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Emt case-study-egypt


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Emt case-study-egypt

  2. 2. EGYPT VOTESa tool for lasting democracy“Social networks have provided a critical outlet forpeople’s sentiment and information exchangedthroughout the Arab Spring and technology plays apivotal role in monitoring these elections. Our websitebuilt with our strategic partners, gives Egyptian votersthe opportunity to share and discuss their personalexperiences of this historical election online.”-Ayman Abdellatif, General Manager for Microsoft Egypt “We believe we can makecontext a difference and share our resources with local teamsThe Egyptian revolution started on January 25, 2011. On the so-called to provide a voice on the“Day of Rage,” Egyptians, inspired by the Tunisian revolution, took to the election results. We are instreets of Egypt to protest against the precarious living conditions people historical times and we builtin the country were facing. this company to promote democracy world-wide. ToThe ultimate purpose of these protests was to force the resignation of walk on Tahrir Square andHosni Mubarak and his regime that had been in power for the previous view people on their mobile30 years. In only 18 days of protests, the Egyptian people obtained what phones posting commentsthey wanted—Mubarak resigned from office on February 11, 2011. and sharing their voice: this is why ElectionMall® wasAfter months of internal clashes within the country, Mohamed Hussein created, as technology canTantawi, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, called an increase political participationelection, and as a result, was elected president of Egypt on July 21, 2011. via technology.”This revolution cleared the way for the first legal and legitimate elections Ravi Singhof the country. Yet, the country of Egypt suffered 900 fatalities on its way Founder, CEO of ElectionMall®to democracy. 1
  3. 3. the challengeAfter the revolution and the elections, one of the main challengesEgyptians faced was in keeping the flame of democracy alive.“Under the provisional Constitution, the new Egyptian People’s Assemblyand Sura Council will be chosen in three separate rounds of voting, eachinvolving a series of run-offs. It would be complicated even for a maturedemocracy, and in addition to confusion, some voters, disappointed bythe results of the first or second-round of voting, have found a healthyoutlet to express their frustration.”1Because of the fragile democracy and the potential for confusion andmisinformation, CEO Ravi Singh travelled to Cairo to promote “EgyptVotes.” “Egypt Votes” was an innovative website developed to deliverinsight into the experience of voters, publish election results as they wereannounced, along with providing all of the information and facts neededto track the elections.the strategy QUICK FACTS:“Democracy requires the unrestrained exchange of thoughts and EGYPT (Arab Republic of)experiences, but in a closed society like Egypt, opportunities for open EG - 82,079,636 populationcommunication by ordinary citizens had been virtually non-existent – (2011)which is where “Egypt Votes” came in.”1 A forum needed to be createdwhere this participation could occur from all citizens. Country Area: 1,001,450 sq km“As Egyptians took to the polls in the first free elections of their lifetimes, Capital city: Cairo - population“Egypt Votes” gave them a chance to share their experiences and 7,947,121 (2008)observations, not just within the gated neighborhoods of their ownFacebook® friends and Twitter® followers, but with the uninformed 21,691,776 Internet users asmillions of Egyptians, worldwide.” of Dec.31, 2011, 26.4% of the population, per ITU.Another key point on the strategy was that “over 70% of Egyptianadults are literate, and 1 in 4 has access to the Internet. The popularity 9,391,580 Facebook® users onof “Egypt Votes” came as no surprise. After all, Egyptians’ advanced Dec 31/11,11.4% penetrationcommunications and web involvement played a major role in bringing rate.about the Tahrir Square Revolution in the first place!”11 2
  4. 4. the technology““Egypt Votes” was launched in conjunction with ElectionMall®, a non- My first time voting was inpartisan political technology company and Microsoft’s® Azure platform March of this year, then thealong with Egyptian news portal Masrawy and MSN® Arabia.” “The parliamentary elections on thesite guides first-time voters to their local polling places, helps them 28th of November. I thoughtunderstand registration requirements and provides immediate posting of long and hard about whom should represent me in theofficial election results.”1 parliament. I finally decided that this 65-year-old manA major difficulty within the “Egypt Votes” project was the large should give his vote to thepopulation involved. In order to keep track of the process, ElectionMall® young men and womenused special, specific tools to keep track of the website coding. These who gave us this then assisted the development of all of the applications needed tobuild and maintain the website. Since there were multiple elections being Muhammad Hammad (Cairo)held over the country, scalability was a big concern. When would peopleparticipate? Before, during, or after the election? “Egypt Votes” also came with a multi-lingual tool that expanded the website’s content to reach more than just Arabic speakers. A wonderful experience that The integration makes you really feels like of Bing™ Maps a true citizen of Egypt. It was a key tool. doesn’t matter who wins orThese maps displayed interactive pins of all governorates across the who loses: what’s important iscountry and provided a platform for Egyptians to share and view their that the elected officials winexperiences via social networking sites like Facebook® and Twitter® after fair-and-square and that ourposting their ballots to increase and spread involvement.2 Bing™ Maps votes actually count. This isalso broke down election outcomes governorate by governorate as theresults were released by Egyptian authorities.2 the wonderful outcome of the revolution.The most important aspect of “Egypt Votes” was to provide transparencyand accurate, reliable information.2 Because “Egypt Votes” was built Mahmoud al-Huwaytyusing Windows Azure from Microsoft®, an open and flexible cloud (Giza)computing platform, users were able to implement applications quickly.“Egypt Votes” then had the ability to escalate bandwidth depending onthe number of active users at any moment—providing only the bestexperience—no matter how heavy the web traffic.2 3
  5. 5. I have a bed-ridden mother who can only get around on a wheelchair. She told me she wanted to go vote. When the military officers saw her at the polling station, four of them came over to carry her up to the third floor and then bring her down. I’m very proud to be Egyptian. Ahmad Rizq (Damietta) About ElectionMall®positive outcomes Technologies Founded in 1999 ElectionMall.“Egypt Votes” provided citizens with the tools they needed to share their com is a world wide leaderperspectives on the new democracy and elections in Egypt. It gathered in providing Internet-basedmore than 1,400 comments in record timing from all around the world. on non-partisan solutions forDue to the elections and newfound democracy, Egyptians felt their votes campaigns and electons.could actually make a difference. A mutual respect was also created forthose who died for their freedom and for those who could finally act on About Masrawy Masrawy Portal, the first andit. largest Egyptian portal, is currently one of the biggest““Egypt Votes” has given voters a tool to educate, mobilize and reassure Arab Web sites specializing inone another. It’s rather like the Internet phenomenon of “crowd- news.sourcing,” but for voting…While Twitter® and Facebook® gave rise to theArab Spring, “Egypt Votes” held the greatest promise for ushering the About MSN® ArabiaMiddle East to a period of true and lasting democracy.”1 MSN® Arabia is the first international bilingual Portal“Egypt Votes” has been awarded two Web Marketing Association’s 2012 in the Middle East, catering toInternet Advertising Competition awards for both the “Best Advocacy all Arabic, English and French speakers, offering premiumInteractive Application” and the “Best Political Interactive Application.” content and services that include Windows Live Hotmail®All in all, “Egypt Votes” was a success. It gave a voice to citizens that and Live Messenger®.wanted to participate in the political arena of their country towardsanother step into democracy. About Microsoft® Founded in 1975, Microsoft® (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is theto visit the website / participate: worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.3 4
  6. 6. copyright© 2011 ElectionMall Inc.. All rights reserved. ElectionMall Inc. (“EMT”)furnishes this document and the software described in this documentunder the applicable agreement between the reader of this document(“You”) and EMT (“Agreement”). You may use this document and/orsoftware only in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Except asexpressly set forth in the Agreement, the information contained in thisdocument is subject to change without notice and therefore should notinterpreted in any way as a guarantee or warranty by EMT. EMT assumesno responsibility or liability for any errors that may appear in thisdocument. The copyrighted software that accompanies this documentis licensed to You for use only in strict accordance with the Agreement.You should read the Agreement carefully before using the software.Except as permitted by the Agreement, You may not reproduce any partof this document, store this document in a retrieval system, or transmitthis document, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of EMT.Restricted Rights LegendsFor Government or defense agenciesUse, duplication, or disclosure by the Government or defense agenciesis subject to restrictions as set forth the Rights in Technical Data andComputer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013 and in similar clausesin the FAR and NASA FAR Supplement.For civilian agenciesUse, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth insubparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer SoftwareRestricted Rights clause at 52.227-19 and the limitations set forth inElectionMall Inc.’s standard commercial agreement for this software.Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the UnitedStates.TrademarksEMT, the EMT logo, CampaignGuru, eyardsigns and ElectionYellowPagesare registered trademarks of ElectionMall Inc. in the U.S. and othercountries. DonationPages, GOTV Manager, CampaignCloud, CampaignAd Engine, Take Action Web Page, ElectionEmail, Europa Email, CMSDot Com Manager, and FundraisingByNet are trademarks and/or servicemarks of ElectionMall Inc. All other brands and product names aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 6