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Softvative XP to Win7 Migration Process

Softvative XP to Win7 Migration Process Infographics

Visit our migration services page for details.

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Softvative XP to Win7 Migration Process

  1. 1. Start 32 / 64 Bit Softvative - XP to Win7 Migration Process Custom Install Needs: 1. External drive 2. Software Sources Run Win7 Upgrade Advisor Move files with Win Easy Transfer Install Win7 & Softwares Restore Files with Windows Easy Transfer Reinstall programsand drivers Tools & References: [XP Support end date April 08, 2014] 1. Program Compatibility troubleshooter 2. Windows7 Compatibility Center 3. Win XP Mode, VmwarePlayer, OracleVirtualBox 4. Windows.old folderretains XP files/ driversif youdidn’t format drive during custom install 5. Windows7 UpgradeAdvisor 6. WindowsEasy Transfer Tool 7 UserStateMigration Tool (USMT) 8. Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 9. MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit 2012 10. Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) 11. OfficeMigrationand Planning Manager (OMPM) 12. OfficeEnvironment Assessment Tool (OEAT) 13. Debugging Toolsfor Windows 14. WindowsDeployment Services 15. System CenterConfigurationManager Need Win XP Mode / VPC Install WinXP Mod & legacy programs Yes Backup Win XP Verify user data and applications No Later Remove A. windows.old folder B. Easy Transfer .mig file End Deployment Scenario Small / Medium / Large Small By: Faisal Masood – PMP, V:1.0 Dated 1/4/2014