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Our trip to Maine


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Our trip to Maine

  1. 1. Our Trip to Maine The Lacko Family Goes East! September 2007
  2. 2. Bar Harbor This was near the end of the “shore path” in Bar Harbor, a mile-long stretch along the coast, running from the harbor, past our beautiful hotel (The Bar Harbor Inn) and in front of some gorgeous oceanfront property. Throughout our trip, we traveled through Portland, The Kennebunks, Kittery, Portsmouth NH, Camden, Boothbay, Belfast and Brunswick.
  3. 3. The natural bridge in Bar Harbor. Twice a day, the water recedes more than 6 feet to allow a large walking path to the nearest island.
  4. 4. One of Joseph’s many masterpiece photographs! This is the view from our hotel room in Bar Harbor. He shot this standing on our little veranda.
  5. 5. A few days after we arrived, we happened to pass a yard sale in Kennebunkport. A young family had just grown out of this little “command center”, so we picked it up for 3 bucks! It was absolutely a gem to have on our trip. On the last day, we donated it to the Goodwill, about an hour north of Portland.
  6. 6. Camden This is the harbor, just across from the truly amazing and wonderful Camden library. We stayed at the Captain Swift B&B, and all immediately fell in love with the area. (Go, Zoot!) The only drawback? Route 1 goes directly through it, and the noise from the 18-wheelers break up what is otherwise the most peaceful and quaint little town you’d ever want to visit.
  7. 7. The outdoor amphitheatre at the Camden Library. Joseph made a new little friend, Sophia, next page.
  8. 8. Daddy gets a hug from his boys at a lobster joint down on the Camden harbor docks.
  9. 9. Little Joseph picked “flowers” (er, dandelions) to give to Mommy and Daddy.
  10. 10. We stopped at a little farmer’s market in Brunswick to sample the local produce. Joseph was more interested in throwing sticks and the nearby sheep.
  11. 11. Being on holiday wasn’t going to stop Noah from working on his crawl.
  12. 12. We did a lot of walking… little Joseph stopped at plenty of benches asking us to “sit, sit!”
  13. 13. Checking the view off Kittery Point at Fort McClary.
  14. 14. The bunker at Fort McClary. Little J was SO there.
  15. 15. The last night, we atayed in Boothbay Harbor. The next morning, we headed back to Portland where the kids spent the morning at the Children’s Museum.
  16. 16. Our dream: trapped in Kennebunkport, Maine