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Customer relationships and listening


Published on Customer relationships and listening go hand in hand, and listening is absolutely crucial to building strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

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Customer relationships and listening

  1. 1. Customer Relationships and Listening<br />
  2. 2. Customer Relationships and Listening<br />Customer relationships and listening go hand in hand, and listening is absolutely crucial to building strong and lasting relationships with your customers. All too often, people working in the sales industry think being an effective salesperson is all about being a good speaker, but the best salespeople are often better at listening than they are at speaking. Of course, being able to speak well is important, but being an effective listener puts you in a position to learn more about your clients’ needs and be more useful to them, which is ultimately what will lead to greater sales volumes for you and your business.<br /> <br />The worst salespeople are those who start pitching their businesses and products before they have even identified the business issues of their potential customers. Such a technique is bound to result in failure. By doing so, you will have absolutely no idea what your customer needs and whether or not the products or services you are offering are even effective solutions to the customers’ problems and needs. In order to ensure that whatever you are pitching to a potential customer is relevant to them and their business, you need to take the time and effort to get to know your client properly, and this means listening attentively to them and actually processing what they have to say.<br />If you do not have the proper approach to listening, you will most likely be wasting your client’s time. And in this fast-paced world, where customers are busier than ever, if you waste your client’s time you will most probably not get another chance with that particular client. You <br />need to play your cards right and listen to your customer first, before you even start to <br />speak about anything related to the products or services you are offering to them.<br />
  3. 3. Customer Relationships and Listening<br />Actively listening to your customers will provide you with much-needed insights into their business objectives and what their current needs are, and this will allow you to adjust your sales pitch to hit the right notes and resonate with your customers. By doing this, you will also distinguish yourself from the myriad other salespeople who have no doubt also approached your customer with their own products and services.<br /> <br />Customers always appreciate when a salesperson takes the time to understand them and their issues instead of simply attempting to force them into purchasing whatever products or services that would bring them the highest commission.<br /> <br />Of course, you have marketing messages that you will have to deliver at some point, as that is the point of communicating with your customer in the first place. What you have to remember is that you need to listen before you get your own messages across, so that you can tailor those messages to be as relevant to the customer you are talking to as possible. This way, you are much more likely to be able to win the customer over, and end your call or meeting successfully, instead of being turned away at the end of it all.<br /> <br /> Hopefully you find this article informative about relationships and listening. For more info on active listening exercise, discover your listening style, active listening samples, effective listening tips, you may go to this website, <br />