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How to-remove-google-ebookstore-drm

  1. 1. How to Remove Google eBookstore DRM?Google ebookstore provides with almost 3 millioneBooks for eBooks fans reading on iPad, iPhone, iPodtouch, Android and the latest iRiver Story HD.Downloaded a lot of eBooks from Google eBookstore butthey have DRM? As we all know, DRM prevents you from copying, printing, editingor sharing books with friends.So how to remove DRM from eBooks downloaded fromGoogle eBookstore?Most books downloaded from Google eBookstore are ePub or PDF format. To removeGoogle books DRM, Google eBooks DRM Removal can help you.Note: Google books DRM is using Adobe Content Server(Adobe DRM), so wecalled Adobe DRM Removal as Google Books DRM Removal, it can remove DRM fromboth PDF and ePub books easily, download and install it, then follow the guide belowto remove DRM from Google eBookstore.How to remove DRM from Google BooksStep 1: Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and authorize your copy. Copyright: | Epubor
  2. 2. Download ADE:, and authorize yourcopy of Adobe Digital Editions.Step 2: Run Google Books DRM Removal software to remove DRM from Googlebooks.Click on the "Browse" button to choose your Google ebook / input folder. Youllfind it in"My DocumentsMy Digital Editions".Step 3: Finally click "unDRM directory" to remove Google eBookstore DRM.Key Features of Google books DRM Removal1. Remove ePUB&PDF filesThe software supports removing Adobe ADEPT from both PDF and ePub files easily.So whether you downloaded Google books in PDF format or ePub format, this softwareworks.2. No quality losing Copyright: | Epubor
  3. 3. Google eBookstore DRM Removal just remove drm from epub&PDF files header, the samequality as source files.3. Batch ConversionMany user purchased many ebooks online, you do not need to remove drm from ePUB& PDF one by one, use ADE DRM Removal, one time to decrypt tens of adept drm protectedfiles from whole ebooks folder.Tips:Tips: • Read google ebookstore book on your Kindle Fire • Calibre is a freeware that can convert any formats • Remove DRM from Amazon Kindle azw/prc/mobi/tpz • Remove DRM from eBooks.comSounds Wonderful?Now with Google eBooks DRM Removal, you can easily remove DRM from eBooksdownloaded from Google eBookstore and you will be able to read Google books freelyon other devices or share books with your friends online. Enjoy!Keywords: Google eBookstore DRM, Adobe DRM Removal, ePUB&PDF DRM RemovalSource: Copyright: | Epubor