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3 Reasons to use Insomnia REST Client in your Exploratory API Testing


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I use Insomnia REST client and Postman when exploratory testing REST and HTTP APIs, in this video I demo Insomnia REST Client and explain why you should try it in your exploratory testing.

- easy to feed through a non-system proxy
- copy and paste curl commands
- api documentation and examples
- copy paste from postman into insomnia easily
- filter JSON responses e.g lists[*].guid

Tools used:

- Insomnia
- Postman
- Burpsuite free edition

Watch the full video on my YouTube Channel

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3 Reasons to use Insomnia REST Client in your Exploratory API Testing

  1. 1. 3 Reasons to use Insomnia REST Client in your Exploratory API Testing Alan Richardson
  2. 2. I use a combination of tools to test REST APIs 4 Postman for interactive requirement and documentation based testing 4 Java and REST Assured for automating the API 4 Insomnia REST for more exploratory API testing
  3. 3. A Basic Process Overview 4 build a Postman collection with my main requests and examples 4 to explore in more detail I move over to Insomnia 4 either export Postman collection and import it into Insomnia or 4 convert Postman to cURL and paste it into the Insomnia URL bar
  4. 4. Why Add Insomnia to the Mix? 4 Insomnia preferences dialog allows me to easily feed traffic through an HTTP Debug proxy like Burpsuite or Owasp Zap. 4 When I'm exploratory testing I'll want to use different proxies and with Insomnia I can switch between them all without losing testing focus and restarting the app.
  5. 5. Easy Proxy Switching in Insomnia
  6. 6. JSON filtering of result payloads in Insomnia
  7. 7. I Still Use Postman 4 Collections 4 Data Driven testing from parameterised requests and the Runner and csv files
  8. 8. And I Proxy for: 4 'extreme' payload manipulation and fuzzing 4 capturing traffic to help me document my testing
  9. 9. Use Tools in Combination 4 Don't try to find the 'one true tool'. 4 Identify the strengths of each tool. 4 and their weaknesses. 4 Augment the weaknesses with other tools.
  10. 10. For more information: insomnia-rest.html @EvilTester