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Digital marketing strategy for Myspace Music


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Digital marketing strategy for Myspace Music

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy for Myspace Music BY: ANDIE FOWLER ADV 420
  2. 2. IntroMySpace Music was launched in 2008 and is still struggling to develop their online presence. My campaign will help to reach global audiences and establish their musical credibility by creating and running MySpace Music commercials as ads on YouTube, the music video powerhouse.
  3. 3. Target Audience [ ]Gen Y:Gen Y is known as tech savvy tweens, teens, and young adults. All of which use orare familiar with YouTube which has more than one billion users each month. Ifthe Gen Y users are already there looking for music, why not redirect them to a siteall about music.Gen Y = 80 million people
  4. 4. KPI – Twitter Update twitter consistently  Use one general tone  Timely material  Update with material pertaining to the industry. For example: 50% Music posts 20% Celebrity News and gossip posts 20% Movies and TV posts 10% Games posts
  5. 5. KPI – YouTube Ads Ideas for commercial Ads on YouTube:  Showing tutorials of setting up a music player  Displaying different type of music industry entertainment news and gossip on a MySpace interface.  Interviews and personal testimonies with current users
  6. 6. Big Idea Increase traffic to the Myspace Music website Solidifying its online presence Marketing on other music platforms
  7. 7. Tools and Tactics  Although MySpace is its own social media site, in order to expand it’s Gen Y audience and attract more viewers they have to be active across other social media sites as well.  Ads
  8. 8. Budget Providing a salary to hire employees to monitor and maintain social networking sites Making a commercial or ad Buying ad space on YouTube  Google AdWords for Video ESTIMATION: $10,000
  9. 9. Summary Video ads on YouTube creates an average of 20% increase of traffic to your website. Many users on YouTube are Gen Y users already looking for music, so the video ads won’t be wasted on any uninterested parties.
  10. 10. Thank YouQuestions? Contact me:Andrea