on-site.
  5. 5. ÅÑÉÜàtÇà VÉÇàtvà ÇyÉÜÅtà|ÉÇHOST HOTELSDOUBLE TREE: 813-888-8800Call the hotel directly should you need pre-shipping information and rules for holding yourfreight prior to your arrival in Tampa and check in at the hotel.HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS: 813-287-8585RINK PHONE NUMBERSUnited Skates of America: 813-876-5826Town & Country Skateworld: 813-884-7688 **NEW EVENT ADDED** Brunch & Skate Sunday morning 11am-1pmEVENT STAFF Milton “Maestro” TorrenceSaletta “Letta” Coleman (Event Operations(SRI Coordinator) Manager/ Vendor727-564-3357 Logistics) 727-657-3024
  6. 6. ixÇwÉÜ V{xv~Ä|áà „ g{|Çzá àÉ UÜ|Çz ã|à{ lÉâThis is just a few things we’ve noticed that might be helpful for you to have packed when youleave home. These items are often difficult to find and NOT AVAILABLE from the hotel and rink.This will save you a Wal-Mart run, so pack accordingly!__ Extension cord(s)__ Power Strip__ Packing tape (for boxes and cables running near your table)__ Scotch tape__ Sharpie’s (permanent marker)__ Scissors (TSA requires this be packed in CHECKED LUGGAGE)__ Blank CDs (video/music/photo vendors)__ Clothing hangers__ Stands or other display__ Envelopes, labels for mailing and shipping__ A notepad for mailing list, collect email addresses from your customers!__ Air bills if using FED EX, UPS, DHL services__ Business cards, flyers or promotional material – so customers can find you later!__ Batteries for your laptop, cameras, remotes or other technical needs__ Cash box or waist pack (make change BEFORE you setup at hotel or rink)Important DeadlinesFRIDAY, November 16th – Email to confirm your participation byCOMPLETING and RETURNING the form on thenext page by fax or mail.FRIDAY, December 7th – Order online or by mailyour weekend event tickets (2 rink nights only)to be mailed to you by January 1st. Tickets canbe placed in your arrival packets uponrequest.FRIDAY, January 5th – Please forward yourairline flight arrival information to Letta so thatyou may be included in airport arrivalgreetings. We greet flights from 8am – 3pm onFriday Jan 18th. It’s our tradition and Letta getsa kick out of it ☺ Look for the arrival signs thatwelcome Soul Roll skaters!
  7. 7. YES - I am looking forward to participating as a Vendorin Tampa!Name: _________________________________ Product You Sell:_________________Company Name: ________________________________________________________Tagline or description you wished mentioned: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone: ________________________________________________________________Fax: ___________________________________________________________________Email: _________________________________________________________________Does your set-up need any of the following? Please check YES or NO in yourresponse.CONCESSION NEEDED YES NOElectrical / PowerEarly setup in rinkTableChairs (how many)__ YES – I’d like to supply GetYourSk8On w/an item to place in welcome registration bags.ITEMS MAY INCLUDE – sales sheet, flyers, product stickers, t-shirts, key chain, hand towel, whistle,sports bottle, product discount coupon, promotional DVDs, product samples, lanyard, skatelaces, wrist bands, branded luggage tags or other trade show applicable give away.(A minimum of 100 pieces are required for welcome bags given at hotel check-in – remainderof items given away as door prizes throughout the event weekend).___ No thanks, I do not have any promotional items to include in the bag this time.MAILING CHECK, THIS FORM & LOGO INFORMATION:Please mail $30 ($15 for 2 rink nights) and include this form no later than DECEMBER 7, 2007.Email Letta for current return address information when you are ready.Please provide your high resolution logo (new participants) in .jpeg or .png format ASAP.EMAIL TO:
  8. 8. Skaters from the Detroit, MI present Letta (front left) with a native jacket from their club and pose for a family photo during the main event in 2007. Skaters from Los Angeles arrive at Tampa Airport in 2006greeted w/signs made by local elementary school students. Rich & his workshop students show off their Skub Bros. Rich & CBS News Reporter Sherry Ray pose after his t-shirts after class at United Skates. interview featuring the Learn to Rollerdance workshop. Skaters from TX, CA, NJ & PA enjoy the Tampa Black Dustin Glebe (Riedell Skates) w/ Letta & Greg Smith Heritage Festival Concerts. (Bones Bearings) at vendor reception.
  9. 9. ctáà ctáà ixÇwÉÜá 9 fÑÉÇáÉÜá ÇvÄâwx Airtran Airways – 2006,8 Bones Bearings (Skate One) – 2006,7,8 Riedell Skates – 2006,7,8 Skubs Bros. Skate Spinners – 2007,8 Graphics Tech of Tampa (banner printing) – 2006,7,8 Stadium Toyota Scion of Tampa – 2006,7,8 Tampa Bay DSL (live web cast) Enterprise Rent-A-Car Office Depot United Skates GYRO Skates metroPCS Cingular Wireless DELL Coke / Dasani Starbucks Sweet Bay Publix Key West Media Breur Media KappaChris Productions Vernon Touch Films Skaters Choice Pro Shop Creative Loafing Newspapers CBS Affiliate WTSP 10 Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival Thanks for Your Support