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  • FirstDay: 1822I came to the colony in hope of wealth. I had heard of many economic opportunities, so I decided to seize one of them for myself. I came by wagon, seeing that I was nearby on a business trip at the time. Being on a wagon for a few days strait makes you sore.
  • I qualified for 1520 acres of land, having myself, my wife, two kids, two hunting hounds, and my pet pig. I was accepted because of my job. The land is only 12 cents per acre, so I will still have plenty of my $1000 of investment money. The trip was quite nice, other than a mild storm. Well, looks like we’re here. Time to get Started!
  • Year 1, 1822: I had paid my yearly land fine of $60.80, leaving me with $939.20 of remaining investment money. I then invested $175 worth of cotton, another $175 of lumber, and $200 of cattle at the beginning of the year.
  • The winter this year was harsh, killing off most of my cattle, I only just managed to regain my investment in cattle. The Lively was late upon arriving, causing me to only just regain my cotton investment as well. Though due to all the new arrivals, there was a high demand for lumber, causing me to get triple my lumber investment.
  • Year 2, 1823: I now have $1218.40 after paying my land payment. This year I invested $300 on cotton, $200 on lumber, and $300 on cattle.
  • The Mexicans had put a high tax on cotton this year, so I lost all my investment on that for this year. Lumber was in average demand, so I didn’t gain any money from that. There was a mild winter, causing great profit off cattle. I got triple my investment in cattle. I ended the year with$1518.40.
  • Year 3, 1824: I have $1457.60 after paying off my land, that I now own. I had a feeling cotton would be high in demand, so I invested $600 in cotton, $250 in lumber, and$150 in cattle.
  • Excellent cotton crop this year, and I got triple my investment. A good year for lumber and cattle as well, giving me double my investment in both of those. I ended the year with $3718.40. I got an extra $600, due to the high success in San Felipe, the town I live in.
  • I have recently found this journal under my floorboards while getting some money out, I still don’t trust those banks. It has been 39 years sense I first arrived. I am now 56 years old, it has been quite a while sense I last wrote in this old book.
  • I have lived a happy life here in San Felipe, full of thrills, ups, and downs. I have become quite wealthy in my years. It never would have happened if I hadn’t come to the colony in the first place, and that was most likely the best decision I have ever made. I plan to stay for the rest of my life.
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    1. 1. My Journal1822-1824
    2. 2. First Impressions
    3. 3. Land Of Fortune
    4. 4. Year 1: Beginning
    5. 5. Year 1: End
    6. 6. Year 2: Begining
    7. 7. Year 2: End
    8. 8. Year 3: Beginning
    9. 9. Year 3: End
    10. 10. Year 39: 1860
    11. 11. Year 39, 1860: Closing
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