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Fespl presentation


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Fespl presentation

  1. 1. FESPL International School ofRenewable EnergyTechnologyNational Institute ofSolarTrainingFlorance Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd1SUN IS POWERWELCOMETOCONSULTING, EPC SERVICE,TRAINING
  2. 2. SUN IS POWER•THE NEED FOR ALTERNATIVESWorld Energy Consumption change 1990 -2008, Ref: IEA2According to IEA (International Energy Administration) data from 1990to 2008, the average energy use per person increased 10% while worldpopulation increased 27%. Regional energy use also grew from 1990 to2008: the Middle East increased by 170%, China by 146%, India by 91%,Africa by 70%, Latin America by 66%, the USA by 20%, the EU-27 blockby 7%, and world overall grew by 39%.Energy use (in PWh)Fossil Nuclear Renewable Total1990 83.374 6.113 13.082 102.5692000 94.493 7.857 15.337 117.6872008 117.076 8.283 18.492 143.851Change 2000-2008 22.583 0.426 3.155 26.164
  3. 3. SUN IS POWER• The world is experiencing and about toexperience more significant energy shortages.• Developing countries’ economies are growing atan incredible pace to catch up with thedeveloped countries.3
  4. 4. SUN IS POWER• The rise of a vast middle class in India and China haslifted millions out of poverty, but has also created anenormous demand for energy.• Simultaneously, Middle Eastern countries areundergoing a social paradigm shift.• Political revolutions, along with long term demographictrends are changing the energy equation between theMiddle East and the rest of the world.• In this context, it is imperative that we secure our energyfuture in a sustainable manner.• Alternative – Solar Energy. 4
  5. 5. SUN IS POWER• Solar energy has been technically feasible for manyyears. Now, it is economically viable as well.• Globally, solar power installations that were producingaround 18GW (Giga watts) of power before 2010 havenow crossed the 100GW level of installed capacity.• India’s share is only 1.3GW so far, and we have a verylongway ambitious plan to achieve 22GW of solar powerinstalled in 2022, by the end of the 13th 5-year plan.• Yes, it is achievable, if we all work together, dedicated.(1GW= 1000MW = 1,000,000KW)5
  6. 6. SUN IS POWER• PROJECTED POWER CONSUMPTION OF INDIA – 20306MW200,000050,000100,000150,000Source – “Overview of Renewable Energy Potential of India ” – Peter Meisen
  7. 7. SUN IS POWER• JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL SOLAR MISSION/GOVT. OF INDIA (MNRE) –TARGETS FOR:11, 12 and 13th FIVEYEAR PLANS.TAMILNADU SOLAR ENERGYPOLICY 2012/TARGET: 2013-157ApplicationSegmentTarget for Phase1 (2010-2013)Target for Phase2 (2013-2017)Target forPhase 3(2017-2022)Solar Collectors 7 million sqmeters15 million sqmeters20 million sqmetersOff grid solarapplications200 MW 1000 MW 2000 MWUtility gridpower, incl. rooftop1,000-2,000 MW 4,000-10,000 MW 20,000 MWDevelopment of Solar Power inTamil NaduPhase (2013-2015) Target (MW)2013 10002014 10002015 1000Total (By 2015) 3000OUR FEDERAL & STATE GOVT.TARGETS:
  9. 9. SUN IS POWER• Solar energy is not only sustainable, it isrenewable too, and this means that we willnever run out of stock.• We can generate our own electricity throughsolar panels installed on our roofs and weneed not depend on the public utility (EB /DISCOM) companies and their ever rising pricestructures.• Once installed, solar power systems requirelittle maintenance besides cleaning the solarpanels with water sprayed through hose.• Solar electricity PV power plants and the solarpanels produce zero emissions and have noadverse impact on our environment. A 100%clean power.9
  10. 10. SUN IS POWER• Choosing solar energy utilization creates morejobs. This growing industry needs millions oftrained professionals.• So more people are continuously seekingprofessionally conducted and certified solartraining programs for their career prospects andto become eligible for hire. We,FESPL NIST, arethere for you.• The fast growing solar industry provides not onlylocal jobs but also economic developmentopportunities for the states and regions.• See theTamilnadu Government’s solar energybased power policy and the targets for 2013through 2015. 10
  12. 12. SUN IS POWER• Florance Energy Solutions is a renewable energy-promotingcompany focused on providing the most cost-effective renewableenergy solutions, in terms of increased power generation andcorresponding human resources skill development.• We specialize in energy audits, project consulting, retrofittingconsulting , new RE turnkey projects, Design-Build of renewableenergy power systems, which includes installation andmaintenance of solar PV systems. Our company can handle bothEPC and BOT type projects.EPC: Engineering Procurement ConstructionBOT: Build Operate Transfer12
  13. 13. SUN IS POWEROur Leadership Potentials:• The company is headed by Mr. Vijay Venugopal, P.E., aregistered Professional Engineer in the USA and a practicingEnergy & Engineering consultant for the last 13+ years in the USand in India.• Mr. Venugopal specializes in energy, power and renewable solarenergy solutions. He is also a subject matter expert in facilitiesengineering, and design & construction management, havingstarted his career in the power and energy industry over 40years ago.• Over the years, he has gained expertise in various engineeringdisciplines including mechanical and power plant engineering,sub-stations, transmission & distribution systems, industrialplanning, materials management and Solar power projects. Hehas a passion for Renewable Solar Energy since 2002.• Our executive branch has full knowledge engineeringprofessionals. 13
  15. 15. SUN IS POWER• Florance Energy Solutions specializes in providing consultingservices on Energy Solutions for your home, office, business orindustry.• We have record of providing consulting and design solutions tomany Federal, state and university facilities in the US, and for fewpower conglomerates and light commercial facilities in India.• Our professional engineers will assist you in evaluating yourenergy requirements and needs, and provide you with an optimalsolution that is based on sustainable energy managementprinciples.• We provide a complete range of services, from energy auditing todesign-build-install state-of-the-art solar power solutions.15
  17. 17. SUN IS POWER17
  18. 18. SUN IS POWER• Our installers are highlytrained & certifiedinstallers, who will workwith you to setup thepanels for maximumutility18
  19. 19. SUN IS POWER• We make owning a solar PV & CPS powersystems easy by offering the best EPCprofessional service options.• Under BOT system we offer short, medium, andlong-term options available.Choose one thatbalances your monthly payments against yourtotal cost of ownership**.**Conditions Apply 19EPC & BOT Services
  20. 20. SUN IS POWER•OURTRAINING20COURSE PROGRAMS: Certified Solar Professional (CSPro) 3wks.(60h) Certified Solar Power Developer (CSPD) 2wks.(40h) Certified Solar Installer (CSI) 1wk. (20h) Certified Solar Panel Design Developer (CSPLD) 2wks.(40h) Certified Solar Business Managers (CSBM) 1wk. (30h)
  21. 21. SUN IS POWER• Our subject matter experts have international experience and expertise inmany renewable energy technologies, including the booming solar energytechnology.• We are specialized in solar photovoltaic (SPV) systems, concentrated solar PV(CSPV), and concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) systems. We do haveexpertise in Electrical & Power engineering and projects engineering &management.21
  22. 22. SUN IS POWER• We impart a thorough and detailed trainingwith classroom lectures and hands-on practical.• The detailed theory and practice that weprovide will help you gain a deep understandingon solar energy technology and will enable youto become a successful professional in handlingsolar power projects.• Our courses are designed to provide you withvaluable hands-on experience that give you theconfidence needed to start your solar businessassignment.• Our courses’ schedule & timing are flexibleenough to help you adapt to suit yourconvenience of learning.22
  23. 23. SUN IS POWER• One of our batches onValedictory Day23
  24. 24. SUN IS POWERCONTACT US:• Address:40, East Coast Road (E.C.R.), 1st FloorThirvunamiyur, Chennai 600 041,Tamil Nadu, India.• Phone:91-84389 07612, 91-91760 29422, 91-99621 82588• Web• Email :info@florancesolutions.com24