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Dance Highlight For Press Kit Eng


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Dance Highlight For Press Kit Eng

  1. 1. Cultural Partners International Dance Festival 2010 Dates: 2nd March until 14th March 2010 Embassy of Israel Venues: Phuket : Bangkok Thanks to reality television shows, dance is undergoing a renaissance. Around the Embassy of Italy world, dance is celebrated for its traditions and the skill and discipline of its performers. Thailand's own traditional dances form part of this rich cultural tapestry and, because the kingdom is a centre of dance, both ancient and modern, it seems fitting that the kingdom will play host to the International Dance Festival 2010. The festival, now in its 10th year, will see some of the world’s most renowned and talented performers coming Embassy of Argentina to the kingdom to dazzle audiences with displays of dance. The festival also gives local artistes the chance to strut their stuff and showcase the vibrant and creative skills of the kingdom. The International Dance Festival 2010, is being held in Phuket and Bangkok, and will Embassy of Sri Lanka boast over 400 artists from over 15 countries who will perform in a range of dance styles from classic ballet to jazz contemporary and hip-hop. An expected audience of over 100,000 is expected in Bangkok alone but by hosting events in Phuket, the organisers hope that more people than ever will be able enjoy this year's event. Both Embassy of visitors and residents alike will find a great deal to delight and entertain. And, so as to the People's Republic of China bring the art of dance to the people, there will be free public performances and shows in public parks and on the streets in all locations. Among the international talents appearing will be the world renown opera turn pop Embassy of Czech Republic singer Filippa Giordano, The Korean B-Boyz City and the unique Blacklight Theatre troupe from Czech Republic and Mummenschanz from Switzerland. But as the festival is about learning as well as entertainment, there will also be various master classes, workshops and a “Young Talent Showcase” which will allow performers and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands chorographers to entertain the crowds and perform in front of an audience. Embassy of The International Dance festival is now organised by The Friends of the Arts, a the Republic of Korea charitable organisation formed in 2005 which aims at raising awareness of performing arts among young people in the kingdom. By encouraging talented Thais to perform in a professional environment, the foundation is helping to foster a love of the arts among Thai youth and helping to produce performers who can showcase their skills by performing internationally. The foundation raises money by staging performances Embassy of Romania throughout the year and parts of the proceeds are turning to the scholarships to talented youth. Currently H.E. Anand Panyarachun is a founder and honorary chairman of the friends-of-the-Arts foundation board. British Embassy For more information about the International Dance Festival as well as a timetable of the events and shows, visit or Tel. 02 258 9227 Embassy of the United States Embassy of Switzerland