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Employment law – What To Expect - December 2012


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What to expect within UK Employment law during November 2012. Key items include Growth and Infrastructure Bill, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill and the new consultations on TUPE and pre-claim conciliation.

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Employment law – What To Expect - December 2012

  1. 1. Employment law – what to expectGrowth and Infrastructure Bill: House Possible government responses to Enterprise and Regulatory Reformof Commons debates new scheme for consultations on changes to Working Time Bill: House of Lords debates: ACAS‘employee owners’ to give up certain Regulations (to cover sickness during conciliation; rapid resolution; negotiatingemployment rights for shares annual leave) and collective termination; compensation; employer redundancies. May see new consultations fines; whistleblowing; third party on TUPE and pre-claim conciliation. harassment; equal pay audits etc discrimination questionnaires December 2012 West London Ring v Dansk Odar v Baxter Warby v Wunda Mental Health almennyttigt Deutschland GmbH Group plc Trust v Chhabra Boligselskab DAB CJEU to rule on Court of Appeal to Court of Appeal Advocate General of whether age consider whether it hearing into whether CJEU to give opinion discrimination to was sex a court could grant on the definition of offer lower level of discrimination to injunction to disability in EU benefits in an dismiss a woman for prevent disciplinary equality law occupational social lying about action alleged to be security scheme to miscarriage in breach of those entitled to a employment pension contract 2013 Forward planner Key 1 February Limits on certain tribunal awards to increase (could be delayed to 6 April if ERR Bill takes effect soon) Hearing March Parental leave entitlements rise from 13 weeks to 18 weeks Jud gment Spring New employment tribunal procedure rules take effect Othe r © Eversheds LLP 2012