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Homes for sale in vaughan


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Homes for sale in vaughan

  1. 1. TOSFCourtesy of the Toronto Real Estate Board.Toronto Market EnjoysSecond Best May Ever!Greater Toronto REALTORS® reportedover 10,000 sales in May 2011, anincrease of six percent over the samemonth last year and a strong enoughperformance to distinguish it as thesecond best May on record under thecurrent Toronto Real Estate Board(TREB) service area!“Positive economic news and lowborrowing costs led to strong salesthrough the first five months of theyear, including the increase in May,”said TREB president Bill Johnston.“At the same time, the market hasbecome much tighter compared tolast year, due to a substantial dip innew listings.”Homes were on the market for anaverage of 23 days, and sold foran average price of $485,520 — anincrease of nine percent over May2010. The strongest rate of pricegrowth was experienced for single-detached homes sold in the Cityof Toronto.Noting the seller’s market conditionsthat emerged throughout thespring 2011 months, TREB’s SeniorManager of Market Analysis, JasonMercer, commented, “The robustprice appreciation that we have seenwill hopefully prompt more ownersto list, resulting in a more balancedmarket later this year.”Whether you’re interested in buyingor selling a house or a condo, you’llwant clarification on propertyvalues and real estate movementin your particular area of interest.What’s the best way to get the mostaccurate updates? Simply call, today!Recine Team ReportCompliments of Melanie & Fabio RE/MAX Premier Inc., BrokerageEach office is independently owned and operated.Melanie Maranda Recine &Fabio RecineSales Representatives"Its your callCall Melanie and Fabio"RE/MAX Premier Inc., Brokerage9100 Jane Street, Bldg. L, Suite #77Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4Office: 416-987-8000Fax: 416-987-8001Direct Melanie: 647-836-4062Direct Fabio: 416-828-5441mmaranda96@hotmail.comfrecine@trebnet.comwww.RecineTeam.caGreetings! You’re receiving thisnewsletter with hopes that you find itinformative and entertaining.If you’re thinking of making a move, orare just curious as to real estate trendsin your area, please feel free to call atany time. It’s always good to hearfrom you!Best wishes,Melanie and FabioVolume 7, Issue 7
  2. 2. 22What’s Your Style?There are two categories of carpeting: loop pile and cutpile. Loop styles include Berber and level loop. Both aredurable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and leave littleevidence of walking or vacuuming, making them greatfor high-traffic areas. Level loop, which is often usedin commercial spaces due to its resilience, has a toughtexture, while Berber is soft. Because they’re looped,however, both are vulnerable to snagging.Cut-pile begins as loop pile, but the loops are cut duringmanufacturing. Styles include plush, Saxony, textured,and frieze. Footprints and vacuum marks easily showon plush and Saxony carpets, thanks to their velvetysoft surfaces. Less suitable for high-traffic areas, they’reoften used in master bedrooms and formal living rooms.Textured and frieze are very popular choices for floors inevery room of the home, as they mask imprints well andare quite durable (frieze especially so).Get Your FiberA carpet’s durability is largely determined by its fibertype. Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers: nylon,olefin (polypropylene), polyester and acrylic, forexample. Nylon is the most commonly used fiber, and nowonder — it’s strong, easy to clean, and resistant to dirt,mildew, and crushing, making it great for floors that seelots of activity. Polyester is nylon’s less expensive, lessresilient alternative.Olefin has traditionally been used for outdoor carpeting,but is becoming more popular indoors. Relativelyinexpensive, it offers excellent stain and moistureresistance, but is susceptible to crushing.Acrylic resembles wool in look and feel, but is muchless expensive. It’s stain and mildew resistant, and easilycleaned. Acrylic can pill, however. More commonly usedin rugs than carpets, it’s not recommended for high-traffic areas.A natural fiber, the luxuriousness of wool is pricey. Itsadvantages are that it’s naturally durable, made from asustainable material, and soil resistant due to its tightlypacked fibers. However, it’s high-maintenance andmoisture absorbent.Carpet ColorIf you’re selling your home, or there’s a chance you’llbe selling in the near future, your carpet-color choiceshould be dictated not by what’s appealing to you, butby what’s appealing to as many potential buyers aspossible. And that means staying neutral: off-white,beige, or gray, for example.If you’re staying put, anything goes. But do keep thefollowing in mind: Light colors show off stains, andare harder to clean. On the upside, they help makesmaller rooms appear bigger and brighter. Dark colorsbetter hide stains but more easily show lint; they alsolend large rooms a sense of warmth. Also, a color looksdifferent depending on lighting, so be sure to getsamples and look at them under a variety of differentlight sources.Out with the old, in with the new. Carpeting, that is.Are you redecorating? Or preparing the home forsale? Whatever your reasons for installing newcarpeting, here’s a guide to help you make the bestchoice for your needs.Tread Softly
  3. 3. 3Volume 7, Issue 7 3n Access to the most comprehensive — and current —information. Want to be in the know about propertiesnot even listed on the MLS®? Want the most up-to-date figures on comparable sales to help you determineyour offer price? Want insight into the local market?There’s no more immediate source of information thanyour real estate sales representative.n Negotiating is a skill. Having a real estate salesrepresentative negotiate on a buyer’s behalf allowsfor the best possible deal, without ruffling theseller’s feathers. And knowing how to respond to arejected offer is just one important way a real estateprofessional can help a seller.n Contracts can be confusing. They’re there to protect youand to provide an “out” if specified conditions aren’t met— provided the contract has been properly drawn up. Asthe language can be confusing, and the legal ramificationsserious, most people feel contracts are an aspect of homebuying best left to experienced professionals.n It’s your real estate sales representative’s job to lookout for your best interests. Real estate licensees mustadhere to certain laws and ethical codes; if theydon’t, there are repercussions. Many people prefer thesecurity of having someone accountable on their side,and like knowing they’re protected should they run upagainst an unscrupulous party.Setting the StageHave you discussed with your real estate salesrepresentative the possibility of having yourhome professionally staged before it goes on themarket? Here are four reasons you may considergoing this route.The Internet has been a boon to both buyersand real estate professionals. But it’s noreplacement for personal service. Here’s whyyou still need a real estate sales representativeto walk you through the home-buying process.The Personal Touchn Staging helps you think like a buyer. In other words,it helps you view your property not as your home, butas a product to be marketed and sold like any other.The sooner you adopt that perspective, the better offyou’ll be — everything from showings, to contractnegotiations, to moving day is easier when you have amore objective attitude.n Staging can help sell your home faster. Surveyshave shown that properties that have been stagedsell anywhere from 30 to 80 percent more quicklythan those that haven’t been staged. A staged homephotographs and shows better, generating moreinterest, leading to more offers. As a result, stagedhomes tend to spend fewer days on the market.n Staging can help to justify your asking price. In asellers’ market, justifying your asking price isn’t as bigan issue. But in a buyer’s market, you need to pull outall the stops in order to convince buyers that yourproperty is worth what you’re asking. Staging helps todo just that — and it isn’t likely to cost you as much aslowering your price would.n Staging can help you fetch a higher price for yourhome. Just as surveys have shown that staged propertiessell more quickly, they often also show that stagedproperties can sell for more money than those thathaven’t been staged. Often, the resultant price increaseis far higher than the cost of hiring a home stager.
  4. 4. Beat the HeatHot enough for you? Take these few steps to prepareyour house for the hottest weather of the year, and notonly will you be more comfortable when the mercuryspikes, you’ll save energy and money, too.n Test your air-conditioning system. Make sure yourthermostat is set to Cool and turn down the temperature.If the system doesn’t turn on, the culprit might beas simple as a tripped breaker. If the problem is morecomplex, you’ll want to address it before the year’shottest days arrive and technicians are in high demand.n Get a new air-conditioner filter. Dirty filters inhibitairflow, forcing your air conditioner to work harder tokeep you cool, wasting energy and money. How oftenyou should replace the filter depends on whether youhave pets or allergies, or are a smoker, for example, butyou should at least check it once a month in the summer.n Make sure your attic is well insulated. A significantportion of a home’s energy loss occurs through itsroof; attic insulation acts as a barrier that, in summer,reduces the transfer of heat from outside your houseto inside. Without adequate insulation, heat enters andbuilds up in your house, making it harder and morecostly to cool.n Just as cold seeps into a house through its cracks andgaps, heat and humidity use those same entry points. Soto keep the cool air in and the hot air out, seal up yourhouse. Leaks are commonly found around doors, windows,chimneys, and anywhere plumbing, ductwork, or electricalwiring passes through walls, floors or ceilings.Appraisal Report — Usually commissionedby a mortgage lender in order to ensurea loan doesn’t exceed a property’s value,an appraisal report details the findingsof home appraisers, whose job it is toestimate a property’s value. Included inappraisal reports are: details about theproperty’s condition, including significantflaws affecting the property’s value;comparisons of similar properties; and anevaluation of local market conditions.Terminology Tip4The information and opinions contained in this newsletter are obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The publishers assume no responsibility for errors and omissions or for any damages resulting from the use of the publishedinformation. This newsletter is provided with the understanding that it does not render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Not intended to solicit properties or businesses listed for sale and agency agreements in place with other real estate brokers. Whole orpartial reproduction of this newsletter is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. © Market Connections Inc.® 2011, Phone: (800) 387-6058.2 Bedroom325KHandy Mans dream359K1 Bedroom203KFabio and Melanie RecineSales Representatives416-828-5441/647-836-4062Compliments of Melanie and Fabio RE/MAX Premier Inc., BrokerageVilla GiardinoHwy 7 and MartingroveKing City1 acreTREVISO II