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Fruugo - Go Global


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Fruugo is a marketplace for retailers and shoppers operating in 23 countries across the globe which seamlessly enables shoppers to buy in their native language, currency and preferred payment method.

72.4% of shoppers are more likely to buy in their native language. In Q4 2012 more transactions went through marketplaces than all individual websites combined. Our commitment to exceptional service and cross-border selling has made Fruugo a much loved marketplace by shoppers and retailers all over the globe.

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Fruugo - Go Global

  1. 1. THE PROBLEM shoppers don’t buy in another 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language Global Retail Insights Network Längµagé or €urrenc¥
  2. 2. THE SOLUTION Fruu•go [froo-go] noun, verb, fruugo•ed to purchase products from multiple global retailers, using one basket (I just ‘fruugoed’ stuff from all over the world) Verb(used with object) unique global marketplace in multiple languages and currencies Noun(trademark)
  3. 3. IN OTHER WORDS products shoppers countries selling ... your to more in more ... now
  4. 4. AVAILABLE IN 23 COUNTRIES Reaching all corners of the world and more coming soon ...
  5. 5. TRANSLATED INTO 10 LANGUAGES English German French Dutch Polish Spanish Russian Italian Finnish Swedish English Deutsch Français Nederlands Polski Español Русский язык Italiano Suomi Svenska and more coming soon ...
  6. 6. PRICES IN 11 CURRENCIES and more coming soon ... 88888EUR 88888GBP 88888USD 88888ZAR 88888CHF 88888NOK 88888CAD 88888SEK 88888DKK 88888AUD 88888NZD
  7. 7. 1234 5678 9123 4567 SHOPPER 07/13 1234 DEBITVALID FROM WE ACCEPT Global Payments and more coming soon ...
  8. 8. RETAILER FEEDBACK Fruugo has helped us get a great launch in new markets and increase our sales overall. Fruugo is our No.1 platform to sell good across the entire Planet. It is a pleasure dealing with Fruugo! Fruugo offer much more visibility internationally, and none of the hassles. It is always a pleasure to work with Fruugo’s dynamic team. We are very happy with the number of orders generated. We are very pleased with the daily sales we are getting through Fruugo. Their model makes international sales very easy for us. We have already seen great sales and revenues through this channel – and they’re growing all the time. Michael Gegerfelt (Sweden) Marianne Havenstein TopParfumerie (Netherlands) Vijay Advani Amaroni Homeware Cecile Boultareau Beautique Lee Moakes Bodycare 2000 Karl Smith Urban Surfer
  9. 9. INTEGRATE via an Authorised Fruugo Partner or Directly A UTHORIS ED PA R T N E R
  10. 10. NO SALE, NO FEE Just a sales commision of You get paid in your own currency Payment fees Currency conversion Language conversion Anti-fraud protection VAT calculation Fully inclusive of: % 10
  11. 11. GO GLOBAL ... NOW sign up with us today +44(0)1229 400600 /goglobalfruugo .com