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Jane Bennet


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Jane Bennet

  1. 1. Jane Bennet  
  2. 2. Our lovely home, Longbourn.
  3. 3. My most prized possesion - my family
  4. 4. Netherfield, where I first laid eyes on Mr. Bingley.
  5. 5. My first dance with dearest Bingley
  6. 6. Visiting London with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner
  7. 7. Leaving London to reunite with my beloved family
  8. 8. Lydia returning home with Mr. Wickham
  9. 9. A surprise visit from Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley
  10. 10. Mr. Bingley proposed!
  11. 11. It seems that Lizzy has fallen in love with Darcy. Now two marriages will come to town!
  12. 12. The festivities of a wonderful wedding
  13. 13. The ties of our wonderful family