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EMT Corporate Profile ASIA 2012


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EMT Corporate Profile ASIA 2012

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EMT Corporate Profile ASIA 2012

  1. 1. Corporate Profile Technology Campaign Guru Online advertising By Ravi Singh, Campaign Guruwhere everyday is a campaign CEO of
  2. 2. Content Letter Biography: Ravi Singh CEO & Founder, ElectionMall Technologies, Inc. Ravi Singh and ElectionMall on Stage Leadership by Turban, by Ravi Singh Our History Campaign Guru Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft® ElectionMall Asia & Middle East Contact
  3. 3. PresentationLetterI started this company with one computer and a vision to increase political participation. I neverimagined would service thousands of campaigns. Our foundation is the principle thatwhether you are a school board mom or a presidential candidate, you deserve the technology to is designed to be a “mall” where you can pick and choose the things you need to have ,to gain the EDGE in your campaign. Many times, people reinvent the wheel – we believe that simple,solid and affordable web technology is the key. We are excited to make available the products andservices you offer to the thousands of clients on the Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft®.The needs of this market have been met by our unique and proprietary platform, which has been builtover the last 10 years; constructed not as a business application, but a political focuses on providing technology solutions built on Microsoft® technology thatgenerates awareness, money, and votes.The launching of Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft®, gives us an unprecedented position in themarket – a winning position we are confident that you will want to take advantage of. Thisgroundbreaking platform allows our clients to manage every campaign staffer, resource, password,donor, email, document, and metric from one location.Since 1999, has pioneered online innovations in the political arena.’smanagement team has been profiled in Business Week Magazine, USA Today, CNN, Washington Postand was listed in JMP Securities’ list of top 100 privately held Software Companies for 2008.On behalf of the entire 70-member team, we are excited about working together to build opportunitiesand propel your organization to online success. As CEO, I guarantee that the items we have chosen foryou and the dedication of my team will exceed your expectations, and will give you the EDGE you needto win.Thank you Ravi Singh CEO
  4. 4. BiographyRavi SinghCEO & FounderRavi Singh is CEO and founder of ElectionMall™ Technologies, Inc., a non-partisan technology solutionscompany, which provides citizens, candidates, and political parties with the necessary online tools, services,and products to help them win elections via technology and the Internet. Known for its SaaS campaigntechnology, ElectionMall has worked with over 600 different campaigns during the 2008 election cycle andover 1000 campaigns during the 2010 campaign cycle. ElectionMall expanded into the Latin American marketduring the 2010 Colombian Presidential Elections and recently opened offices in Bogota, Colombia. Thecompany, first featured in “Click the Vote” March 2004 BusinessWeek Magazine®, is considered to be one ofthe largest and fastest growing campaign and election technology firms in the United States. With offices inWashington D.C., Chicago, Brussels, and Bogotá, the company provides a unique “one-stop shop”technology approach for a variety of candidates since 2000. Singh has played an integral role these past two years in Presidential and Parliamentary campaigns all over the world, including Europe, Asia and Latin America. As a result of Singh’s visionary approach ElectionMall has launched Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft®, which allows campaigns to manage all of their technology services and social networks via one central login. Campaigns across the globe are utilizing ElectionMall to be a part of this new technological phenomenon, which is not only spreading their message via the Internet, but is providing them with affordable technology solutions. Singh, described as the “campaign guru, in a ” USA Today® article, is a featured speaker on eDemocracy and is a visionary in cloud computing, which he has promoted “Ravi is one of the new powerbrokers whose sites and bytes may well influence how you cast your ballot come November. ” enthusiastically at international speaking USA Weekend Magazine, 2004 engagements at the European Union Parliament in Belgium, a United Nations Conference inGuadalajara, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Public Affairs Association of Canada in Toronto, and thePersonal Democracy Forum in New York and Madrid, plus numerous academic speeches at universitiesabroad. During these presentations Singh has encouraged world leaders to use social media networkingsites and establish dialogues with their grassroots supporters. Over the past two years Singh was awardedthe prestigious Sikh in Media Award and received an award as one of “50 Outstanding Asian Americans” forhis work encouraging participation via the Internet. In 2008 Singh was named a “Rising Star” by Campaigns
  5. 5. Biographyand Elections Magazine®. In 2004, USA Weekend Magazine® named Ravi Singh as one of the “five newpowerbrokers whose sites and bytes may well influence how you cast your ballot come November. ”Singh, the first-born son of U.S. immigrant parents, began his political journey at age 14 when the US ArmedForces forbid him to wear his turban in a USA Military Academy. Senator Paul Simon and CongressmanDennis Hastert introduced legislation on his behalf signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987. Thislegislation allowed Singh to graduate from the military academy with full honors as a 2nd Lieutenant, makinghim the first American with a turban to graduate.In 1995, Singh taught citizens at the Illinois State Fair “how to use the Internet and surf Yahoo!®. In 1996, he ”was asked to serve on the National Asian American Planning Committee, collecting “Internet emailaddresses” for the 1996 Presidential Election. By the age of 25, Singh’s passion for politics inspired him to runfor public office. He was the first Asian American and Sikh with a turban to run for office in the 42nd DistrictIllinois General Assembly. During his campaign, Singh made history by launching the first “online chat townhall meeting” and the first Internet candidate campaign website in the district.Following his run for political office, Singh founded ElectionMall™ Technologies, Inc., in 2000 and was one of the first in the industry to send a unique electronic card over the Internet known as eYardSigns®, utilized in the 2000 Presidential Campaign by both George W. Bush and the Democratic National Committee. ElectionMall continued in its pioneering approach in 2004 as CNN® and PC Magazine® highlighted the first online animation debates, which premiered on As an “industry pioneer” and inventor with registered patents, Singh and ElectionMall have qualified as the only online “registering authority” (RA) providing digital authentication certificates for candidates, campaigns, and political organizations’ websites. The exclusive online program, known as ElectionSecurity™, ensures election and campaign trust, security, and protection for online political consumers. Ravi Singh, born and raised in the United States, has a Bachelors of Science from Valparaiso University and a Masters in Political Science from Northwestern University. He is a member of the EAPC (European), the AAPC (American), and IAPC (International) Associations of Political Consultants, serving on the IAPC Board as well. Singh is the author of two books and various articles. Singh is also an author and his book, Leadership by Turban, is now available on Amazon®.com. Singh has published articles on Campaign Relationship Management and “Voter Space” for George Washington University. Singh currently resides in Washington D.C. and can be followed on Twitter during his international travels @CampaignGuru.
  6. 6. Ravi Singh and Electionmall on stageRavi Singh and ElectionmallOn stageSince 1986, Ravi Singh has had a representative participation in theinternational scene. It has evolved to the point that Ravi Singh is settingthe standard for many of today’s communication models. Hispresentations and speeches have captured the attention of influentialpersonalities of global and international leaders.1986 Ravi Singh attends Marmion Military Academy, but due to U.S. Military rules, Singh is told he can’t wear his turban at the Academy as the turban doesn’t conform to uniform regulations. Ravi and his mother petition the U.S. government and in 1988, President Reagan signs legislation allowing Sikhs to wear their turbans.1997 Ravi Singh, at age 25, ran for State Representative in Illinois. Singh, when he ran for office was the first Asian American to wear a turban and run for public Since 1986, Ravi Singh has had a representative participation in the international office in the United States. scene has evolved to the point of it was he who set many of the current communication2000 ElectionMall is founded. lines as a model.2000 Ravi speaks at the DNC and RNC conventions about Internet technology.2000 ElectionMall secures their first client in the Republican National Committee, for a tool called, eYardSigns that allowed users to send electronic political cards to their friends.2003 ElectionMall receives funding from Microsoft Executive, George Spix.2004 ElectionMall moves their offices from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.2004 Ravi is a speaker at the Politics Online Conference, held by George Washington University. Also, Ravi is highlighted in several publications including Business Week and USA Today.2004 Ravi Singh, attends International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) Conference in Vancouver, Canada and becomes one of the youngest members of the organization.2004 Ravi authors a chapter for George Washington University on Campaign Relationship Management. ElectionMall opens an eDemocracy Lab in New Delhi, India.
  7. 7. Ravi Singh and Electionmall on stage2005 ElectionMall becomes a member of European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC), and Ravi Singh speaks about 2004 Online Campaign in the United States in Porto, Portugal.2005 ElectionMall, Inc. announces the opening of their first international office in Monterrey, Mexico2005 Ravi Singh speaks at Monterrey Institute of Technology with Joe Trippi, campaign manager of Howard Dean, about Online Campaigning and upcoming presidential election in Mexico.2005 ElectionMall has a press conference with Ravi Singh, Secretary of State Trey Grayson (Kentucky), and Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron (New Mexico). ElectionMall launches Election Security Seal Program to verify campaign websites.2005 Ravi Singh attends IAPC Conference in Berlin, Germany2006 ElectionMall launches its proprietary fundraising system called Any candidate running for office can create their own fundraising page at no-cost. First Software-as-a-Service Fundraising Application in Politics.2006 Ravi Singh travels to Budapest, Hungary to attend an eDemocracy Conference and speak about ElectionMall’s Election Security Seal Program.2006 Ravi authors a chapter on how political campaigns can leverage social networks for George Washington University.2007 Ravi is named a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections Magazine.2007 Ravi Singh attends IAPC Conference in Bali, Indonesia, and is named to Board of Directors. Singh is the youngest board member of IAPC.2007 ElectionMall begins work for Anwar Ibrahim, former Finance Minister of Malaysia and leader of the opposition party.2008 ElectionMall and Ravi Singh provide technology to multiple Presidential hopefuls. Democratic and Republican State Parties.
  8. 8. Ravi Singh and Electionmall on stage2008 Ravi Singh provides technology guidance to Dr. Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia. Dr. Ibrahim is former Finance Minister of Malaysia and leader of the Opposition Party. With the help of ElectionMall and Ravi, the opposition party is able to secure legislative majority in five of thirteen states.2008 ElectionMall provides services to over 500 campaigns during the 2008 Election Cycle, including Democratic and Republican State Parties.2008 ElectionMall is named one of the top privately held software companies by J&P Securities.2008 In Mexico ElectionMall provides mobile technology to political parties during July election and Ravi Singh speaks at United Nations Conference on eDemocracy in Guadalajara.2008 ElectionMall provides training with multiple political parties and candidates in Bogota, Colombia.2008 Ravi Singh is invited to speak by Microsoft and Burson-Marsteller at the European Union in Brussels, Belgium to speak to members of Parliament about Online Campaigning and how it can be used in their races in 2009.2008 ElectionMall opens European offices in Brussels.2008 Ravi Singh speaks at a Campaign Managers Conference of the European People’s Party (EPP), Europe’s largest political party with 69 member parties.2009 ElectionMall provides technology to candidates running for Parliament of the European Union.2009 Through partnership with Burson-Marsteller, ElectionMall helps launch, the first website in Europe tracking votes of the European Parliament.2009 Ravi Singh speaks at Public Affairs Conference in Toronto, Canada.2009 ElectionMall provides technology to municipal and local candidates running for office in Mexico.2009 In Ukraine, Singh addresses students and media at Kiev University.2009 Ravi Singh speaks at first annual European Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona, Spain.2009 Ravi Singh attends 2009 IAPC in Panama finishes two-year term on IAPC Board of Directors.2009 ElectionMall provides technology to two presidential campaigns in Ukraine.2010 ElectionMall conducts meetings with possible candidates for president in Nigeria and Sudan. Ravi Singh provides strategic guidance to EPP and candidate during Parliamentary campaigns in Hungary.
  9. 9. Ravi Singh and Electionmall on stage2010 In Paris, Ravi Singh is the keynote speaker the EPP’s Youth Conference.2010 Aaron Ronsheim, Director of Web Strategy, address candidates, students, elected officials, and media at Puebla University, in Mexico.2010 Simer Singh, President, speaks to candidates, students, elected officials, and media in Chihuahua, Mexico.2010 Ravi Singh is invited by the National Democratic Institute, to speak at a political training seminar in Medellin, Colombia.2010 ElectionMall re-launches, the website for the EPP.2010 Ravi Singh speaks to the top political strategists the 2010, EPP Campaign Managers Meeting in Malta.2010 ElectionMall profiled in the newspaper The Australian, about creating an offering for the Australia elections.2010 ElectionMall provides technology to Mexican candidates during state and local elections.2010 Ravi Singh serves as technology advisor to President Juan Manuel Santos during the 2010 Presidential Election.2010 ElectionMall has meetings in Dublin, Ireland with Fine Gael party for upcoming 2011 parliamentary elections.2010 ElectionMall announces the opening of eDemocracy Lab for Latin America in Bogota, Colombia.2010 ElectionMall works as technological advisor for presidential candidate Jose Serra in Brazil.2011 ElectionMall work as technological advisor for elected Prime Minister Enda Kenny during the Ireland elections of 2011.2011 ElectionMall wins at the Pollie Awards, the award for “most creative fundraising event” in the fundrising candidate category for Adam Kisinger-Money Bomb Widget2011 ElectionMall wins at the Pollie Awards, the award for “Best online game use” in the Internet Miscellaneous category for the Santos Presidente game.2011 ElectionMall wins at the Pollie Awards, the award for “Best Internet Campaign” in the International Candidate category for
  10. 10. Leadership by TurbanLeadership by TurbanBy Ravi Singh Leadership by Turban, a book by Indian American Ravi Singh, is unique both in form and content. The first e-book to be marketed in India, it challenges some of the most common stereotypes of life in the United States of America post 9-11. “I have dedicated the book, which was released in US on the 9-11 anniversary, to Sardar Balbir Singh Sodhi who was killed in the aftermath of the WTC terror attack. There is great hunger among the mainstream community in the US to get knowledge about different cultures and the book tries to satisfy that. In fact, it’s time that the Sikh community came out with pride to seek an identity in the West,’’ says Singh, who himself regularly goes to gurdwara at Beverly Hills. While he hopes his book will help younger members of his community in the US to accept the high values of their culture it will also educate the When Denzel Washington, whom I’ve always admired, said he admired me for wearing the turban mainstream community. Of course, the 30 I received the validation of a lifetime. ” something Singh is completely at ease with his own cultural identity. “I prefer to wear sherwaniswith zardozi embroidery to White House parties rather than three-piece suits. And when DenzelWashington, whom I’ve always admired, said he admired me for wearing the turban I received thevalidation of a lifetime’’ he says.
  11. 11. Our HistoryOur history, Our profile“Everything for your campaign in one place”The ElectionMall™ Technologies vision is to be aworld class leader in providing technologysolutions for elections and business knowledge forcandidates, members of the campaign, politicalparties and consultants. Thereby increasing theawareness, money and votes. At the same time,ElectionMall™ Technologies provides citizens andvoters the opportunity to engage in the electoralprocess.ElectionMall™ Technologies is the first store forInternet policy. We are a nonpartisan technologydevelopment company and a member of theAmerican (AAPC), European (EAPC) andInternational (IAPC) Associations of PoliticalConsultants. ElectionMall™ Technologies hasoffices in Washington DC, Brussels, Mexico Cityand Bogotá, Colombia, and has requested morethan 63 international patents.ElectionMall™ Technologies, Inc. was founded by Ravi Singh in 1999. In 1995, Mr. Singh gave an onlinecourse at Illinois State Fair and in 1997 launched the first e-campaign during the elections for staterepresentative.Ravi Singh has appeared with ElectionMall on the political scene in various countries such as USA,Ukraine, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Colombia.
  12. 12. Campaign GuruCampaign Guru There are five elements in creating a campaign: 1. “Building” a presence by having a website. 2. Learn to "manage" your website, by being able to update content, photos, messages and respond to social networks and emails. 3. "Buying" to invest in your strategy. The more you invest, the more you get. If you use a child to design your website, the website will look like a child. If you use a professional, the website will look like a professional. 4. The site must "promote" through online advertising through search engines like Bing or social networks like Facebook. 5. Finally, “buy. Yes, buy!. You must understand ” that technology is constantly changing. If you dont look to improve your website with new technologies, it will die and so will your site traffic.Copyright 2012. All rights reservedAh! and the strategy is defined by experience and metrics. Strategy that Ravi Singh has, designs and advice for the success of your campaign.
  13. 13. Campaign CloudCampaign Cloud™Powered by Microsoft®What is Campaign Cloud™?ElectionMall’s Campaign Cloud™, Powered by Microsoft®, is the ultimate technology solution forcampaigns of all sizes and budgets. It offers a single log-in and dashboard with an integrated suite oftools accessible from any computer with a high-speed internet connection. Campaign Cloud™ helpsCandidates, Political Parties, Consultants and Political Organizations:• Build websites• Manage staff, volunteers and data• Raise money through ticketed events and online widgets• Promote their message through social media, phone, email, and text messaging• Shop for promotional products like t-shirts, yard signs and bumpers tickers, on-demandHow Can Campaign Cloud™ Help You?Built on enterprise-class Microsoft® technologies, Campaign Cloud™ uses ElectionMall, Microsoft® andthird party applications to help you raise money, generate awareness, and secure votes.Your Free Campaign Cloud™ Account includes:• Web presence with easy-to-use tools to update content.• Complete fundraising software from• Built-in Tasking and Calendar to track events and meetings.• Customizable, user permission access levels based on staff position.• Social Network Manager for planning and executing campaigns on Twitter and other social networks.• Web-based versions of Microsoft’s productivity applications, Word and Excel®, plus 25GB storage per user.
  14. 14. Electionmall LatinaméricaElectionmallAsia & Middle EastAsiaElectionMall first developed a presence in Asia in 2005. The company made inroads in India by openingup the first eDemocracy lab in the world’s largest democracy. The office headquartered in New Delhi, isthe first-of-its-kind e-democracy lab to help develop technology to empower governments, campaigns,and elections. The technicians are certified in political science and engineering. In 2007, the companysecured its first contract in the Asia launching a digital nationwide campaign for Dr. Anwar Ibrahim, themain opposition leader in Malaysia who was in solidary confinement for over six years. The creation ofthis new political party and a nationwide campaign using online and mobile ads, automated phone callsand a website in three languages had never been done before in Malaysia. ElectionMall also installed an online fundraising engine for the campaign, the a first-of-its-kind application in Malaysia for politics. ElectionMall was recognized for its efforts and received a Pollie Award for Best International Fundraising Application. To this day, ElectionMall still manages all online activity for Dr. Anwar Ibrahim and Electionmall continues to have a presence in the region with converting its tools, apps and services to Bahasa, Hindi, Arabic and English. The company has been invited to train candidates in upcoming elections in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. Ravi Singh,ElectionMall’s CEO and Founder, has been featured on CNBC, Times of India, The Financial Times andother leading Asian publications.Middle EastWith the rise of social media in the Middle East, CEO and Founder, Ravi Singh has said that socialnetworking, online videos, and online mobilization have replaced Machete and AK-47 as key tools fordemocracy and revolution. In 2005 at the annual meeting of the European Association of PoliticalConsultants, Ravi Singh made an unprecedented prediction that the Internet would be the greatequalizer in politics, suggesting that it could affect regions in which democracy is superficial, butexistent. Recently in 2011, ElectionMall and Microsoft jointly launched an online project called EGYPTVotes 2.0. Engineered with transparency as a top priority and hosted on Microsoft’ Azure Platform,Egypt Votes displays an interactive map of all governorates across the country, and provides a platformfor Egyptians to share their experiences after posting their ballots. The website is also showing the
  15. 15. Electionmall LatinaméricaElectionmallAsia & Middle Eastelection outcomes governorate by governorate as the results are published by Egyptian authorities byclicking on custom pins on the Bing Maps application. Users will also be able to view comments bygovernorate and share their comments via social networks. It was the first app to be generated on aregional scale in the Arabic language and English.This site dedicated to voicing and sharing concerns, was the first to promote citizen crowd sourcing—aconcept Ravi Singh has been promoting. Citizen crowd sourcing suggests that the “conversation” ofpeople on social networks, empowered by the right tools, can spark a digital revolution that nogovernment or entity can shut down. A viral effect influenced by others to spark change or cause onlineinto an offline reality, whether it be mobilizing in Tariq square, signing a petition, or posting oppositionvideos online broadcasted by mobile phones. The rise of micro-blogging as a form of communicationinspired ElectionMall to continue to develop applications in the Middle East encouraging the companyto use existing technologies of Microsoft to be able to mobilize citizen outreach. For the efforts on theEgypt Votes Project, the Web Marketing Association awarded ElectionMall the award for the 2012 BestPolitical Website and Advocacy. The site received heavy Arabic coverage and was talked about on localEgyptian Media channels. The entire application was built in 5 days and was improved upon during theelection process. ElectionMall pioneered this concept of citizen crowd sourcing in the region and wasthe first of its kind.
  16. 16. ContactContactRavi Singh New Delhi address:Ceo & Founder Eros Corporate TowersElectionMall Technologies Inc. Level 15E-mail: Nahru Place New Delhi - 110019 CampaignGuru EE.UU address: 1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Evening Star Building 6th Floor @campaignguru Washington, DC 20004 Telephone: +1 2023872608 Youtube/thecampaignguru© 2011 ElectionMall Inc.. All rights reserved. ElectionMall Inc. ("EMT") furnishes this document and the software described in this documentunder the applicable agreement between the reader of this document ("You") and EMT ("Agreement"). You may use this document and/orsoftware only in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Except as expressly set forth in the Agreement, the information contained in thisdocument is subject to change without notice and therefore should not interpreted in any way as a guarantee or warranty by EMT. EMTassumes no responsibility or liability for any errors that may appear in this document. The copyrighted software that accompanies thisdocument is licensed to You for use only in strict accordance with the Agreement. You should read the Agreement carefully before using thesoftware. Except as permitted by the Agreement, You may not reproduce any part of this document, store this document in a retrieval system,or transmit this document, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent ofEMT.Restricted Rights LegendsFor Government or defense agenciesUse, duplication, or disclosure by the Government or defense agencies is subject to restrictions as set forth the Rights in Technical Data andComputer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013 and in similar clauses in the FAR and NASA FAR Supplement.For civilian agenciesUse, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in subparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer SoftwareRestricted Rights clause at 52.227-19 and the limitations set forth in ElectionMall Inc.s standard commercial agreement for this software.Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States.TrademarksEMT, the EMT logo, CampaignGuru, eyardsigns and ElectionYellowPages are registered trademarks of ElectionMall Inc. in the U.S. and othercountries. DonationPages, GOTV Manager, CampaignCloud, Campaign Ad Engine, Take Action Web Page, ElectionEmail, Europa Email, CMS DotCom Manager, and FundraisingByNet are trademarks and/or service marks of ElectionMall Inc. All other brands and product names aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.