TechSoup Global 2013 Year In Review


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TechSoup Global 2013 Year In Review

  1. 1. TechSoup Global 2013 Year in Review
  2. 2. A Technology Ecosystem for Global Impact TechSoup Global believes that when mission-focused organizations, individuals, and projects leverage technology for change, an ecosystem of tremendous social transformation is the result. TechSoup Global contributes to this ecosystem by enabling the delivery of innovative technology products, services, and programs to civil society organizations around the world, at scale. TechSoup Global has redefined technology product philanthropy. Over the past decade, we have supported a tenfold increase in technology donations to the sector, valued at more than US$3.75 billion. This saves hundreds of thousands of participating organizations scarce money and time, which can be used for mission-critical activities to drive community impact. And we’re just getting started! In any ecosystem, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts TechSoup Global operates as part of a global partner NGO network that, collectively, builds a unique asset for the sector with worldwide reach and impact. By the end of fiscal year 2013, the TechSoup Global Partner Network offered capacity-building services in 53 countries, operating programs in 21 languages. We share a conviction that technology is a powerful enabler for social change. We work together to ensure that organizations have access to the tools and knowledge that they need to operate at their full potential. To achieve this, we leverage the world’s most extensive NGO database – with 546,000 registered organizations from 53 countries. We can rely on unrivalled NGO validation expertise to deliver an unprecedented volume of products and services to the social sector. An ecosystem cycles and flows Technology products cycle through the TechSoup Global ecosystem, while information and data flow throughout. 2013 was a record-breaking year: • 103,202 organizations worldwide were served with donations, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. That includes 30,000 NGOs that had never received donated technology from TechSoup Global before. • Donation recipients in countries outside the U.S. increased by 30 percent. Product donation recipient numbers in the United States grew 4 percent compared to the previous year. • The result in one year alone was a US$626 million savings to the sector. An ecosystem of actors and interactions The ecosystem in which TechSoup Global operates includes direct relationships with 546,000 nonprofits and libraries from 53 countries, 105 technology corporations, a network of 34 NGO operating partnerships, and an ever-growing community of individual tech activists, social entrepreneurs, and geeks. Add to these the millions of people served by these organizations, and the hundreds of foundations and government agencies that contribute to supporting and amplifying their work, and you get a sense of the real and potential power of this ecosystem to change the world. TechSoup Global hopes to evolve its services and programs and in turn the overall ecosystem to keep those working for social change ahead of the curve and able to freshly lead their important work in the world. Ecosystems are dynamic and sustainable In 2013, TechSoup Global made significant investment in its global, multisided community technology platform in order to further build and strengthen our global online community. We invested in becoming a better steward of the data on nonprofits that our customers share with us so that we can help strengthen transparency and strengthen the value of sectorwide data. We worked with nonprofits, corporations, volunteers, and local technology service providers to begin to explore the emerging nonprofit technology needs and widen the range of technology solutions and services we offer to NGOs worldwide. As a result, there were 5.6 million visits to the TechSoup Global Network websites, and we reached over 470,000 subscribers with 26 newsletters in 13 languages and 22 countries. We invested in further developing our social media channels. In 2013, TechSoup and NetSquared had 56,000 followers. And we continue to invest in becoming a better steward of all this shared data to strengthen transparency sectorwide. Ecosystems are interdependent The fruit of these investments is that our ecosystem is more interconnected than ever before. The platform provides a way to sustain community- driven innovations and propagate them throughout the network. Also in 2013: • Community boost_r brought together community leaders and international trainers to accelerate local projects in a participant-driven way. Similarly exciting initiatives are in the works for the Asian and African regions. • We surveyed constituents to evaluate needs, as well as the reach and impact of our programs. • And we made game-changing progress in streamlining global philanthropy through our NGOsource program. Through the stories highlighted in this report (and thousands of others we weren’t able to include), we believe that the TechSoup Global vision emerges – a vision of interconnected agents of social change empowered by technology, expertise, and relationships and working together for the greater good. We’d love to hear from you – our community of contributors – with any questions, comments, or ideas. Sincerely, Rebecca Masisak
  3. 3. 1 Highlights Microsoft partnership: TechSoup enabled more than 67,000 NGOs worldwide to benefit from Microsoft software donations TechSoup Global and our longstanding partner, Microsoft, expanded the reach and impact of our work to advance technology adoption and innovation across the social sector in 2013. Through the partnership, more than 67,000 nonprofits and libraries worldwide saved US$538 million dollars on the latest versions of Microsoft products. • Together with Microsoft, TechSoup educated NGOs about the use of technology through webinars, conferences, and events. TechSoup presented 16 webinars about Microsoft programs and donated products. 1,815 people participated live, and the recordings have been viewed by more than 12,159 people online. The Windows 8 demo alone has been viewed nearly 11,000 times: that’s more than 36,000 minutes of viewing time. • Global NGO Days continued in FY 2013 and were focused on providing in-person, daylong events that support the use of Microsoft tools to hundreds of organizational staff in the social sector. NGO staff from Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, India, and Germany benefitted from these local educational forums and can now more effectively integrate tools and education into their mission-critical work. Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system, powers NGOs around the world TechSoup Global helped Microsoft launch the donations program for Windows 8 in October 2012. The operating system has seen a steady increase in social sector adoption. Office 2013 is the leader in Microsoft donated product requests Launched in January 2013, the Office 2013 donations program accounted for 26 percent of all Microsoft product requests through TechSoup Global. NetSquared: Mobilizing communities and technology for social change TechSoup Global brings people together in monthly community‐ building meetups to discuss the intersection of technology and social change in 44 cities around the world. NetSquared Local organizers also run daylong camps and technology training sessions for social activists and nonprofit organizations in their local regions to help promote their work and their causes. Online and offline, the NetSquared community allows members to connect and share and grow their passion for social causes. In 2013 our vibrant, all-volunteer network has accomplished the following: • Number of active groups: 44 • Number of events: 373 • Number of attendees: 7,166 • Number of countries with active groups: 19 • Number of members: 18,176 Cloud survey: NGOs excited (and confused) about potential benefits The TechSoup Global network of partners conducted a groundbreaking survey of NGOs around the world. The goal was to better understand the current state of tech infrastructure and adoption of cloud technologies in the social sector. We conducted the survey in 21 languages and received answers from more than 10,500 respondents in 88 countries. To our knowledge, this was the first such survey in the world. The findings, released in September 2012, revealed that NGOs are both confused and excited about the cloud. Key results include: • 90 percent of respondents worldwide are using at least one cloud computing application. • 53 percent report plans to move a “significant portion” of their IT to the cloud within three years. • 60 percent say lack of knowledge is the greatest barrier to greater use of the cloud. • 47 percent say cost-related changes and ease of setup would be the greatest motivators for moving their IT to the cloud. • Among the countries with statistically significant results, NGOs in Egypt, Mexico, India, and South Africa have the most accelerated timetables for moving their IT to the cloud. TSDigs: Heartstrings tugged at the third annual Digital Storytelling Challenge To support nonprofits and libraries in growing their digital storytelling skills, TechSoup produces an annual digital storytelling challenge combining instruction and friendly competition into a hands-on media-making project. Organizations submit stories in video or pictures that they keep as a vital resource for promoting their work and connecting to their constituents. The 2013 competition had 138 submissions from 12 countries. Some 967 nonprofit professionals received training through four online webinars. There were 1,952 mentions of the challenge on Facebook and Twitter in 25 countries. Winning entries were announced at the 2013 Digital Storytelling Awards Gala on May 28, 2013. And the winners are… • First place award for best video story “Freedom to dream” by Charity Express (Australia) / Dalit Freedom Network (Canada). • First place award for best photo, titled “Unlimited possibilities through dance” (above) by Keshet Dance Company (USA).
  4. 4. 2 Highlights Windows 8 Apps for Social Good Challenge: There’s an app for that now! TechSoup Global helped raise awareness for how Microsoft Windows 8 can be leveraged for social good through targeted content and initiatives such as the Apps for Social Good Contest. Entrants developed innovative tech solutions for the social sector on the newest Windows operating system. The popular contest ran in April 2013. Winning apps focus on health: access to nutritional foods and to needed medications Yumvy won the People’s Choice award. The app is a cooking companion that helps users prepare nutritious, healthy meals at home. Developer Sari Louis from Reston, Virginia, hopes the app will help address the obesity epidemic and related diseases, like diabetes. He plans to use the $10,000 prize to include nutritional information with recipes in the app, so people can make more informed choices about what to cook and eat. Eatfindr was selected by judges as the top entry in the Windows 8 app category. Eatfindr helps locate healthy restaurant options, including a feature to filter for specific dietary restrictions, such as allergies. Developers Cameron Preston, Ludo Antonov, and Hayder Casey will use their $15,000 prize to build upgrades, expand to new platforms, and market to new users. Health Center was the Windows 8 Phone winner. The app helps users locate reduced-cost medications. Lance Siedman from Las Vegas plans to use his $15,000 prize to connect the app to a wearable device to provide medication reminders, information on potential interaction risks, and alerts to remind users to refill prescriptions. Global libraries: Gates libraries program extended to 3,000 libraries outside the U.S. We are extending our work to build the technology capacity of libraries globally. Through Fundacja TechSoup, TechSoup Global’s regional office in Warsaw, Poland, we offer Microsoft software donations to libraries around the world. The program is a partnership with Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Inforamacynego (FRSI) and offers critical software donations to library grantees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Overall, in FY 2013, over 3,000 libraries outside the U.S. received donations: • Lithuania: 94 libraries received donations • Poland: 1,753 libraries received donations (through collaboration between FRSI and Fundacja TechSoup). • Romania: 828 libraries received donations • Ukraine: 192 libraries received donations • Vietnam: 18 libraries received donations • Moldova: 136 libraries received donations • Colombia: 26 libraries received donations NGOsource: Newly launched service streamlines global philanthropy for U.S. foundations NGOsource – a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global – launched March 18, 2013. The online service streamlines the equivalency determination (ED) process for grantmakers. Accelerating global giving, it offers the first centralized ED repository of non-U.S. NGOs certified as equivalent to U.S. public charities. NGOsource members get the benefit of each other’s completed EDs. They do not need to start the process over. As NGOsource membership grows, the centralized collection of EDs also expands. Launch streamlines international philanthropy By the end of FY 2013, 15 major grantmakers had already signed on to the revolutionary service. Inaugural members include The Rockefeller Foundation, Intel Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Give2Asia, The Greenbaum Foundation, and Schwab Charitable. With 28 EDs initiated in just under three months, NGOsource aspires to a self-sustaining social enterprise by 2015. ”New service makes it easier to provide direct aid to international charities” - Philanthropy Journal “Practical and informative service addresses an acute need in philanthropy” - Rockefeller Foundation More NGO validation services to be launched in 2014 As NGOsource enjoys rapidly growing adoption in the foundation world, TechSoup Global is developing additional validation services, under the new NGOk brand name, to serve a broad range of social-sector stakeholders that want to bring resources to NGOs worldwide. These services will facilitate effective, efficient philanthropy programs by ensuring that an NGO is a legitimate charitable organization according to the regulations in the country where it is located. Global database: Over 546,000 organizations are now registered 546,000 NGOs TechSoup Global is a leading source of NGO data, with over half a million organizations registered in our database. We proactively seek to grow our dataset year over year; in 2013 alone we added 20,892 new organizational registrations. Accurate NGO information is key to unlocking a number of benefits to the sector. This includes providing insights to corporate donor partners so they can refine programmatic offerings and better meet demonstrated needs. This can help them develop new products and innovative solutions where they do not currently exist. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the data generated and collected on the social sector is harnessed for social good.
  5. 5. 3 Highlights Website enhancements showcase resources and tools for the global social sector We brought improved design and user experience to the TechSoup Global community with the launch of an updated website in January 2013. Content organized to better align with the needs of our community • Users can browse resources by solution, organization type, donor partner, and featured topic. • Pages featuring specific technology products include related content such as articles, blogs, and forums. • A more consistent design keeps things simple and easy to find. The new site showcases the breadth of our resources and highlights the contributions of the TechSoup Global Network. Global Youth Survey: Donated Microsoft products directly benefit 2 million youth TechSoup Global collects data on how technology product donations impact the social sector. In April 2013, we surveyed organizations that directly serve youth and had received a Microsoft product donation in the last three years. We received responses from more than 1,000 organizations in 32 countries. In total, the organizations that responded reach nearly 7 million youth, of whom 2 million benefit directly from the Microsoft products received through TechSoup Global. 71 percent of respondents described Microsoft technology as very or extremely impactful on running their youth programs. Caravan Studios: Technology that makes real change Our newest division, Caravan Studios, has accomplished so much in just a year! Caravan builds tools that help communities organize, access, and apply local resources to solve problems. First, they hold community-led generator sessions to surface new ideas for technology solutions. Next, technology activists get to work building (and rebuilding) prototypes. Then, communities provide feedback regarding the best solutions. And finally, volunteer technologists and experts actually build out the tools. So far, nine generator sessions have resulted in 58 viable ideas for technology solutions, and four brand new solution prototypes are already in development. Diverse tech solutions address domestic violence, animal welfare, food rescue, online privacy One of the new tools is called SafeNight, a mobile service to support hotel placements for those at risk of suffering domestic violence if they do not find safe shelter. It is slated to be launched in the next fiscal year. Another, 4Bells, is an app that deploys known volunteers to meet urgent, time-sensitive needs. Examples include animal shelters and food banks. Range helps youth in need find the nearest time and place to get a free meal. And Privacy Filter helps people using computers in public settings (like a library) mask certain words and images when they are viewing sensitive information, for example, about their health status. NGOsource: Very first equivalency determination was issued for HumaneAfrica The first equivalency determination (ED) to be issued by NGOsource in March 2013 was requested by the Greenbaum Foundation. It benefited HumaneAfrica, a UK-based NGO that works with grassroots organizations to eliminate harmful practices such as child mutilation and abuse in Southern and Eastern Africa. “For most of the last 14 years, I’ve had to seek out and cajole organizations to permit me to use their organizational umbrellas to make my international grants. More recently, we undertook doing those tedious and time-consuming EDs ourselves. NGOsource’s equivalency determination service has just unburdened me. The process was quick and easy. Now, we can spend our time and resources doing what we do best and leave this part of the nitty-gritty to NGOsource.” – Jim Greenbaum, Founder and Managing Director, Greenbaum Foundation. Since 1999, the Greenbaum Foundation has granted in excess of US$22 million to a range of projects around the world, with the broad mandate to bring about the end of suffering. Webinars: online events draw thousands Webinars are a critical medium for making knowledge and resources available to the far-flung TechSoup Global community. In 2013, there was an incredible breadth of offerings, spread over 49 webinars. Topics included fundraising with social media, developing mobile apps for good, and how to access donations of QuickBooks, Windows, and Microsoft Office. The online events benefitted 6,107 nonprofit professionals. Of these, 92 percent reported that they learned something new.
  6. 6. Highlights 4 ReStart Slovakia and Social media–fueled technology challenges spur innovation in Slovakia and Romania TechSoup’s challenge model convenes NGOs, programmers, and activists through a series of offline events, online social media campaigns, and competitions that source, build, and incubate new technology solutions addressing specific social issues. Throughout 2013, building on communities formed through prior challenges in partnership with TechSoup, network partners in Slovakia and Romania ran challenges on civic activism and tech entrepreneurism. The challenge process is organized around the following steps: • Social media awareness-raising campaign • Call for ideas and debate • Public voting and jury selection of finalists • Code sprint prototyping • Second vote to determine grant recipients • Incubation and mentorship of winners BRIDGE: Making NGO data transparent and interoperable The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a collaboration between GuideStar U.S., GlobalGiving, The Foundation Center, and TechSoup Global that will increase transparency and enhance philanthropy. BRIDGE aims to revolutionize data interoperability in the global social sector by uniquely identifying all the world’s NGOs in one database. Much of the project groundwork was laid in FY 2013. “The BRIDGE system will be a significant step toward connecting those disparate sources of data and providing a richer access to this data to nonprofit leaders to help them learn about social change at scale, as well as helping donors understand the sector and the organizations working for change. As those silos become more interconnected, foundations and professional grantmakers also benefit as they connect their sources of information to make better giving decisions through data. “The hope is that, as the BRIDGE project grows, the focus on actors in the sector will expand from just organizations to uniquely identifying programs, projects, and the people working in the sector, and that this interconnected network of nonprofit data will continue to reduce barriers, promote transparency, and encourage more effective philanthropy through data.” – Sheila Warren, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and General Counsel, TechSoup Global Community boost_r: Community- driven innovation in the Balkans As in many parts of the world, democracy in the Balkans remains nominal. Over the last few years, we have seen how tech-enabled, citizen-driven initiatives increase transparency and solve social problems. Mobile technologies and social media have provided a communications platform on which citizens can congregate around ideas. In October 2012, TechSoup Europe brought together approximately 100 Balkan activists in partnership with to network, learn from each other, and begin sharing their work. Through a challenge hosted on, 80 new tech-for-accountability projects from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo were proposed on the community boost_r site. With more than 40,000 site visits, the public ultimately selected three concepts from each country, all of which received financial support, mentorship, and a spot to present their work at community boost_r camp. The event itself uses a participant-driven methodology – a mix of barcamp, un-conference, and open-space processes. It aims to present practical tools for engaging citizens and harnessing data in transparency and accountability projects. Local examples and leaders take center stage, while international trainers provide context and share tools that might accelerate local projects. The website is now managed in partnership with a regional network of transparency and accountability organizations and will serve as a hub for future activity across the Western Balkans. Microsoft Office 365: Collaboration announced TechSoup Global’s expertise in international NGO validation services led to a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft in 2013. TechSoup Global will quickly and reliably verify that NGOs are qualified to receive the new cloud-based Office 365 for Nonprofits. The collaboration achieves scale through the international partner network. The partnership will bring the new cloud-based Office 365 for Nonprofits to NGOs in 90 countries by June 2014. Nonprofits across the world will accelerate their impact as a result of streamlined IT capacities. Partnership brings global ecosystem for social sector capacity building Microsoft and TechSoup Global first partnered more than a decade ago to distribute donated technology to NGOs. The platform they created has now become a global ecosystem for the social sector. In addition to technology, organizations can easily share resources such as educational content, services, money, and volunteer time at scale.
  7. 7. Highlights 5 TechSoup Global Network: NGO connections, offline and online, across the globe In June 2013, 34 partner organizations serving 53 countries around the world comprised the TechSoup Global Network. These network partners are vital to connecting with the organizations and actors that make change on the ground in all the regions we serve. And they are instrumental to helping our corporate donors and funders fulfill their philanthropic goals in support of the global NGO sector. 2013 was a year for big-reach surveys in the TechSoup Global Network. We partnered with Microsoft to survey youth-serving organizations to learn directly how Microsoft donations received through the TechSoup program have allowed these organizations to do more, and do it better. Outreach via our network partners enabled us to gather the stories of organizations in 32 countries, which together serve over 7 million young people. Earlier in 2013, we painted a truly global picture of cloud computing with survey input from over 10,000 people representing NGOs in 88 countries – thanks to the growing reach of the TechSoup Global Network. TechSoup Global’s partner network has developed a unique mix of capabilities, leveraging the strengths of each partner and the network as a whole. This unique setup enables us to provide much- needed resources on an unprecedented global scale while also creating opportunities for deep offline community engagement. SAP Donation Program: Worldwide expansion TechSoup Global helped SAP expand its donation program to make donated business intelligence software available to organizations in 32 countries around the world at the end of FY 2013. In FY 2013, 875 NGOs and libraries received 1,627 donated licenses, worth an estimated US$1.2 million retail value. TechSoup Global and SAP also hosted four webinars and five SAP e-learning courses to help NGOs get the most from the software. Improved efficiencies brought remarkable growth: • Number of donated licenses distributed increased 38 percent from the previous year • Estimated retail value of donations was 90 percent higher than the previous year • New countries added: Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Poland, Austria Since program inception in 2005, the SAP Donation Program: • Served 4,686 organizations • Distributed 8,788 donated licenses worth an estimated retail value of US$4.9 million “SAP Crystal Reports has no substitute. We could not run our organization without it. Database management. Funder reports. Strategic planning. Evaluations. Attorney fees. Class actions...” – Pro Seniors Inc. (Legal help for older Ohioans) “We use SAP Crystal Reports to generate custom reports from our database, for volunteer management, fundraising, and family partner sweat equity hours. I’ve used Crystal Reports for over 10 years, and it always is helpful.” – Habitat for Humanity of Athens, Alabama (Housing for the needy) Global technology donations: 2013 a record-breaking year The TechSoup Global Network served over 100,000 organizations with product donations in 2013. That includes 30,000 NGOs that had never received donated technology from us before. Targeted expansion into new countries helped achieve this growth: • Austria launched on September 20, 2012. • Indonesia launched on May 15, 2013. • Vietnam launched on May 29, 2013. The number of organizations served in the United States grew 4 percent compared to the previous year, while the number of organizations receiving donations in countries outside the U.S. increased 30 percent. The total number of countries served is now 53. Eight new technology donor companies offered products and services through Atomic Training, Bitdefender, Connect2give, Pay Anywhere, PCRR (RCI), People-OnTheGo, Shopify, and Ultralingua. In 2013: • 103,202 organizations received technology product donations, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. • 186,817 requests were processed, a 10 percent increase over the previous year. • The sector saved US$626M. US$626m Local Impact Map: See how technology donations change the world In 53 countries around the world, community organizations are using donated technology to change lives for the better, thanks to our generous donors. Our Local Impact Map – powered by Microsoft technology – provides a glimpse into some of the amazing work these organizations are doing around the world. • Child advocates collaborating virtually across the U.S. • Latvian libraries helping entrepreneurs start a business • An Indian foundation leveraging audio conferencing to fight poverty You can find their stories and more tales of how technology donations are making a difference around the world on the Local Impact Map.
  8. 8. 53countries In Fiscal Year 2013 US$626 million total savings to the sector US$3.75 billion total savings to the sector 186,817 donation requests processed 10% over previous year 912,828 donation requests processed 103,202 organizations served 12% over previous year 213,655 organizations served 546,000 organizations registered in global database 29% new Since Inception 470,000+ subscribers 26 13 22 newsletters languages countries to in and 5,600,000 visits to TechSoup Global Network websites *Survey conducted among TechSoup members in 2013 With the resources offered through TechSoup Global, of NGOs have improved organizational efficiency.* Using technology acquired from TechSoup, of NGOs’ constituents have gained new skills.* 79% 57% NGOs assisted in Impact 6
  9. 9. Around the world, NGOs on the ground tell inspiring stories of how the technology donations provided by the TechSoup Global Network have made a difference. Throughout the Year in Review, we bring you snapshots of these stories. They offer a glimpse of the reach and impact of our work. Using our Local Impact Map, powered by Microsoft technology, you can read the full-length stories and many others, portraying the organizations we serve and the great work they are doing in their communities. Reach 7 Child Advocates Collaborate Virtually Anywhere with Cloud-Based Tool “Using Huddle allows team members to be confident that everyone is on the same page and there is no concern about missing the latest e-mail communication and document edits. Huddle has become integral to the work of our organization. I especially like that it is intuitive and easy to learn.” – Kari Rieck, Executive Director, CASA-Voices for Children Oregon, USA Technology Initiatives in Latvian Libraries Help Rural Business Thrive “By stimulating entrepreneurship and allowing more people to work efficiently and physically independent of their customers and their business’ headquarters, SWC’s facilitate settlement and growth in rural areas. Participation and advocating might and, I believe, will open other doors for…development.” – Kristine Paberza, Impact Assessment Specialist, State Agency, Latvia Riga, Latvia Senior Ohioans Gain Medicare Savings Thanks to Donated Software “SAP Crystal Reports has no substitute. We could not run our organization without it. Database management; funder reports; strategic planning; evaluations; attorney fees; class action suits — we rely on it for all our main programs.” – Tom Bedall, Managing Attorney, Pro Seniors, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Creating New Beginnings for India’s Impoverished with Donated Technology “We are glad that NASSCOM Foundation is facilitating subsidized and essential IT applications for NGOs across India. Thank you for raising the bar and awareness on what ‘donation’ can mean to NGOs.” – Manoj Kumar, CEO, Naandi Foundation Hyderabad, India Reuse, Recycle, and Recount: The Freecycle Network Tracks Free Donations “QuickBooks is probably the most used software by nonprofit organizations. I’ve talked to others, and they are now switching over, and I’ve even seen auditors asking other organizations to please switch over. It’s just so much better for tracking.” – Deron Beal, Executive Director, The Freecycle Network Tucson, Arizona, USA
  10. 10. TechSoup Global Network Partners and Countries Served as of June 30, 2013 Australia Connecting Up Austria | Fundraising Verband Austria Belgium SOCIALware Bosnia-Herzegovina Directed Donations Botswana SANGONeT (South African NGO Network) Brazil Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN) (Telecentre Association of Business and Information) Bulgaria Фондация “Работилница за Граждански Инициативи” (Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation) Canada Centre for Social Innovation Chile El Comité para la Democratización de la Informática (CDI Chile) (Committee for the Democratization of Information Technology) Colombia Gates Global Libraries Program Croatia Udruga za Nezavisnu Medijsku Kulturu (The Association for an Independent Media Culture (H-Alter)) Czech Republic Sdruzení VIA | Nadace Charty 77 (Via Association I Charta 77 Foundation) East Timor Connecting Up Egypt Professional Development Foundation France Les Ateliers du Bocage French Guiana Les Ateliers du Bocage Germany Hong Kong 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Hungary Nonprofit Információs és Oktató Központ (NIOK) Alapítvány (Nonprofit Information and Training Centre Foundation) India NASSCOM Foundation | GuideStar India Ireland ENCLUDE Israel NPTech – Nonprofit Technology Italy Banco Informatico Tecnologico e Biomedico (BITeB) Japan 日本NPOセンター (Japan NPO Center) Kenya SANGONeT | Arid Lands Information Network Lithuania Gates Global Libraries Program Luxembourg SOCIALware Macau 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Macedonia Directed Donations Malaysia Connecting Up | 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Mexico Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Cemefi) (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) Moldova, Republic of Gates Global Libraries Program Montenegro Directed Donations Netherlands SOCIALware | Stichting GeefGratis New Zealand Connecting Up Papua New Guinea Connecting Up Philippines Connecting Up | 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Poland Fundacja TechSoup Romania Ateliere Fara Frontiere | Asociatia TechSoup Romania Russia Институт развития информационного общества (The Institute of the Information Society) Serbia Directed Donations Singapore Connecting Up | 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Slovakia Pontis Foundation Slovenia Zavod MISSS (Youth Information and Counseling Center) South Africa  SANGONeT (South African NGO Network) Spain  Technosite Sweden Forum för Frivilligt Socialt Arbete (National Forum for Voluntary Social Work) Taiwan 開拓文教基金會 (Frontier Foundation) Thailand Connecting Up | 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Ukraine Gates Global Libraries Program United Kingdom Technology Trust USA TechSoup Global Vietnam Connecting Up | 香港社會服務聯會 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) Reach 8
  11. 11. Countries served in FY 2013 •NetSquared Local Groups in FY 2013 NetSquared Local Groups Active in 2013 Abidjan, Ivory Coast Abidjan NetSquared Meetup Group Adelaide, Australia NetSquared Adelaide Auckland, New Zealand Auckland Net2 Austin, TX, USA Austin NetSquared Meetup Group Baltimore, MD, USA The Tech & Social Change Baltimore Meetup Belgrade, Serbia NetSquared Belgrade Boston, MA, USA NetSquared Boston Burlington, VT, USA The Burlington NetSquared Meetup Group Cambridge, United Kingdom The Cambridge NetSquared Meetup Group Chennai, India The Chennai NetSquared Meetup Group Chicago, IL, USA Net2chi Denver, CO, USA Tech4Good Denver Douala, Cameroon The Douala NetSquared Meetup Guatemala City, Guatemala Guatemala NetSquared Meetup - Campus Tecnologico Guayaquil, Ecuador The Guayaquil NetSquared Meetup Group Honolulu, HI, USA NetSquared Honolulu Houston, TX, USA The Houston NetSquared Meetup Group Istanbul, Turkey NetSquared Istanbul Johannesburg, South Africa NetSquared Jozi Kampala, Uganda NetSquared Kampala Meetup Group Lafayette, LA, USA NetSquared Lafayette Mad River Valley, VT, USA The Mad River Valley NetSquared Meetup Group Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester NetSquared Melbourne, Australia The Melbourne NetSquared Meetup Group Minneapolis, MN, USA NetSquared Twin Cities New Haven, CT, USA Social Change and Technology, New Haven New Orleans, LA, USA Net2NO New York, NY, USA 501 Tech Club NY Paris, France Wiser Local Paris Philadelphia, PA, USA USA, Net Tuesday Philly Meetup Port Harcourt, Nigeria NetSquared Port Harcourt Portland, OR, USA PDXTech4Good Research Triangle, NC, USA NCTech4Good San Francisco, CA, USA SF NetSquared San Jose, CA, USA NetSquared.SV - Mobile and Social Innovation Group Seattle, WA, USA Greater Seattle NetSquared Singapore, Singapore NetSquared Singapore Taipei, Taiwan NetSquared Taiwan Tokyo, Japan NetSquared Tokyo Toronto, ON, Canada Toronto Net Tuesday Vancouver, BC, Canada Net Tuesday Vancouver Washington, DC, USA Net2DC Wellington, New Zealand NetSquared Wellington Reach 9 NetSquared Local Groups are monthly community‐ building meetups run by local leaders. They bring together social activists and local NGOs to discuss the intersection of technology and social change.
  12. 12. MULTI-COUNTRY DONORS Adobe Systems Incorporated Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Ireland Japan Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Netherlands Philippines Poland Romania Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Taiwan Thailand UK USA Vietnam Alpha Software, Inc. Canada USA Altruia Austria Germany Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. Canada USA Blackbaud, Inc. (eTapestry, NOZA) Canada USA Bytes of Learning Incorporated Botswana Canada India Ireland South Africa Taiwan UK USA Calxa Australia New Zealand Cisco Systems, Inc. Australia Belgium Canada Czech Republic France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Macau Netherlands Poland Romania Spain Sweden UK USA Citrix Systems, Inc. New Zealand Australia Canada Germany UK USA CitySoft, Inc. Canada USA CleverReach Austria Germany Eagle Conferencing India UK easyLearning (Serebra Learning Corporation) Belgium Canada Kenya Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand USA Efficient Elements Germany USA Flickr Australia Brazil Canada Hong Kong Spain UK USA FluidSurveys (, Inc.) Belgium Brazil Canada Luxembourg Netherlands Spain Sweden UK USA GiftWorks (Mission Research) Australia Botswana Canada Czech Republic Germany Hong Kong Macau New Zealand Slovakia South Africa USA, Inc. Canada USA Huddle Canada UK USA InLoox Austria Germany Intuit, Inc. Canada USA Kaspersky Australia New Zealand Mailshell, Inc. Canada Ireland New Zealand Spain UK USA Microsoft Corporation: (Founding partner as of 1996) Australia Austria Belgium Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Czech Republic Egypt France Germany Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kenya Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Philippines Poland Romania Russia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Taiwan Thailand UK USA Vietnam Donors 10 Glide Keeps Flying High with Software Donations “When family shows up on your front door, you let them in. No matter what, no matter what, you let them in.” – Dave Richmond, Glide Foundation San Francisco, CA, USA ANCHOR DONOR PARTNERS
  13. 13. O&O Australia Germany India New Zealand Slovakia Sweden UK ReadyTalk Canada USA Red Earth Software, Inc. Japan Canada USA Sage North America Canada USA SAP AG (formerly Business Objects) Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Philippines Poland Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Taiwan Thailand UK USA Vietnam Shopify Inc. Canada USA Society for Nonprofit Organizations Canada USA Symantec Corporation Australia Austria Belgium Botswana Brazil Canada Egypt France Germany Hungary Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kenya Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Philippines Poland Singapore South Africa Spain Thailand UK USA Vietnam Tangient LLC (Wikispaces) Canada UK USA Telosa Software, Inc Canada USA SINGLE-COUNTRY DONORS Australia D-Link HootSuite MyBookingManager NetLeverage Refurbished Hardware Sophos Webroot Austria Refurbished Hardware Canada Sumac Czech Republic Zoner France AdB (Hardware) Ciel Germany Braintool Buhl ELO FundraisingBox Laplink Software, Inc. Lexware Meetyoo SoGehts SurveyMonkey Telefonica Germany Userlike Hong Kong Version 2 Limited India BUSY Infotech Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. New Zealand Refurbished Computers Poland EVK Ivona / iWebReader LeftHand Refurbished Computers – Teleta Russia iSpring South Africa Everlytic Spain Vodafone Taiwan Trend Micro The Netherlands Microsoft XBox Worknets UK uberVU Winfrasoft USA Acclivity LLC Atomic Learning, Inc. d/b/a Atomic Training Azavea BetterWorld Telecom LLC BitDefender, LLC Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Caspio, Inc., Inc. Closerware LLC Connect2Give, Inc. Donor Perfect Educational Broadband Service Agency LLC dba Mobile Beacon Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) Exclaimer, Inc. FileMaker, Inc. Guide By Cell Inc. Horizon DataSys Corporation HR Solutions Partners, Inc. mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc. (BestBuy Solutions, Inc.) NAB-PayAnywhere, LLC NetSuite Inc. Palo Alto Software, Inc. People-OnTheGo Philantech Inc. QuickBooks® Made Easy™ Seagate Technology LLC Teespring LLC Ultralingua, Inc. Refurbishing partners USA Arrow Global Asset Disposition, Inc. (formerly Redemtech) InterConnection PC Rebuilders & Recyclers (PCRR) 11 Donors
  14. 14. Institutional Supporters in Fiscal Year 2013 Aga Khan Foundation Amgen Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation GlobalGiving Foundation Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Microsoft Corporation Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Poland National Endowment for Democracy Rockefeller Brothers Fund SAP Foundation, a corporate advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation Symantec Foundation, a corporate advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Vodafone Americas Foundation These organizations provided generous grant funding for projects occurring in Fiscal Year 2013. We would also like to thank our Board of Directors and other individual donors for their significant support of TechSoup Global. The photos for the Year in Review 2013 were generously provided by TechSoup Global staff, Local Impact Map participants, and by Howard Koons Funders 12 WildiZe Foundation Builds a Website That Serves African Animal Conservation “Our original website lacked the professionalism of the work our foundation was achieving. We now feel that the visual design created with Photoshop is on par with the work we are accomplishing in the world.” – Spokesperson, WildiZe Foundation Multiple Locations – Africa Italian Cooperative Obtains Much- Needed Collaboration Software “For more than 30 years we have shared the wishes of disabled children, adults and their families, by managing the development of amenities and projects tailored to their specific needs. Thanks to TechSoup Italia and Microsoft’s SharePoint donation we are now able to more efficiently serve our community.” – Spokesperson, Services and Solidarity Cooperative Busto Arsizio, (Lombardy region) Italy White County Public Library Plugs In To New, Secure Workstations “The Symantec software was used as protection on our staff computers. The HP desktop computers we received were used to upgrade and increase our computers available for public use at the library.” – Michael Humphrey, Program Manager, White County Public Libraries White County, Georgia, USA Tech Donations Boost Romanian Group Helping the Disabled “[As a result of the Cisco donation], all of our saved funds are redirected to help our beneficiaries.” – Alina Sima, Program Coordinator, Pentru Voi Foundation Timisoara, Romania
  15. 15. $0.0 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 $0.5 $1.0 $1.5 $2.0 $2.5 $3.0 $3.5 US$4.0 billion Global Cumulative Savings to the Sector (in US$ Billion) To date, the TechSoup Global network has saved the global sector more than US$3.751 billion when compared to the retail value of donations distributed. A Sustainable Network Earned Income That Stays with Network Partners US$7,115,435 Earned Income US$24,703,978 Contributed Income US$2,493,337 In Fiscal Year 2013, the TechSoup Global Network had a total income of US$34 million. To support network sustainablity, 21 percent of income – or US$7.1 million – went toward delivering value-added services and creating jobs within the network. 13 Financials
  16. 16. TechSoup Global 435 Brannan Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94107-1780 USA +1.415.633.9300 GuideStar International Can Mezzanine 49 – 51 East Road Old Street, London N1 6AH United Kingdom + Fundacja TechSoup Aleje Ujazdowskie 37 lok. 3, 3a, 3b 00-540 Warszawa, Poland +48.22.502.29.89