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CH 5 &6

Published in: Real Estate
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374 5

  1. 1. MGT 374 Real Estate Analysis College of Business AlfaisalUNIVERSITY
  2. 2. Making a pizza is not the same thing as building a building
  3. 3. Chapter 5 Market Determinates of Value
  4. 4. Booms and Busts Supply and Demand Risk Cycles
  5. 5. Creation Growth Decline Regentrification Land is always there Peak Growth Peak Decline Reinvent
  6. 6. Cities must reinvent or they die
  7. 7. Fur Trade Steel Cars ?
  8. 8. Cities Easy Trade Access
  9. 9. Cities Richer Healthier More Choices
  10. 10. Economic Base what a city does for the rest of the world
  11. 11. Activities Base Secondary
  12. 12. What are Riyadh’s activities?
  13. 13. Location Quotient local employment country employment
  14. 14. Shape of the City why is the center so expensive? reduce travel time opportunity costs
  15. 15. Middle Income Housing Low income housing Industrial Burgess Model Downtown High Income Housing
  16. 16. Hoyt Model high income IndustrialIndustrial low income low income low income Middle income Middle income CBD
  17. 17. Harris Ullman Model multinuclei cities not one CBD lots of centers
  18. 18. Technology Change trains to cars air conditioning lighting information tech
  19. 19. Why are all the satellite stores at the same place?
  20. 20. Location convenience: disperse comparison: cluster