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Why diaspora food matters


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Maureen Duru, Founder The Food Bridge vzw
African Diaspora Agro Food Forum 2018
25th April 2018
Bouchout Castle, Botanic Garden Meise Belgium

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Why diaspora food matters

  1. 1. Why Diaspora Food Matters By Maureen Duru Founder / Director The Food Bridge vzw Vice President FAAB vzw
  2. 2. “You can boil potatoes, rice but when you want to swallow like Africans do, now where on earth will you get things to pound, and that brings another level of problem. So gradually you have to try and adjust, trial and failure, or somebody will tell you I tried this and it worked and you start to make that(…..) that is how we started using potatoes for fufu. You know potatoes are like yam, so we use it but you know that for Europeans they prepare it with milk, which is their puree. So how will you be able to eat potatoes made with milk with our soup. We had to learn other ways of making it” (CH 2009)
  3. 3. “Yes, we will make a sauce with spinach to be used as soup, then scrambled eggs and poured it into the sauce (…) the sauce will then look like egusi soup (…) we didn’t have egusi then and it tasted nothing like egusi soup but it looked like egusi soup, so we ate it and were satisfied” (EO and MO, 2009).
  4. 4. Thank you.