The persistence of peer pressure:


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The persistence of peer pressure:

  1. 1. The persistence of peer pressure:The persistence of peer pressure: Mars-Nessus in AquariusPosted on January 22, 2013 by Amanda PainterThis week is building toward the Leo Full moon, which is at 11:38 pm EST on Jan. 26. On theway to that lunation — which itself will be ramping up emotional intensity, like all Full Moons —we’ll also be feeling the build of another aspect that may be waking us up to some less savory(or downright mean) tendencies in groups. That would be the conjunction of Mars with Nessusin late Aquarius.Simplified chart section showing Mars (red ‘male’ symbol) nearly conjunct Nessus (aqua glyph)in Aquarius. Mercury (green glyph) is sextile Uranus (blue ‘H’) in Aries, and trine Jupiter(orange ’4?) in Gemini. The Sun (yellow circle) will make the same aspects as MercuryThursday and Friday.Mars conjunct Nessus is exact the same day as the Full moon (just after 9 am EST) but likemost Mars aspects, you’ll likely feel it intensifying through the week. Peer pressure is a veryreal force in our lives, long past our emergence from adolescence into adulthood. If you’rehaving trouble locating a recent example in your own life (it can be subtle, and insidious),consider the alleged coercion by Lance Armstrong to get his other Tour de France teammatesto use illegal performance-enhancing drugs.People do things they’d rather not do and go against their own instincts and values on regularbasis. Why is that?There is tremendous psychological power in groups, combined with perceived and sometimesreal power to exact consequences. We give up our power to groups often, and it’s made easierwhen we don’t quite know what we want. But most of the time, deep down, we really do knowwhat we want. So what gets in the way of doing something about it?As mentioned, Mars-Nessus looks a lot like the common dynamic of a group of individualsabdicating their individuality to go along with something mean. It has a flip side, though. Marshere could also represent the potential for an individual to wake up and decide not to go alongwith it — whatever ‘it’ may be. One key phrase of Nessus is ‘the buck stops here’. That‘buck’, however, is very often an old pattern of abuse asking to be healed.The territory that Nessus represents tends to be unpleasant, and deeply so. As in, the kind ofstuff you want a really good therapist for. Nessus is generally representative of family shadow 1/2
  2. 2. material and old pain that has been passed along or perpetrated through the generations. Dealing with this material can bring up all kinds of questions about loyalty, guilt, shame and fear of being ostracized. One of the reasons many people do not seek help with healing needs is out of a fear of embarrassing the family for what it did. There is loyalty that can even extend into not telling a therapist. Nessus in Aquarius can be that conspiracy of silence — and the diffusion of responsibility to the point where nobody is actually responsible. It’s no wonder people often don’t want to wake up: the pain they know in its buried form may seem less frightening than the pain of the perceived betrayal of family that they face. Luckily, as this background energy builds, Mercury in Aquarius is making a couple of helpful aspects today. Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries and Mercury trine Jupiter in Uranus are both about flow and ease — though the aspect to Uranus needs you to put a little elbow grease and intention into the equation. The two aspects together are all about intelligence, originality, inventiveness, good judgment, good communication, keen observation powers, optimism, and individualism. This suggests that if we can keep our deeper baggage and emotional realms in clear contact with our mental processes, Mercury in Aquarius is detached enough and unencumbered enough that we might have a better chance of processing the more shadowy or painful material fairly rationally — or at least with an eye to real solutions and forward movement, rather than getting stuck in the past. Aquarius is a fixed sign — perhaps one of the reasons why the less functional aspects of groups can get so entrenched, to the point of ceasing to be visible. But one of its rulers is Uranus, which is responsible for the forward-thinking ability of Aquarius to break up old forms (the other ruler, Saturn, crystallizes those new ideas). With Mercury talking to Uranus and Jupiter right now, you’re being given a mental leg-up in any desire to see your place in groups change for the better, and with a wider perspective. 2/2Powered by TCPDF (