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HACCP Fact Sheet 1 - Risk Assessment


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Check out our HACCP Fact Sheet on the Risk Assessment Matrix.

Get the low down on how to do risk assessment as part of your HACCP system.

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HACCP Fact Sheet 1 - Risk Assessment

  1. 1. Fact Sheet No1 - Safety Risk Significance (SRS)HACCP has traditionally relied upon the This is where Safety Risk Significance (SRS)fact that any point that requires control in a comes in. SRS measures two aspects of a hazardprocess is either Critical or Not. This is the and based on two answers to:very basis of the HACCP Decision Tree; ithelps you decide if a hazard is a Critical • The SEVERITY (or consequences) of theControl Point (CCP) or otherwise. hazard in question and..At HACCP Now we believe that some • The RISK (or likelihood) of the hazard inhazards have a potentially greater impact question.than others and that HACCP should takeaccount of this. After all, how can a HACCP Now helps prioritise the overall Safetycommercial business decide how to best Risk Significance index (a measure between 1deploy financial and other resources in the and 25). SRS is unique to HACCP Now.control of hazards in a sensible and costeffective means? See the SRS matrix below. Severity Can cause Can lead to Can cause a Can generate Not of fatality serious product recall a customer significance Risk illness complaint Common S1 S3 S6 S10 S15occurrence Known to S2 S5 S9 S14 S19 occurCould occur S4 S8 S13 S18 S22 Not likely to S7 S12 S17 S21 S24 occur Practically S11 S16 S20 S23 S25 impossibleIn this way HACCP Now helps clearly For more information on HACCP Now pleaseidentify the relative potential impact a contact:hazard may have on the business andtherefore allows the business to prioritise Jim Flynn – accordingly. or visit: