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Azure Lab Services

Azure Lab Services allow institutions to quickly spin up virtual labs in the cloud in a simplified way. This presentation is going to guide you through the main aspects related to it.

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Azure Lab Services

  1. 1. Fabrício Lopes Sanchez Sr. Cloud Solution Architect Microsoft Corp – WW EDU
  2. 2. Hands-on learning is the best way to study…
  3. 3. …but as IT, maintaining a physical lab can be: Complicated, time consuming and expensive
  4. 4. Students aren’t necessarily within the institution anymore…
  5. 5. Students own different devices
  6. 6. What is Azure Lab Services? Azure Lab Services enables you to quickly set up an environment for your team (for example: development environment, test environment, classroom lab environment) in the cloud.
  7. 7. Azure Lab Services ✓ Simple ✓ Cost-effective ✓ Flexible
  8. 8. Azure Lab Services ✓ Provides lab resources to students in any location from any device ✓ Enables faculty staff to create labs and support their classes without needing IT dept. intervention ✓ Has an all-inclusive pricing model to provide easy budgeting ✓ Provides controls over scheduling and availability of lab resources to only pay for what is used
  9. 9. IT Administrator Professors / Tutors Students Azure Lab Services - Personas
  10. 10. Azure Lab Services - General flow Azure Portal ▪ Create Lab Accounts ▪ Define custom images for the Labs ▪ Make images available for the Labs ▪ Assign professors/tutors to their Labs ▪ Integrates Labs to existing VNets Step 1: IT Management Step 2: Professors/Tutors Management Labs Portal ▪ Create new Labs as needed ▪ Manage Lab usage: scheduling, quotas ▪ Creates VM templates for each Lab ▪ Manages students invitation Step 3: Students Labs Portal ▪ Get registered and joined into a Lab ▪ Can see all Labs available ▪ Connect to Lab’s VMs via RDP
  11. 11. Description Scenario to be validated by the POC # labs 1 # students on this lab 10 Course Computer Science Content .NET Core and C-Sharp OS base Windows 10 Tools Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, .NET Core 3.0, SQL Server Express Professor in charge Fabricio Lopes Sanchez IT Operator Fabricio Lopes Sanchez POC period 30 days Estimated cost US$ 760 (1 hour/day)
  12. 12.